Catalyst Media

Catalyst Media produces short works of audio drama. They also have a number of serialized fan fiction Batman audio dramas in pre-production.

A series of one-off performances.

Currently in pre-production, this audio drama takes place in the Batman setting of Gotham City.

Gotham: MCU focuses on the story of Cain O'Connor, a detective who has just been promoted to the Major Crimes Unit under the watchful eyes of Detectives Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya, reporting to the GCPD living legend, Comissioner James Gordon.

Upon entering his final year as Commissioner Gordon changes the dynamic of the force by promoting “blue shirt”, Cain O'Connor to the ranks of the MCU. Feeling he is ready to experience the real side of police work. No more walking the beat and chasing down robbers, vice, murder and terrorism are the roder of the day from now on.

Join Cain as he makes his journey into the seedy underworld of Gootham City, where only a handful of Detectives have set foot.

A story that takes place in the Batman setting of Gotham City. This audio drama is currently in pre-production, but a short audio trailer is available to listen to.

Arkham Asylum has always had its door closed to the press, and public ever since it was opened over 80 years ago by Dr Jeremiah Arkham. But now under a new rule of Warden Quincy Sharp, Arkham has opened its doors to the press. Much to the disproval of The Batman whom without, half of Arkhams cells would lie empty!

So Batman sets a plan in motion, to discover once and for all why his most dangerous foes operate the way they do. With press access to the building he would not be able to come and go as he usually does whenever he needs to “interview” an inmate. Batman hires “The Interviewer” an author and phsychogical profiler of note and begins dissecting his rogues gallery, from the Joker to Scarecrow, Batman must know….why?

A six episode mini series, Arkham Aslyum vists the depths of the human psyche. Devling into the disturbing memories and pasts of Batmans most dangerous oponents, will The Interviewer come out as sane as he entered?

An audio drama currently in pre-production.

In the town of Leewick, Gloucestershire, sisters Molly and Kate are still coming to terms with their tragic past.

19 years ago, they lost both of their parents and they believe that their Grandmother, Margaret, was partly responsible for their deaths.

But when Margaret dies, Molly and Kate are left alone to tidy up the past and when Robert, an old friend of Margaret's, moves back to England, the two sisters start to learn that not everything is at it seems, and a lot of old family secrets start to unravel…