KWUR Theater of the Air

KWUR Theater of the Air is a weekly radio show on St. Louis radio station KWUR 90.3 FM. It features selections fro old time radio shows and episodes of modern audio drama stories, as well a original audio drama productions spanning several genres.

KWUR Theater of the Air is a weekly radio show on St. Louis' own 90.3 FM, featuring classic radio theater from the 20th century as well as new, original sketches by our talented radio theater team.

Strong. Fast. Funky. The Human Chord is a superhero who uses the power of funk music to fight crime in the city of Harmonicus. With the help of his trusty sidekick, Soundtrack, the Human Chord brings justice to those who threaten our nation’s most precious commodity – music.

Three journalists are shipwrecked while on assignment. They awake on the shores of a mysterious isle, deep in the Caribbean. Their attempts to escape the island lead them into strange and forgotten lands.

Gunslinger Simon Colt is covered in scars – and each one tells a story. Join Colt as he tangles with the spooky and the supernatural on America’s frontier.

High-flying action! The year is 1933, and Captain Gulliver Nash and the rogue crew of the airship The Feathered Beagle face off against dastardly Belgian industrialist Baron Von Grupp and Luftwaffe commandant Lady Magdalena.