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  A Christmas Carol: Radio Drama A Christmas Carol: Radio Drama Homepage * Website: <http://www.christmascarolradio.com/> Description A Christmas Carol: Radio Drama is a full-cast audio drama of the classic Charles Dickens holiday novella A Christmas Carol, the tale of the old miser Ebenezer Scrooge who is visited by three Christmas ghosts to show him the errors of his ways. , , , ,
  A Saga dos Deuses A Saga dos Deuses Homepage * Website: <http://drama3.wordpress.com/> Description A Saga dos Deuses (The Saga of the Gods) is a Portuguese fan fiction audio drama based on a Japanese manga series titled Saint Seiya, also known as Knights of the Zodiac. It is presented in video form, with moving collages from the original illustrations. , , , , ,
  Adoprixtoxis Adoprixtoxis Homepage * Website: <http://www.adoprixtoxis.com/> Description Adoprixtoxis is a French-language science fiction audio drama series. There is also a sequel series titled La Légende de Xantah. Titles Adoprixtoxis ... ... La Légende de Xantah ... ... Additional Links , , , , , ,
  ALERO ALERO Homepage * Website: <http://alerostories.tumblr.com/> Description ALERO is a full cast audio drama series Lagos, Nigeria about a young woman who owns a call center business. It is performed in a mixture of (thickly accented) English and the native language of Lagos. , , ,
  ArjLover ArjLover Homepage * Website: <http://multiki.arjlover.net/> Description ArjLover is a website that contains an archive of Russian-language entertainment, including audio dramas and and radio theater audio files. Additional Links * Direct link to audio drama archive * Direct link to radio theater archive free full_cast non-english sound_effects , , ,
  ARTE Radio ARTE Radio Homepage * Website: <http://www.arteradio.com/> Description ARTE Radio offers French-language stories and other audio programs. Additional Links * RSS feed free non-english ,
  Audio Epics Audio Epics Homepage * Website: <http://www.audio-epics.com/> Description Audio Epics is a Dutch-language website that has several dark fantasy and horror audio productions. It is also produces an English-language audio drama titled The Witch Hunter Chronicles, episodes of which can be found on its blog. , , , , , ,
  Audiocité Audiocité Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiocite.net/> Description Audiocité offers free French-language downloadable audiobooks. free non-english ,
  AudioDramax AudioDramax Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiodramax.com/> Description AudioDramax produces French-language full cast audio dramas in a variety of genres, but with the bulk of their titles being science fiction. Audiodramax ...En Technisonore ! Votre esprit est la salle de Cinéma. , , , ,
  Audiolibris Audiolibris Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiolibris.net/> Description Audiolibris is a French-language podcast that offers readings of stories. Additional Links * RSS feed free non-english ,
  AudioTreasure AudioTreasure Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiotreasure.com/> Description AudioTreasure offers a audio versions of the King James Bible and other religious texts in several different languages as free MP3 files. Additional Links * Free Christian Audio Books free non-english spiritual , ,
  Azalea Azalea Homepage * Website: <http://www.azalea-roman.de/> Description Azalea is a German-language fantasy novel. The author offers sections of it as a free podcast. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link fantasy free mature_content non-english , , ,
  Bolti Kahani Bolti Kahani Homepage * Website: <http://boltikahani.com/> Description Bolti Kahani is a website devoted to audio stories presented in Hindi and other languages spoken in India. Additional Links * YouTube channel drama full_cast mature_content non-english streaming , , , ,
  CC Prose CC Prose Homepage * Website: <http://www.youtube.com/user/CCProse> Description CC Prose offers audio versions of classic literature as a series of streaming YouTube videos, complete with large print closed captions. * Learning to read? What better way than to follow along with an expert? , , , ,
  CLAMP World CLAMP World Homepage * Website: <http://www.clamp.ru/drama.html> Description CLAMP World is a Russian-language website devoted to CLAMP, an all-female Japanese manga artist group that formed in the mid 1980s. It offers some audio dramas based upon the works, some of it with translations, in English and Russian. , ,
  Die Windsängerin Die Windsängerin Homepage * Website: <http://www.diewindsaengerin.de/> Description Die Windsängerin (The Wind Singer) is a full cast German-language audio drama. (Roughly translated from German:) Additional Links * YouTube channel free full_cast horror non-english sound_effects , , , ,
