David Alan Hall

David Alan Hall is a writer who has made some of his audio productions available as streaming YouTube videos.

A 16-episode comedic superhero audio drama.

The long-running audio drama series, The Adventures of Captain Triangle, follows the exploits of an ordinary geometry teacher who, when he recites the Pythagorean Theorem, turns into Captain Triangle. Captain Triangle battles his arch enemy, the Evil Dr. Rhombus, for control of the geometric universe.

A 3-part spinoff series from The Adventures of Captain Triangle about the continuing adventures of the Evil Dr. Rhombus and his one-armed henchman, Melcor.

Is it possible Moses led a mere handful of Hebrews out of Egypt? An archaeologist has discovered an ancient Egyptian papyrus that may not agree with the numbers in the bible. Now he's trapped in Egypt, caught in a web of deadly treachery and deceit that leaves him questioning his senses, perception and, ultimately, his faith.

What would you do if you woke up one morning and found all your doors and windows locked–from the inside? All your phones dead. Your windows barred.