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A Man Called Stranger A Man Called Stranger Full Cast Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series In the decaying remains of an ecumenopolis lays S.E.T. City, a cyberpunk dystopia with an air of enchantment from its dark Underground to the glistening Skylines. It's a place where dreams are made to be broken, and once past its facade, nothing is as shiny as it appears to be. Amidst this corruption, a lost spacer. Devoid of a name or purpose, and with little memory that's not fragmented, they may be desperate to find a way… , , , , , ,
A Midsummer's Quarantine A Midsummer's Quarantine Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Fairies wreak havoc on the lives of their favorite human podcasters during 2020 lockdown. The Faustian Nonsense Network's first original production is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, set during 2020 NYC. Bickering fae, flirtatious mortals, and a podcast within a podcast! , , , , ,
A New World A New World Narrated Urban Fantasy Series In my story, “A New World”, Maria finds out that her every day life is about to change. Almost everyone she knows and is close to has a secret that they've been hiding. Will she be able to spend a “ , , ,
A Woman With Hollow Eyes A Woman With Hollow Eyes Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Darcy Ross leads James D'Amato, Kat Kuhl, and Alan Linic into the actuality with an actual play of Monte Cook Games' Invisible Sun. In the city of Satyrine, there is cab driven by a woman with hollow eyes. She can take you where you need to go, but she always takes what you can afford to pay. , , , ,
A World Of Magic A World Of Magic Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Artemis Madison enters a new, fantasy world! She meets incredibly amazing friends and goes on a quest! Find out what all happens! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleI Just Entered a New World- AWM Ep.1 , , ,
Adam And The Alchemist Adam And The Alchemist Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Adam, a boy struggling with loneliness and alienation from friends and family, is transported to a magical world where he learns to appreciate and value both. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Adequately Advanced Magic Adequately Advanced Magic Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Adequately Advanced Magic is a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) actual play podcast featuring collaborative storytelling and an investigation into the relationships between technology, heroes, and power. Set in the city of Falcon's Reach, three unlikely strangers — Jack, Hyrkir, and Niklaus — explore an industrialized world in which magic is mass produced and sold for profit. , , , , , , ,
Adventures In Tepidville Adventures In Tepidville Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series You are invited to join Allison Mcnally on an ongoing quest, as she discovers the comical world of Tepidville. This is one audio comic adventure drama she will surely never forget. Along the way she meets goblins, ogres, a chicken mayor and much more. , , , , ,
Affinities Affinities Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The story follows Chantal, a shy soul with magical affinities, when a magically possessed book arrives on her doorstep the same week a former crush, Skye, moves into the apartment upstairs. Calling on her quirky, magically trained college friend Morgan for help, Chantal attempts to unravel the mystery of the book, which reconnects her to her magical abilities but draws her further in than she intended, forcing her to reckon with the unresolved romance… , , ,
AfterLife AfterLife Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series AfterLife is an audio drama that follows the story of three souls after their untimely deaths. Before they know it, they're swept up in a world of dark politics while simultaneously dealing with their own personal journeys of self-discovery. This adventure is sure to leave hearts broken, barriers shattered, and afters , , , , ,
Aggie McPherson Mysteries Aggie McPherson Mysteries Narrated Urban Fantasy Anthology In the city of Slakterquay there's an office with the words Spectral Analysis on the pebbled glass of its door. Behind it is a detective agency that handles the strangest cases in the Paris of the Pacific Northwest. , , , ,
All The Wrong Magic All The Wrong Magic Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Rowan Green is the new apprentice to Corin Thorne, the witch who's just arrived in their village. Corin begins sending Rowan on trips in order to teach them magic, but the more Rowan sees, the more they start to wonder about what Corin isn't telling them. , , ,
Amor Amor Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series A Spinoff audio drama of the series Cupid's Crossing, Amor is a fledging matchmaker in West Los Angeles. Something always goes wrong for him. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleAmor Series Tralier , , , ,
And 195 And 195 Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A nonbinary magical runner with a passion for marathons who ends up crossing inter-dimensional portals when their terrible sense of direction leads them on unplanned detours. Literally. It's such a nuisance when that happens during a race! But no worries: if they complete running those 42,195 km, they'll come home. Of course, things are never quite as easy. , , ,
Anno Amagium Anno Amagium Narrated Urban Fantasy Series The scholar-warriors of the Amagium swear themselves to a sacred charge: governing humanity's inherent capacity to wield magic. Through a complex licensure system, they decree which spells and arcane artifice are permissible for public, , , , ,
Aptitude Lo Aptitude Lo Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Long ago, powerful beings known as Aptitudes roamed the earth, each of them able to control their own separate element. Due to opposing elements and disagreements, four dangerous disputes appeared between 8 Aptitudes. To protect the people from their fights, they escaped to their own realms and left behind magical rings that a holder could use to settle the disputes for them. In present-day time, we follow the main character, Mercury Lo, who i… , , , , ,
Areh Areh Narrated Urban Fantasy Series An ancient and cruel religion, The Purpose, deifies children for their deformities—a beautiful girl with three arms, a brave boy with one eye... the exceptional list goes on. Painted and costumed, they are worshiped on stage. Shy and exposed, they are ridiculed in the streets, often by the same faces. Glorious or repulsive? Gods or freaks? How deep will the identity divide be dredged, and to which side will the truth finally tip? Out of the city, through str… , , , ,
Arsen Arsen Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Arsen Audio Drama follows a young woman named Aurelie who, after the death of her parents embarks on a quest to learn the truth her family and her identity in the magical world of LaFresia. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Ash & Blue Ash & Blue Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Any sufficiently disguised magic is indistinguishable from technology. Sometimes, magic and technology don't play together well – Which is bullshit, because a stick, used correctly is technology – are you telling me magic can't affect a stick? , , , ,