  Drama CD Translations Drama CD Translations Homepage * Website: <http://dramacdtranslations.tumblr.com/> Description Drama CD Translations is a website that links to translated texts for Japanese audio dramas. Titles are organized by alphabetical order and by genre. directory non-english ,
  EarLiner EarLiner Homepage * Website: <http://www.youtube.com/user/Eraldik> Description EarLiner produces several full cast German-language audio dramas in a variety of genres. Titles are available as streaming YouTube videos. Additional Links * Website (possibly defunct) adventure free full_cast horror non-english sound_effects , , , , ,
  Exit Wars Zer0 Exit Wars Zer0 Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOkClbF5iVI> Description Exit Wars Zer0 is a short German-language audio drama about a group of people engaged in a game in which the players must kill each other. The audio drama is a prelude to a video project titled Exit Wars , ,
  False Face False Face Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-l7qAsE61w> Description False Face is a short Tagalog-language (with some parts in English) audio drama written by Rebecca Roque. It portrays a young woman who is a new student in a high school and who falls in love with a troubled young man. It is available as a streaming YouTube video. , ,
  Fiction électrique Fiction électrique Homepage * Website: <http://www.liberation.fr/video/fiction-electrique,41> Description Fiction électrique features a 15-part French-language audio story titled Maman, ma mie et moi (Mom, my sweetheart and me). non-english streaming ,
  Gene lügen nicht Gene lügen nicht Homepage * Website: <http://www.podcast.de/podcast/12073/> Description Gene lügen nicht (Genes do not lie) is a comedic German-language audio drama about a young woman who discovers an old family secret on her 18th birthday. It originally aired on the Funkhaus Europa , , , ,
  Golpo Wala Golpo Wala Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc5YHM2iJdJFQqEuWPKMVcQ> Description Golpo Wala is a YouTube channel that presents streaming video Bengali-language audio dramas based on Bengali stories from a variety of genres. adventure comedy full_cast horror non-english sound_effects streaming , , , , , ,
  Gratis-Hörspiele.de Gratis-Hörspiele.de Homepage * Website: <http://www.gratis-hoerspiele.de/> Description Gratis-Hörspiele.de is a website dedicated to free German language audio dramas. It offers audio dramas as downloads, streaming audio, podcasts, and as a YouTube channel of audio-only streaming videos. , ,
  Hanseklang Hanseklang Homepage * Website: <http://www.hanseklang.eu/> Description Hanseklang produces a number of German-language audio dramas in a variety of genres. Titles are available for purchase on compact disc or as digital downloads. Episode 1 of Blauer Planet is available to listen to for free. , , , , , , , ,
  Het Bureau Het Bureau Homepage * Website: <http://programma.ntr.nl/10488/hetbureau> Description Het Bureau (The Office) is a Dutch-language radio play series about life at a research institute in Amsterdam, and of a man who works in the same office for thirty years. The series is based on the novels by Dutch author J. Voskuil. The radio series has so far adapted the first three (of seven) books. NTR, a Dutch public-service broadcaster, offers it as a podcast. , , , ,
  hoerquelle hoerquelle Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/hoerquelle> Description hoerquelle is a YouTube channel that presents German-language audio dramas in a variety of genres as streaming videos. free non-english sound_effects streaming , , ,
  HoerTalk HoerTalk Homepage * Website: <http://www.hoer-talk.de/> Description HoerTalk is a German-language website featuring a message forum where users discuss and collaborate on creating free audio dramas from a variety of genres. Some productions are available to download or stream as YouTube videos. , , , ,
  Homo Literatus Homo Literatus Homepage * Website: <http://homoliteratus.com/category/menu/podcast-menu/audio-drama/> Description Homo Literatus is a (Brazilian) Portuguese-language website that presents modern and classic works of literature as narrated audio stories, presented with music and some sound effects. Additional Links ,
  Höerspiele.de Höerspiele.de Homepage * Website: <http://www.hoerspiele.de/> Description Höerspiele.de is website devoted to German-language audio drama. non-english
  Höerspieltalk Höerspieltalk Homepage * Website: <http://www.hoerspieltalk.de/> Description Höerspieltalk is an online message forum devoted to German-language audio drama. community non-english ,
