Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited

Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited is a full cast superhero audio drama with comedic elements. The characters are drawn from Cobalt City1) – a shared fiction universe originally created by Nathan Crowder and published by Timid Pirate Publishing in Seattle, WA.

The Cobalt City universe is much like the real world, but with Cobalt City, Massachusetts as the jewel of New England, where the planet's most powerful superheroes – and the villains – go to get noticed.

Cobalt City and its heroes first appeared in print in “Cobalt City Blues” which was reprinted in September 2010. Since then, a multitude of authors have contributed to a growing list of print anthologies. Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited is the first audio drama appearance of both the city and the characters.

The Cobalt City podcast is audio drama for most of the year, but over the summer short stories from various anthologies from Timid Pirate Publishing are the majority of the content.

“Hollow Offerings” is a six-episode story with each episode ranging from 3 to 8 minutes.

Join Velvet, the strong-woman with a belt full of gadgets as she gets drawn into a mysterious attack with Huntsman, the masked archer with a two century legacy of protecting Cobalt City.

“Return of the Prodigal Eagle” is a six-episode story with each episode ranging from 8 to 11 minutes each.

Join Gallows, the teleporting man of mystery as he gets called for a special mission far from Cobalt City itself by Wild Kat, the razor-clawed hellion of the Protectorate.