At The Midnight At The Midnight Narrated Urban Fantasy Series The Midnight is a hotel where the guests have claws, the Housekeepers are cultists, and the storage closet might be a trans-dimensional vortex. At The Midnight is a podcast written by Steve Spalding and voiced by J.A. Kinghorn. , , ,
Atlantis Atlantis Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series When a marine gets dishonorably discharged from the military, her plane home crashes over the Atlantic. She wakes up in Atlantis in the midst of a war between land and sea, and must choose if she'll fight for her old home or her new one. , , , ,
attskia attskia Narrated Urban Fantasy Series welcome to attskia. remember: this is only the beginning. foggy cities have a million stories hidden within them. for us, attskia is a surrealist city existing somewhere between reality and fiction. in it, there are elements of realism as well as magic. , , , , ,
Audio of the Arcane presents Breanna's Haven Audio of the Arcane presents Breanna's Haven Full Cast Urban Fantasy Mystery Series “If you wish to know where you came from, arrive at Breanna's Haven before August One.” Tamsin receives a mysterious postcard in the mail. Having no idea as to who her parents are or what her parents are, she decides to take a risk and travel to Breanna's Haven, a Midwestern town with a , , , , ,
Average Folks Average Folks Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Average Folks is an audio dramedy where Big Questions are the heart of society, Prophets are government-sanctioned, the grass is red, and spookily colorful creatures lurk in the corner. Here lies an extensive collection of complex folks and dick jokes. Begun in September of 2020 (though arguably much, much earlier), Average Folks was an independent college credit that grew into something quite larger than itself. , , , ,
Bear Lake Bear Lake Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Bear Lake tells the story of a 17-year-old Utah girl in 1989, a young Mormon pioneer woman in 1859 - and the ancient, brooding lake monster who unites them. As each navigates the pitfalls of first love, mortality, and identity, their stories begin to connect in ways both mythic and mundane. How do you deal with tragedy when just getting through a day of high school is a struggle? How do you love fully in a world defined by death? And what do you believ… , , , ,
Bedtime Story: Adventure 2016 Bedtime Story: Adventure 2016 Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series There's trouble in town. The starlings have left the old pier, pigeons almost killed a squirrel in James' garden, and the king under the fort is not happy. He's actually quite grumpy. And hungry. It turns out that these events are related, and now the Green Hands Gang find themselves in the middle of a mad pigeon's plan for supremacy. , , , ,
Bedtime Story: Adventure 2017 Bedtime Story: Adventure 2017 Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series When an ancient elm tree is damaged, a roving fox clan start causing trouble around town, and a powerful artefact is threatened, it's time for the Green Hands Gang to investigate. If only the new supply teacher didn't keep messing things up. , , , ,
Bedtime Story: Adventure 2018 Bedtime Story: Adventure 2018 Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series There's rubbish on the streets and the rats are almost certainly up to no good. What's more, James and Jenny find themselves back at their old junior school and back in trouble with some interesting animals. The Green Hands Gang find themselves in over their heads when a powerful visitor comes looking for an old friend. , , , ,
Bedtime Story: Adventure 2019 Bedtime Story: Adventure 2019 Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series It's the end of term and preparation for a royal performance has taken over Patcham High School. But a plot to steal back ancient treasures, hidden for centuries beneath the Royal Pavlion, is revealed and the Green Hands Gang find themselves in the middle of another adventure. Includes mild peril, a bit of tension, dangerous badgers, magical artefacts, cantankerous crows, and a mean game of football. , , , ,
Beneath Our Feet Beneath Our Feet Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Above: The estate. Below: Caves, and a thousand stories.... Secret passages and doors, a lake, a garden even - according to some. Tonight: A final underground rave. Tomorrow: The demolition of the estate, shutting off the caves forever. , , , ,
Better Men Elsewhere Better Men Elsewhere Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Better Men Elsewhere is a gothic American thriller with elements of the supernatural and magical realism. Follow Jason Miranda, a prisoner sentenced to the mysterious mountain town of Coventry for 10 years for his crimes. Coventry is not your usual town and it is not your usual prison. While the townsfolk must cope with a convicted criminal in their midst as part of this unconventional arrangement, Jason must also have his wits abou… , , , , ,
Between Heartbeats Between Heartbeats Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series This is an immersive Urban Fantasy about the hurt, the powerful, and their growth within a broken world. We follow Sundiata, a guilt-ridden time manipulator with a knack for unemployment, and Nadia, a moralistic telepath determined not to lose control, as they balance frayed mental health against an unsympathetic police state. But when a malevolent presence rears is head, their neuroses become the least of their problems. Can our heroes mak… , , , ,
Beyond the Veil Beyond the Veil Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Two not-friends, an RV, and a magical Canadian road trip Tennyson and Alder had known each other about six months when Alder's mysterious fae bosses asked them to set out across the country in an old RV, solving people's magical problems. Too bad neither of them asked the important questions. Too bad their secrets might be hazardous to their health. , , ,
Bizzo's Holiday Secret Bizzo's Holiday Secret Full Cast Children's Christmas Series Bizzo's Holiday Secret is the magical story of a dog matriarch, Bizzo, and her two young companions, Bindi and Crikey. In winter, during the time of the white fluff, legend tells of a supernatural two-legger who leaves toys and treats for animals everywhere on one special night. After encountering this magical being, Bizzo begins a fantastical journey of discovery, leading to an incredible holiday secret she can share. , , , , ,
Black Chaos Comes Again Black Chaos Comes Again Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A narrative podcast telling classic monster stories if the monsters were teenagers living in the Mississippi Delta. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleIntro to the Story narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , ,
Blood Rage Mode Blood Rage Mode Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series BLOOD RAGE MODE is a supernatural audio drama set in a reimagined Vancouver, following the fun and sometimes freaky adventures of three best friends: AG, the short-tempered but fiercely protective werewolf with a mysterious, lone wolf past (played by CK Kaur); SELENE, the indecisive city witch torn between magical majors (played by Junita Thiessen); and AVELINE, a half-vampire/elf with a peculiar blood disorder, putting her in a deep sleep… , , , , ,