  Hörspiel Fabrik Hörspiel Fabrik Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHoerspielFabrik> Description Hörspiel Fabrik is a YouTube channel that presents German-language audio drama from a variety of sources, including radio shows and classic vinyl albums. non-english streaming ,
  Hörspiel-Gemeinschaft Hörspiel-Gemeinschaft Homepage * Website: <http://www.hoerspiel-gemeinschaft.de/> Description Hörspiel-Gemeinschaft (Radio Play-Community) is a German-language organization dedicated to audio drama. community non-english ,
  Hörspielprojekt Hörspielprojekt Homepage * Website: <http://www.hoerspielprojekt.de/> Description Hörspielprojekt are producers of German-language audio dramas that are presented via a podcast, a streaming radio station, as videos on YouTube, and by direct download MP3 files. Additional Links , , , ,
  innovative fiction innovative fiction Homepage * Website: <http://www.innovative-fiction.de/> Description innovative fiction produces German-language full cast audio dramas. Several of the productions are a mixture of science fiction and thriller. The website appears to be inactive, but there are still links to the audio productions and information about them. , , , ,
  Inuyasha Dramas Inuyasha Dramas Homepage * Website: <http://inu-drama.tumblr.com/> Description Inuyasha Dramas is a collection of short Japanese audio dramas that are produced as bonus material for certain anime series. “” Additional Links * RSS feed free non-english ,
  Juniordetektei Jammerthal Juniordetektei Jammerthal Homepage * Website: <http://www.juniordetekteijammerthal.de/> Description Juniordetektei Jammerthal is a German-language audio drama series about three teenage detectives who attempt to solve supernatural mysteries. Episodes are available for purchase on compact disc, with episodes 13 available as a free digital download. , , , , , ,
  Katha Mitho Sarangiko Katha Mitho Sarangiko Homepage * Website: <http://www.bbcnepalidrama.com/> Description Katha Mitho Sarangiko (Sweet Tales of the Sarangi) is a Nepalese radio drama in which the producers travel to villages and towns across the country, recording ordinary people who improvise using their experiences to tell their own stories. It mixes entertaining stories with a focus on the social issues affecting Nepal. It has an audience of over three million people and is broadcast by over one hundred F… ,
  Kivanc Nalça Kivanc Nalça Homepage * Website: <http://kivancnalca.blogspot.com/search/label/Radyo%20Yaz%C4%B1lar%C4%B1> Description Kivanc Nalça is a radio drama producer living in Turkey. His blog contains several articles – in Turkish – that discuss radio drama. non-english
  Le Feuilleton Le Feuilleton Homepage * Website: <https://www.franceculture.fr/emissions/fictions-le-feuilleton> Description Le Feuilleton is a series by France Culture, a program on Radio France, that presents French-language audio drama adaptations of classic and modern stories from several genres. The program is also available as a podcast. , , ,
  Lembranças Pútridas Lembranças Pútridas Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaSpXh9TJtFVmHbLNvXWHHG3QwwEsaZMc> Description Lembranças Pútridas (Putrid Memories) is a Portuguese-language horror audio drama about a survivor of a zombie outbreak recording his experiences. The series is presented as streaming YouTube videos. , , , ,
  Les Éditions de L'À Venir Présentent Les Éditions de L'À Venir Présentent Homepage * Website: <http://laveniraudio.canalblog.com/> Description Les Éditions de L'À Venir Présentent is a French-language podcast about audio dramas and audiobooks. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link free non-english ,
  Litradio Litradio Homepage * Website: <http://litradio.net/> Description Litradio is a German-language website that presents readings, lectures, discussions, and radio plays. The editors are made ​​up of students of the University of Hildesheim. Additional Links * RSS feed * ,
  Litterature audio.com Litterature audio.com Homepage * Website: <http://www.litteratureaudio.com/> Description Litterature audio.com is an online digital library of free public domain French language audiobooks, read by volunteers. Additional Links * RSS feed free non-english ,
  Love9 Love9 Homepage * Website: <http://www.love9.com.kh/en/radio-drama/> Description Love9 is a series of Cambodian-language programs presented in various formats, including television programs, music, and radio dramas. They are produced by BBC Media Action and funded by UNFPA and USAID. , , ,
  Marie Tueje Marie Tueje Homepage * Website: <http://www.marietueje.com/> Description Marie Tueje is a sound editor who creates different audio projects, including interactive installations, music, spoken word pieces, and audio dramas. She has examples of her work on her SoundCloud page. , , , ,
