ALERO is a full cast audio drama series Lagos, Nigeria about a young woman who owns a call center business. It is performed in a mixture of (thickly accented) English and the native language of Lagos.

Alero, is a young woman of twenty one, pretty and full of laughs. But her lack of class and social orientation with respect to urban life makes her come across as uneducated even though she is proud secondary school leaver.

She came to the city to live with her aunty with the hope that she would help her through university where she wants to go study psychology; why? It sounded like an important discipline, and it's not as common as all the other courses her friends all talk about.

On arrival she realizes that her aunts stories of wealth and urban affluence was all talk. She finds now that she is largely on her on and returning to the village is not an option. Armed with her “School cert” she tries to get a job. But with every passing week, her quest seems to have to end.

She then decides to set up her own business-“ALERO'S CALL CENTER AND RECHARGE OPTIONS LTD”; everyday she dreams and plans as she attends to her “clients” the best way she can. Her motto, “HONESTY DEY PAY”, a way of life that gets her into more trouble than she can sometimes handle.