Bloodline Bloodline Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A fun [...] audio book like series that tows the line between medieval and modern times. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBloodline Summary mature narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , , ,
Boarding Party's Pokemon DnD Boarding Party's Pokemon DnD Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series The podcast version of Boarding Party's Pokemon DnD Campaign on YouTube! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SamplePokemon DnD | Session 1 | Leaving Home comedy fan_fiction mature podcast role-playing series urban_fantasy , , , , , ,
Bookburners Bookburners Narrated Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Magic is real. And it's dangerous. It's locked in books and relics imbued with power. But sometimes, whether by accident or by design, magic escapes and wreaks havoc upon the world. That's when Team Three is deployed—known by their enemies as: The Bookburners. , , , , ,
Brighton Adventure Story Brighton Adventure Story Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series Brighton Adventure Story is a podcast about the adventures of two children during the Coronavirus Lockdown. James and Jenny are no strangers to the magical underworld of their seaside town, but a new evil has arrived in the form of a mysterious drifter. Caught between a wild animal turf war and a gang of thieves known as the Drop Lifters, James and Jenny are a long way out of their depth. , , , ,
Brush Brigade Brush Brigade Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series Brush Brigade is a high fantasy series about a team of tooth fairies embarking on various missions to defend children's teeth from evil forces who seek to rot them! Bebe, daughter of the Queen Tooth Fairy, is making her way up the ranks in becoming the greatest defender to ever live. However, with new enemies emerging, stronger than Bebe and friends have ever faced before, will they have what it takes to keep their mystical dimension safe… , , , ,
Bullet Catcher Bullet Catcher Narrated Urban Fantasy Western Series An orphan with nothing left to lose braves the treacherous desert in order to become a mystical bullet catcher. Since her brother went missing, Imma has dreams of becoming a bullet catcher: an outlaw who can fend off bullets with a bare hand. So when a real bullet catcher shows up one day, she jumps at the chance to honor her brother's legacy and learn the tricks of the trade. But when she uncovers a shocking secret, she is propelled on … , , , ,
Campus Campus Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series CAMPUS is a social satire, a story about higher education in the South, born out of the joys and frustrations of almost thirty years of teaching, twenty-five in Western North Carolina. It is completely fiction unless you believe in gnomes, fairies, vampires, trolls, Moon-faced people, boojums (Sasquatch-type people), the Moth Man, zombies, and various other creatures found in and outside of Appalachian lore. The town of Dog Hobble, where you will fi… , , , ,
Care & Feeding of Werewolves Care & Feeding of Werewolves Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series Hazel Thornton comes from a long line of healers; her own abilities manifested at a young age.  Her fully human, widowered father didn't know what to do with a magical toddler so she began spending a lot of time with her maternal grandmother, Rosemary Thornton.  After school and weekends were usually spent at her nana's shop, called Marguerite's Garden or simply the Garden.  There she learned both practical medical knowledge a… , , , , ,
Cassandra's Tales and Truths Cassandra's Tales and Truths Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Cassandra's Tales and Truths tells the stories that plague the dreams of an unwilling oracle hounded by her own insecurities. Aided by a more senior oracle, Cassandra offers up allegories to her unnamed and only vaguely described clients with messages based on the Delphic Maxims (or updated versions of such). , , ,
Chance: a Pokémon story Chance: a Pokémon story Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A longform Pokémon fanfiction set in the world of Pokémon Platinum, with subplots about friendship, various forms of love, LGBTQ+ stuff, mental health, and letting go. Also, time travel. , , , ,
Change the Game Change the Game Role-Playing Steampunk Comedy Series An actual play City of Mist podcast featuring some of Michigan's most existing improvisers. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleStrange Tales: The Prologue comedy fan_fiction mature podcast role-playing series steampunk urban_fantasy , , , , , , ,
Changeling the Streaming Changeling the Streaming Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Meet Patches, Braum, and Sophia as they inherit a freehold under questionable circumstances. Join our heroes in the World of Darkness as Sophia, Patches and Braum navigate a fine line between Glamour and Banality. In Changeling: the Dreaming, faerie souls live in human hosts in the modern world. , , , , ,
Chaotic idiots Chaotic idiots Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The town of Novak is filled with fae, magic, and secrets. Two teens must learn to fight through hardships like any other high schooler, while also navigating the strict laws of their society and culture. Luckily they have each others backs no matter what. , , , ,
Charlie Cradle's Wonderful Existence Charlie Cradle's Wonderful Existence Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Charlie Cradle's life was going nowhere. Being shy and socially awkward, she believed virtual sunshine was enough for her. One day all of that changed when she was challenged to live a more fulfilling life by someone at her mundane telemarketing job. But what she wouldn't have guessed before embarking on her quest was that she would meet an unlikely love interest, who just so happened to be a wizard. It's a story about … , , , ,
Chroniclers of Darkness Chroniclers of Darkness Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Anthology Chroniclers of Darkness is a serial horror podcast set in the New World of Darkness.Chroniclers of Darkness is part of the We Are The Geek podcast. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , , , , ,
Chronicles of Eridul Chronicles of Eridul Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Eridul, a land beyond our own, a magical place frozen in perpetual twilight and yearning to be set free from a struggle that has spanned generations. Charlie's world collapsed the day her sister Cassie left for a prestigious boarding school. Lost between confusion and anger, Charlie, an eleven year old girl, finds herself magically transported to the middle of a dark forest where her sulking attitude swiftly leads to her captivity. As Cha… , , ,
Clandestine: The Fallen Angel Saga Clandestine: The Fallen Angel Saga Narrated Urban Fantasy Series The year of our Lord is 1984, and the angel Mathias has been killed by a demon named Nergal. Times are changing, the world is different Michael and Beelzebub are working through their differences and their similarities. To keep the peace they must be able to get through a trial, and keep their biases to themselves, and keep their people from killing each other. , , , , ,