  Multi Multi Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/lxlXMultiXlxl> Description Multi is a YouTube channel that presents German-language short horror stories with accompanying music. horror non-english streaming , ,
  Myst - Das Buch Atrus Myst - Das Buch Atrus Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA3AA56BD717F5A33> Description Myst - Das Buch Atrus is a group of streaming YouTube videos featuring readings from the German-language version of Myst - The Book of Atrus, which is based on the Myst series of of computer adventure games. , ,
  Ménéstrandise Ménéstrandise Homepage * Website: <http://menestrandise.it/> Description Ménéstrandise is an independent producer of both English and Italian-language audiobooks. Some titles are available for free, while other are available for purchase as digital downloads. Additional Links , ,
  Noviembre Nocturno Noviembre Nocturno Homepage * Website: <http://noviembrenocturno.es/> Description Noviembre Nocturno is a podcast that presents Spanish-language classic horror stories. ...... Translated to English (using Google Translate): ...... Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * Ivoox page free horror mature_content non-english , , ,
  O Poderoso Chefão O Poderoso Chefão Homepage * Website: See below Description O Poderoso Chefão is a (Brazilian) Portuguese-language full cast audio drama version of The Godfather trilogy about the Corleone family, the leaders of a fictional New York crime organization. The audio drama takes place in episodes 43, 44, and 45 of the , , , ,
  O Porão dos Caixões Negros O Porão dos Caixões Negros Homepage * Website: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIrDgM8zeZ4> Description O Porão dos Caixões Negros is a (Brazilian) Portuguese-language short story about a man who discovers a collection of black coffins in his basement. , ,
  Ohrenbär Ohrenbär Homepage * Website: <http://www.ohrenbaer.de/> Description Ohrenbär is a German radio program that features stories for children. Samples of the stories are available to listen to on the website. children non-english ,
  Raadioteater Raadioteater Homepage * Website: <http://raadioteater.err.ee/> Description Raadioteater is an Estonian-language website devoted to Estonian radio theater programs. It also offers streaming versions of each week's broadcast audio dramas. non-english streaming ,
  Radio Ambulante Radio Ambulante Homepage * Website: <http://radioambulante.org/> Description Radio Ambulante is a radio program featuring Latin American stories from all Spanish-speaking countries, including the United States. --This American LifeSnap JudgementRadiolab-- Additional Links , , ,
  Radiodrama Netværk Radiodrama Netværk Homepage * Website: <http://www.radiodrama.nu/> Description Radiodrama Netværk is an organization that promotes audio drama in Denmark by offering workshops and seminar, as well as organizing FLOAT, an annual audio drama festival. The website also has links to audio drama in several languages. , ,
  Radioteatret Radioteatret Homepage * Website: <http://www.nrk.no/radioteatret/> Description Radioteatret is a department of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation that was established in 1927. It produces audio plays for radio broadcasts. Some of their productions are available to listen to as streaming audio via the website. ,
  relatame relatame Homepage * Website: <http://www.relatame.com/> Description relatame is a Spanish-language podcast that presents collaborative stories. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link free non-english ,
  Rick Future Rick Future Homepage * Website: <http://www.rick-future.de/> Description Rick Future is a German-language science fiction audio drama series. “”“”... ... Translated to English (using Google Translate): “” “”“”“”... ... Additional Links , , , ,
  Sarah Boothroyd Sarah Boothroyd Homepage * Website: <http://sarahboothroyd.com/> Description Sarah Boothroyd is an independent audio producer. Her website features a portfolio of her work, including both fiction and nonfiction stories, as well as sound collages. Additional Links * , ,
  SDATCHER SDATCHER Homepage * Website: <http://www.sdatcher.net/> Description SDATCHER is a seven-episode audio drama based on a video game titled Snatcher, which was released in 1988. It is written by the game's original designer Goichi “Suda 51” Suda and features the talents of several other notable Japanese video game producers. The audio drama in Japanese and is a prequel to , , , ,
  Sherlock Holmes Drama Sherlock Holmes Drama Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/sherlockholmesdrama> Description Sherlock Holmes Drama is a series of Sinhalese-language (Sri Lankan) Sherlock Holmes full cast audio dramas based on the original short mystery stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Additional Links , , , ,