Clerk & Dagger Clerk & Dagger Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series After a chance Craigslist discovery of a paid internship, cash-strapped college-grad Samantha Newberg enters into a bizarre office space filled with absurd coworkers, blood-magic internet rituals, and a bewildering absence of rules! Can she keep it together and survive this corporate environment full of strange menial tasks and deadly secrets?! , , , , ,
Coddiwomple With The Shadow People Coddiwomple With The Shadow People Narrated Urban Fantasy Series 'Coddiwomple With The Shadow People' is a narrative podcast about friendship, magic, mystery, and the divine feminine. Follow a group a misfits and outcasts as they search for a sense of purpose and belonging. , , , ,
Cold Blue Cold Blue Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Tune in to hear original fiction from author Alanna Vane. A new chapter from a full-length novel is released weekly. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample00 Prologue – The Stones Will Sing anthology narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , , ,
Come On In, The Water's Fine Come On In, The Water's Fine Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A mermaid anthology podcast Season one is a single story told in four parts Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample2019 Trailer Crown Princess Productions come_on_in_the_waters_fineCome On In, The Water's Finehauntingly_humdrumHauntingly Humdrum crownprincessproductions.wordpress.com narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , ,
Complex Action Complex Action Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series The official Shadowrun Actual Play hosted by Your Friendly GM Bobby of Complex Action. Join Bobby, Mr. Johnson of the Arcology Podcast, Damian of the Violent Life Podcast, and others as they dive deep into the shadows of Columbia, South Carolina in the CAS circa 2078. , , , , ,
Cops & Catgirls Cops & Catgirls Full Cast Comedy Thriller Series Prepare to go back in time a few decades to Japan, and listen in on the antics of Officer Kasumi Evans: a loose-cannon cop whose world is about to get a whole lot crazier. Judging by the title, you can probably guess why! , , , , ,
CovenCast: A Disaster's Guide to Magic CovenCast: A Disaster's Guide to Magic Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Life is forever changed when the Rivera sisters, Pilar and Carmen discover they are witches and now apart of the supernatural world. They recruit their closest friends to start a coven , , , , ,
Critical Ditto Critical Ditto Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Four friends with an unending passion for Pokemon want to take you on a journey quite unlike anything you've heard before...or they've heard before...as they are pretty much making it all up from scratch. , , , , ,
Critically Acclaimed Critically Acclaimed Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A podcast featuring the writing of critically acclaimed author Nathan Shane Miller* *not acclaimed, barely an author Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleIntro narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , ,
Crown of Thorns Crown of Thorns Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series The Crown of Thorns Pod'rama is a dramatic cast reading of irisbleufic's beloved 'Crown of Thorns'. Inspired by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's 'Good Omens'. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
Crusaders Of The Monoliths Crusaders Of The Monoliths Narrated Urban Fantasy Series In this amazing adventure you will follow a lost soul as it finds its way in this world. Experience near death experiences, return back to life and grow with yourself. Use your faith in the Monolith and grow to even greater heights but be careful! There are two sides of everything and even Uluru has a corrupt wicked side. The path ahead of us is treacherous, Demons and sinners will stand in our way. Hone your power and reclaim your life… , , ,
Cry Wolf Cry Wolf Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series In the small mining town of Rosewood, tensions between the fae and the flesh boil over when the werewolf Lewis siblings are accused of a double homicide. Instinct kicks in, and the town struggles for survival. This three part audio drama explores the nature of fear, and asks the question: who's afraid of the , , , , , ,
Cryptid Cape Cryptid Cape Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Avra Nunez wants to start over, and Water's Edge just might be the place for that. It also might be home to nymphs, ghosts, and the Jersey Devil. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleS1 E0: Season One Trailer , , ,
Cultureverse Cultureverse Full Cast Urban Fantasy Folklore Anthology Cultureverse is an immersive audio drama that celebrates our collective cultural past. It is a place where myths and legends come alive in the modern world. In each episode, an ordinary kid encounters an extraordinary creature, myth, or folk character from their culture, embarking on an exciting journey of self-discovery. Cultureverse isn't just an audio adventure, it's a show that celebrates who we are, and where we come from. , , , ,
Cupid Cupid Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Diego Boneta, Naomie Ackie, Rupert Friend, Dillon Francis star in this musical comedy for the full family. Making up for lost time, Grandpa tells Jason and Dylan about Cupid and his quest for the missing Loomjuice. When Cupid wakes up from a night of partying in Hollywood to find that all of his mother's powerful love potion is missing, he is stripped of his godly powers and exiled to Earth where he has only 7 days to recover the magical potion. … , , , , ,
Cupid's Crossing Cupid's Crossing Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Cupid is in Los Angeles and trying to matchmake everyone and spread true LOVE, but it doesn't always go as planned.... Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleCupids Crossing Is Coming! , , , ,
Daemonik Daemonik Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series There's been a string of mysterious attacks and murders throughout the small town of Havenwood, but it never seemed to be anything that Finnian ever paid much mind to. But she finds herself affected by these attacks when her best friend, Thomas, becomes a victim of the attacks. Although he's recovering, there's more to the attacks than Fin realizes. For one day, as she returns home from visiting Thomas, she too becomes victim to an attack. Only to find … , , , ,
Darkness Falls Darkness Falls Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Welcome to Darkness Falls, a quiet sanctuary for the supernatural nestled in a shadowed corner of New England. The Yokai Detective Agency is the enforcer of this haven and follows a diverse group of supernatural beings. Our lead homicide detective Ren Black has been battling the aftermath of his partner and lover's murder. , , , , ,
Darkstead Darkstead Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series Located in deepest British Columbia, you wouldn't think a town like Darkstead existed. But it does... When a spiteful local woman disappears under mysterious circumstances, it's up to a jaded vampire detective and his over-eager new recruit to find her. , , , , ,