  Sound Library Sound Library Homepage * Website: <http://www2.jfn.co.jp/library/> Description Sound Library ~世界にひとつだけの本~ is a Japanese-language podcast in which narrator Tsukihara Kanako (read by actress Tae Kimura) tells the story of a small snippet of her life. Additional Links ,
  Storie di Fiori Storie di Fiori Homepage * Website: <http://www.soulgardening.it/> Description Storie di Fiori by Silvia Cecchini is a collection of Italian-language short stories that describe holistic uses for flowers. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * Podiobooks.com page free non-english ,
  StudioLunchbox StudioLunchbox Homepage * Website: <http://www.lunchbox.jp/> Description StudioLunchbox/スタジオランチボックス is a Japanese studio that makes independent films and audio dramas. Their audio dramas are available as streaming YouTube videos, some of which have optional English subtitles. , , ,
  Sveriges Radio Sveriges Radio Homepage * Website: <http://sverigesradio.se/drama> Description Sveriges Radio is Sweden's national publicly funded radio broadcaster. Among its offering is a selection of Swedish-language audio dramas in a variety of genres. Translated to English (using Google Translate): , , , ,
  teeraboonyarit teeraboonyarit Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/teeraboonyarit/videos> Description teeraboonyarit is a YouTube channel that, among other things, offers episodes of two Thai-language serialized audio dramas: kuntong and korkonmankan. full_cast non-english sound_effects streaming , , ,
  Terror Y Nada Más Terror Y Nada Más Homepage * Website: <http://www.terrorynadamas.org/> Description Terror Y Nada Más (Terror and Nothing More) is a Spanish-language website based in Spain dedicated to horror themed entertainment. It offers a selection of audio stories, including several Spanish-language versions of H.P. Lovecraft stories. It also has a YouTube channel where some stories are posted as streaming videos. , , , ,
  The JESUS Film Project The JESUS Film Project Homepage * Website: <http://www.jesusfilm.org/film-and-media/listen-to-the-film-audio> Description The JESUS Film Project distributes the film JESUS, a two-hour docudrama about the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. The audio from the film is avilable with narration in more than 400 languages. , , , , ,
  The Theatre of the Mind The Theatre of the Mind Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/Goldenageofcinema> Description The Theatre of the Mind is a YouTube channel that features streaming videos related to old time radio programs, as well as the history of cinema and silent films. In addition to the variety of old time radio show episodes, it features a three-part documentary about the history of radio, titled , ,
  unarmed robber unarmed robber Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/unarmedrobber> Description unarmed robber is a SoundCloud channel that presents, among other content, two short (under five minutes long) German-language audio dramas, Lagerhalle and Der Überbringer. free non-english ,
  Utopod Utopod Homepage * Website: <http://www.utopod.com/> Description Utopod is a French podcast that presents science fiction and fantasy stories. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link fantasy free non-english science_fiction , , ,
  V-erdacht V-erdacht Homepage * Website: <http://www.v-erdacht.de/> Description V-erdacht (Suspicion) is a German-language interactive audio drama, recorded in 3D binaural sound. It is available to play online on the project's website, or as a downloadable Android app. “” ... , , , , , ,
  Valle De Cielo Gris Valle De Cielo Gris Homepage * Website: <https://www.cielogris.com/> Description Valle De Cielo Gris is a Spanish-language horror audio drama series that combines various supernatural elements with Mexican folklore. Translated to English (using Google Translate): Additional Links , , , , ,
  Voz Latina Voz Latina Homepage * Website: <http://www.vozlatinaradio.org/> Description Voz Latina produces Spanish-language audio drama programs that focus on Hispanic American living. The programs are broadcast on radio throughout the world. non-english
  Zelda: Sound and Drama Zelda: Sound and Drama Homepage * Website: See below Description The website ZeldaPower.com — which is devoted to the Nintendo video game series Legend of Zelda — offers a recording from a 1994 soundtrack album Zelda: Sound and Drama , featuring music from several of the games in the series. One of the tracks on the album is a 17-minute Japanese-language audio drama giving the backstory of the main characters from the series. The entire soundtrack (as well as other recordings) is available… , , , , ,