DecoDice DecoDice Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series A British DnD actual play podcast set in a homebrew Dieselpunk World. Come join the adventure as a Triton Girl exploring the world, a Drow Hotelier and Chef, a Leonin Night Club Bouncer and a Fire Genasi looking for a friend start a path towards their destinies. Expect Monsters, Mysteries & Machine Guns. , , , , ,
Defenders of Monstrovia Defenders of Monstrovia Full Cast Children's Urban Fantasy Series Step into the enchanting realm of Monstrovia, a place where the lines between monsters, magic, and mysteries blur. Young Kara, a newcomer from Brooklyn, is thrust into the role of a defender in the Monstrovia courthouse, navigating a world of peculiar laws and even stranger inhabitants. With the guidance of Button, her flying hedgehog sidekick, Kara tackles cases that are anything but ordinary. , , , , ,
Deniable Assets Deniable Assets Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series An In-Character Shadowrun Podcast Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample101-Watch Your back Jack (M4A File) mature podcast role-playing series science_fiction urban_fantasy , , , , ,
Desert Skies Desert Skies Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series On a lonely highway between life and the next life there's one last stop that we all have to make. Desert Skies Astral Plane Fuel and Service Station serves travelers as they embark on their journey through the celestial spheres. Meet the Attendant, the Mechanic, and C.A.S.H Register. Together, they'll make sure you're prepared for the ride. , , , , ,
Desert Skies FM Desert Skies FM Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series This is the companion podcast of Desert Skies! A radio show for travelers embarking on their journey across the Celestial Spheres, Desert Skies FM is a short form and frequent (but not quite daily) transmission from Mac and Tendy. It's sure to brighten your day and hold you over between bi-weekly episodes of the main show. , , , , ,
Desperado Desperado Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Blood magic, Voodoo magic, old gods, new gods: We've got it all! Follow the story of misfits from all over the world, as they try to survive and protect their heritage from modern-day crusaders. Mature Website RSS Feed , , , ,
Dimensions Book Series Dimensions Book Series Narrated Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series Parallel dimensions interconnect and interweave, Step in and enter dimensions... Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleThe Awakening: Episode 1 narrated podcast science_fiction series urban_fantasy , , , ,
Distant Dog Barking Distant Dog Barking Narrated Urban Fantasy Thriller Series In early 2028 a riot breaks out in lower Manhattan. Triggered by a climate demonstration, it's effects ripple across the country and within days America dissolves into anarchy. Our story tracks six individuals who must find their way to the relative safety of the nearest wilderness and escape the ensuing barbarism and disease. What ignited the contagion of hate and caused all hell to break loose? Who can be trusted? What horrors await… , , , , ,
Dos: After You Dos: After You Narrated Urban Fantasy Horror Series Things changed after him. Deck has fallen for someone that isn't human, and so he leaves a hungry home to find him. Will he be waiting for him? The world has changed but, has he? The first bilingual horror/urban fantasy LGBT+ podcast. , , , , , ,
Dr Witch? Dr Witch? Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Witchcraft can take you any where into time and space? Meet Dr Witch?, the first Wiccan time traveller, and discover that magic - more than science - controls the universe... Sci-fi comedy serial created by Elliot Stewart. , , , , ,
DreadTek Inc. DreadTek Inc. Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series A Fantasy Cyberpunk D&D Spin-off series from Microphones & Monsters. Follow the story of Knits with his drone buddy Blip, the notorious activist Sylvia Rivera, and a rather unusually large sized Zoog named Z.OUS! in this action packed dystopian horror. Yogsonik is watching , , , , , , ,
Dream Girl City Dream Girl City Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series The night-time radio show of a lofi-aesthetic city where no one remembers where they came from. It's a calm and relaxing place to live, but there's something bubbling just beneath the surface. , , , ,
Dream Story Dream Story Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Dream Story follows Kirie's adventures through Dremica, a lucid dream world that is affected by her real-world issues. Tune in for an on-going fantasy of war, love, and majesty. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
Drek Happens Drek Happens Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series Fun, comical Shadowrun tabletop adventures for mature audiences only.Early episodes are not included in the RSS feed, but all episodes are available on the Drek Happens website. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , , ,
Echobox Echobox Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series GOSSIP GIRL meets GREEK MYTHLOGY in L.A. Echobox is a LGBTQ+ retelling of the greek myths in the world of celebrities, guided by the voice of Echo as she spills everyone's dirty secrets. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Eglantine Whitechapel: Supernatural Detective Eglantine Whitechapel: Supernatural Detective Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Before she was a cultural icon, super-celebrity, fitness coach, bestselling author, columnist, spokesperson, philanthropist, explorer, Commander-in-Chief at NASA, platinum-selling solo artist and Prime Minister of Great Britain, Eglantine Whitechapel was a simple secret agent in the midst of the cold war. , , , , , , ,
Electromancy Electromancy Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Electromancy is [an] audio fiction fantasy adventure podcast, which follows the story of Jenna, a teenage lightning mage (or electromancer) who, after hiding her powers for years, is finally discovered and forced to attend the Royal Institute for the Study of Sorcery. There she will find allies, enemies, mysteries, monsters, and intrigue. And you thought your high school was bad. , , ,
Elixir Elixir Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series In this Prohibition-inspired fantasy, two women from opposing sides of a ban on magic unite to solve a mystery...and end up falling into forbidden love. Elsie’s sister Lou is missing. The only clue she has leads her to a Hush bar: one of the last remaining—and illegal— establishments where people consume magical elixirs. Vera’s family has made elixirs for generations at The Jaded Rose. With her father imprisoned, she is responsible for protecting their… , , ,
ETA ETA Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series It's a common human urge to wonder, if only for a second, what we might have done if we were at the scene of something horrible. A lot of people like to think that they would have helped, no matter how unrealistic this urge might be. ETA is about someone who was right to think they'd take action – a young Londoner called Daz who finds himself traveling home with an American Jew almost every night. However, knocking down a bigot quickly goes from heroic to ho… , , , ,
Evergreen Evergreen Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Adam, the first man and his wife, the first woman, Eve, were punished by God with separation and immortality. Adam spends his long life searching for her, inadvertently becoming the catalyst for many of humanity's myths and legends. , , ,
Everlasting Shenjiu Everlasting Shenjiu Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Action, drama, adventure, fantasy, & an endless amount of wine! Everlasting Shenjiu is an indie action adventure audio drama series about the wild battles over a legendary Chinese wine that cures any illness. , , ,
Exit Plan Exit Plan Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Exit Plan is the story or rather collected journals of a nameless man who lives in Australia and has to deal with some threat or confrontation left unsaid so far. He has released his audio journals to provide information and context around what he has to do and to explain his situation. , , ,
Faerie Faerie Full Cast Urban Fantasy Mystery Series After a young woman saves a man's life, her investigation into what actually happened that day sets her off on an investigation into a secret world of ancient mythological creatures, a strange nursery rhyme that makes children disappear, and a covert and secret arm of the Environmental Protection Agency known only as , , , ,
Falling Birds Falling Birds Full Cast Drama Series Hopeless romantic, Kit Holloway, has written a love poem. Unfortunately, it's been read by the wrong person - the Moon. She, until now devoid of human emotion, unwittingly falls in love with him. And she'll stop at nothing to make him hers. Now Kit only has so much time before the sun sets on him for good. , , , , ,
Fantasy Link Fantasy Link Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Fantasy audio drama mystery. Strange things are happening in a remote countryside cottage. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleChapter One: Thornberry Cottage full_cast podcast series urban_fantasy , , ,
Fate/Stay Night Audiobook Fate/Stay Night Audiobook Narrated Urban Fantasy Series After a mysterious inferno kills his family, Shirou is saved and adopted by Kiritsugu Emiya, who teaches him the ways of magic and virtue. Fate/stay night follows Shirou as he struggles to find the fine line between a hero and a killer, his ideals clashing with the harsh reality around him. Will the boy become a hero like his foster father, or die trying? , , ,
Fey Earth Fey Earth Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Fey Earth is an indie ttrpg set in an alternate 19th century Earth where all the creatures from folklore and fairy tale are real and have always lived alongside humanity. It is a world where magic and industry are merging. The Fey in Fey Earth are faithful depictions based on folklore so while you will see names you are familiar with you may be surprised to discover the true might and power of these beings. , , ,
Fey Hollow Fey Hollow Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series In this city of dreams and secrets, a series of strange murders has occurred and it's up to Agents Calandra Marchen and Ryan Choi to hunt down the mad man before he fulfils a dark prophecy. Will they make it in time? And is there a happily ever after at the end of it all? With the podcast's dual ending, you get to decide. , , , , ,
Fiction Crime Time Fiction Crime Time Full Cast Urban Fantasy Mystery Series You've heard of true crime podcasts. It's like that but about without the true part. Join Adam Farmer as he travels to storybook lands to investigate cases which are too cold, cases which are too hot, and cases which are just right. His first case brings him to the land of Oz as he tries to find out all he can about the serial killer who has made her mark on the land, then vanished into thin air. , , , , ,
Filthy Henry - The Fairy Detective Filthy Henry - The Fairy Detective Narrated Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Filthy Henry is Dublin's first and foremost fairy detective. Something of a niche job since most people do not know that fairies are even real, let alone need a detective. But when The King of the Leprechauns has his crock of gold stolen by some humans he requires the services of a detective. Lucky for him Filthy Henry is just the man he needs. The only problem is nobody in the world can stand him. Which does not really… , , , , , ,
Finley & the Chaos Crew Finley & the Chaos Crew Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Finley & the Chaos Crew is a comedy-fantasy podcast created by Ashlee Craft about a nonbinary & queer half-elf, half-demon named Finley & the chaotic-good shenanigans them & their friends get up to! Part of Thesperience Productions & Freedom Meadow Media. , , , ,
Flame in the Night Flame in the Night Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series Flame in the Night is an audio drama (fiction) podcast set in the afterlife. An unlikely trio, spearheaded by recently deceased Charlie, sets off to return to the living world. Along the way they face long lost souls who've been warped into terrifying beasts. , , , , ,
Flawless Flawless Narrated Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series Charlotte is a fairly normal teenager despite the family tragedy that still haunts her. Since her mother's accident Charlotte has had to learn to live in care and oblige her social workers by attending regular therapy appointments. Of course, she doesn't tell them everything. Lots of teenagers get bullied about the way they look and she's had enough pity from grown-ups. , , , ,
Follow The Ripple Follow The Ripple Full Cast Drama Series An audio movie created, performed and produced by the 2022 Living Wisdom International Online High School Performing Arts class. It's a modern coming-of-age tale about Alice, an ambitious teenage fashion designer who runs a virtual high school fashion club with her best friends geared toward getting its members into top academies, until her friends ridicule her passion for 1950s design, causing Alice to disband the club and seek guidance from her idol,… , , , ,
Following Bliss Following Bliss Full Cast Children's Urban Fantasy Series Following Bliss is a magical audio series that promotes mindfulness, meditation and learning through Bliss, a 5-year-old fairy who explores new and exciting locations around the planet where she discovers and collects an endless array of calming sounds that help soothe, relax and bring joy to her and others! Along with her magic wand Wandie, Geo a talking Magic Map who shares helpful and educational information about the locations she'… , , , , ,
Foretold Fixion Foretold Fixion Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series We hear epic tales of realms filled with dragons, giants, wizards, dwarves, and gods. But have you ever wondered what it might be like to... just hang out with them? What if someone were to set up a few microphones and talk to these mythical beings and magical creatures? Let's find out. , , , , ,
foreWARD (Leaway) foreWARD (Leaway) Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The spiritual world of old threatens to devour the modern age as the next generation comes into their own. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleChapter 1: Burning Tracks full_cast mature podcast series urban_fantasy , , , ,
Fort Salem Library Fort Salem Library Narrated Urban Fantasy Anthology A team of [Motherland Fort Salem] readers and Fanfiction Authors has come together to bring you your favorite Fanfiction in Podcast form. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleFort Salem Library Trailer , , , , ,
Fox and Glove Fox and Glove Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series Virgil Fox and Samantha Glove, London's paranormal private detectives find themselves running out of time to save a woman trapped within London's notorious Woolwich Tunnel. Using real life reports of the tunnel's deceptive time-bending phenomenon, backed up by accounts from the Old Wharf archive, an esoteric library of inter-dimensional gateways and other unexplained matter, bubbling between the gaps of London's ancient streets. , , , , ,
Friday Knight Fights Friday Knight Fights Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series When average teenager Arthur Padron finds out he's the reincarnation of King Arthur of Camelot, he, Merlin, and Lancelot go on a road trip to find and awaken the other Knights of the Round Table before danger catches up to them in this comedy fiction podcast. , , , , ,
Gabriela & The Inn Between Gabriela & The Inn Between Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Welcome weary travelers, to The Inn Between, where the trees are green, the rooms are cozy, and the guests are a little bit strange. Join Gabriela Jones, a recent botany undergrad who takes a job as Innkeeper near the rural town of Shearwater. , , ,
Geek the Mage Geek the Mage Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series A group of new players delving into the world of Shadowrun as their characters plumb the mega city of Neo-Tokyo. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 001: Neon Cowboys , , , , ,
Ghosthoney's Dream Machine Ghosthoney's Dream Machine Full Cast/Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Greetings, gentle listeners. Do you ever sleep? When you sleep, do you sometimes dream? Well, congratulations, because you've discovered Ghosthoney's Dream Machine. TikTok's Ghosthoney has spent countless nights building this dream machine just for you. Each week, he will reveal magical worlds filled with goblins and ghosts and untold tales that will cleanse your burnt-out brain at the end of a long day. , , , , , , ,
Ghostpuncher Corps Ghostpuncher Corps Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Ghostpuncher Corps is a tabletop roleplaying podcast in which Dungeon Mistress Lilith takes three adventurers through the comic world of Ghostpuncher. Petua, the neurotic warlock played by Amanda. Elektra, the synth bard played by Sydney. Mikey, the feral, pug-face t-shirt wearing druid played by Cassidy. These three are tasked by Lucifer herself to track down escaped souls and return them to Hell by any means necessary. , , , , , ,
God Knows Podcast: Live from Valhalla God Knows Podcast: Live from Valhalla Full Cast Comedy Folklore Series Thor, the legendary god of old, is a little vexed with “Head Office's” rehousing scheme. His tier-four divinity lodgings - a dilapidated terrace in the North of England - now hosts the once mighty Valhalla within an attic conversion. , , , , , ,
Goddess Goddess Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Epic Theatre Ensemble presents Goddess, an 8-part audio fantasy about the Goddess of Clear Sight, Zarqa. Zarqa was a Mesopotamian prophetess whose visions saved her people from certain doom. But when she told truths they did not like, they turned on her and crucified her as a witch. , , , ,
Gods & Lies Gods & Lies Full Cast Urban Fantasy Mystery Series An investigator with a damaged reputation reluctantly teams up with a disgraced son of a Goddess to solve the murder of a mortal. To crack the case, they venture into the underbelly of immortal society, make deals with demigods, and risk the wrath of the powerful to expose the truth. But the pursuit of justice is rife with danger, and if they aren't careful, they could be next on the murderer's list. , , , , ,
Green Mountain Mysteries Green Mountain Mysteries Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Horror Series Burlington Vermont: 3AM, New Year's Morning. A ghostly ship crashes on the shore. When magic and mystery engulf the town, can a rag-tag group of monster hunters work together to ensure that this new year isn't humanity's last? , , , , , ,
Guidance Through The Dreamscape Guidance Through The Dreamscape Narrated Multigenre Anthology A collection of queer-centric new age folk stories and poems told by the guides of the dreamscape, an interconnected realm of darkness where dreams are spun and left behind. All pass through the dreamscape, and all leave their own tales here. So why not come for a walk and take the hand of one of the guides. It can be perilous without us in such a dark place. , , , ,
Harbor Harbor Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The backwoods Appalachian town of Harbor poses a question on its dilapidated welcome sign: “Are You Home?” Sam Greer reluctantly is. Thankfully, Al Greer is there to welcome her little brother back. His arrival, however, makes waves in her own life, revealing a perplexing group of neighbors that Al has secretly worked alongside for years - non-Human creatures called Cryptids, who have alarming attributes and a multitude of personal problems. The sib… , , , ,
Harry Potter and the Boys Harry Potter and the Boys Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series My name is Radio Mike, and when I was a kid, I wrote 7 Harry Potter fan-fiction novels - each chapter more absurd, fourth wall-breaking and hilariously stupid than the last. Join me each week as a read a chapter from my books. , , , , , ,
Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality (Jack Voraces) Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality (Jack Voraces) Narrated Urban Fantasy Series This is a fan fiction (HPMOR) written by Eliezer Yudkowsky. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleChapter 1: A Day of Very Low Probability Jack Voraces , , , ,
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (The Methods of Rationality Podcast) Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (The Methods of Rationality Podcast) Narrated Urban Fantasy Series An alternate universe story, where Petunia married a scientist. Harry enters the wizarding world armed with Enlightenment ideals and the experimental spirit. , , , , ,
Harry Potter and the Tale of the Very Old Dog Harry Potter and the Tale of the Very Old Dog Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Here are the things you need to know: * My name is Will. I have a wife named Anne and two friends named Joseph and Erica. * One day, I made an off-handed comment about Erica's dog (named Brick). She responded by saying , , , , , ,
Harry Strange Harry Strange Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series Harry Strange is an award winning radio drama that tells the tale of a private investigator whose beat takes him into the supernatural. Harry's adventures bring him face-to-face with demons, succubi, vampires and all manner of 'unnatural' and the occasional 'natural' evil. , , , , ,
Have You Seen Me? (Emma Quinn) Have You Seen Me? (Emma Quinn) Full Cast Urban Fantasy Mystery Series HYSM? is a fiction podcast about love, loyalty, luck, and the things we will do to keep them. When local troublemaker and mayor's sister Kitty Scott goes missing, it is up to her best friend Ophelia to brave the supernatural mysteries of their small Ohio town to bring her home. , , , , ,
Heads Will Roll Heads Will Roll Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Queen Mortuana of the Night Realm (Kate McKinnon) and her ditsy raven minion JoJo (Emily Lynne) receive a prophecy about a peasant uprising. Together, they must journey to find the Shard of Acquiescence, which will put down the rebellion and save the throne. Will their friendship survive sensitive generals, chatty sex slaves, whiny behemoths, princes with bird fetishes, and the notion of democracy? Produced by Broadway Video and created by… , , , , ,
Heart Beats Heart Beats Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Heart Beats Cast is an actual play podcast. We play a heavily homebrewed version of Ryuutama set in the world of 'Runorah' (Rune-Or-Ah), created by The Storyteller and Game Master Xander. Heart Beats explores the concept of normal people in an extraordinary world. We follow our players living their new lives in the town of Heartbeats, a small town in this wondrous fantasy world. There is no dragon slaying or many dungeons, but not to say… , , , ,
Hedged In: A Changeling Story Hedged In: A Changeling Story Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Follow our story as Kit, Gil, and Crunch, three changelings who somehow found each other in the depths of Arcadia; adventure through the labyrinthine Hedge and discover the secrets about themselves, each other and a world made from 'madness, dreams and guilt'. , , , ,
Hermione Granger and the Perfectly Reasonable Explanation Hermione Granger and the Perfectly Reasonable Explanation Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Solo-read of an oldish and hopefully not-abandoned-forever HP fanfic. Audio by Pandora Beatrix. Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleHGPRE - 01 - Prologue fan_fiction narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , , ,
Hiddengrid Hiddengrid Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series Hiddengrid: The Sixth World Chronicles follows a group of gamers playing through the legends of Shadowrun. Starting with the 2050 adventures and sourcebooks, the players are working their way through the legends that made the shadows so deadly. , , , , ,
Homer On Olympus Homer On Olympus Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A satirical look at the world, through the eyes of Gods! A tale of a mortal navigating his way around Olympus, and the Gods, as they fight for whether humanity is worthy of survival. Come back weekly for new episodes as the tale unfolds, looking at the idiosyncrasy of humans trying to make sense of the world from a peculiar angle. , , , ,
Hotel Daydream Hotel Daydream Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Catering to the needs of mythical beings, monstrous clients, and mathematical abstractions is tough work. Tune in every other Sunday for hospitality updates from the hotel for the real, the imagined, and everything in between. , , , ,
House of Sol Alpha House of Sol Alpha Narrated Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Who has time for homework when your friends are in mortal danger? Sol Alpha isn't your average college fraternity. The Brothers of Sol Alpha guard a special gift: psychic powers. Join the Brothers as they fight against Umbra Omega, a murderous rival society. , , , , ,
I.S.E.E. Monsters I.S.E.E. Monsters Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Welcome to all new recruits in the I.S.E.E. organization. As new monster hunters it is highly recommended that you take a look through the provided hunters guide, or for greater ease, listen to the book being narrated by our own veteran hunter Jack Talbot. , , ,
Ida the Hobit & the Crystal Queer Deers Ida the Hobit & the Crystal Queer Deers Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Welcome to the world of Deerhobita, the home of Ida the Hobit and the crystal queer deer. Join Ida, Tyrone & Bartholomew on their journey to discover and understand their identity and watch them deal with their challenges head on. , , , ,
In The Cards In The Cards Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Connor Ratliff (“Dead Eyes”) stars as Gil, a low level ad man who is fated to lose at everything. When Nadya (Jamie Ann Romero), the beautiful niece of the psychic Bella (Laila Robins), reads his tarot cards and informs him that the universe is against him, he vows to change his destiny. Cheered on by his co-worker and best friend Lex (Steven Boyer), Gil studies philosophy under Professor Towers (Chukwudi Iwuji) and faces an epic showdown wit… , , , , ,
In the Pines In the Pines Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series You go in together. You come out alone. At the edge of camp, Lanie sits, watches the rain through the trees, and waits for the girl in the woods. “In the Pines” is a short play by Alexandra Palocz. Originally selected for Theatre Intime's Student Playwrights Festival in 2020, it became an audio reading instead due to the pandemic. , , ,
Insider Worldbuilding from The World of Dunari Insider Worldbuilding from The World of Dunari Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Welcome to the home of the Insider Worldbuilding from the World of Dunari podcast, the place to experience life in another dimension, told from the perspective of a visitor to that dimension. , , ,
Interference Interference Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Jacq, a human woman on present-day Earth, and Geneva, an orc woman on a world called Chel, discuss the differences and similarities of their oddly interconnected universes. Interference is a slowburn paranormal romance with adventure elements, featuring queer actors and characters. It tells the story of an interplanar glitch that brings two women together, and their struggle to keep it that way. , , , ,
JK, We're Rolling! JK, We're Rolling! Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series It's time to enter a world of fantasy, wonder, and mystery as three students attend the most prestigious wizarding school in all of Germany! Three German improv actors will attempt to survive the gauntlet created by one American game master. While the cast explores the obstacles and rewards of being multicultural, their characters will have to explore obstacles and find rewards of their own. Listen as they have to delve deep into the world … , , , , ,
Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services is a modern fantasy audio drama by Lisette Alvarez about a witch who has to juggle complex clients and an anonymous critic hellbent on ruining her magic business. The story centers around Kalila Stormfire, a young woman and business owner working out of her basement studio apartment after a controversial fallout with her coven. While she attempts to get established as frie… , , ,
Kari's Missing Hope Kari's Missing Hope Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A Fanfiction Audio Drama based on the franchise “Digimon” and a story by Stephen Lesser (a.k.a. Whose Liner) at Fanfiction.net. Based on the second series (Digimon Adventure 02). “When T.K. announces that he's moving away, the Digmon Emperor decides to strike! In order to survive, Kari must look within her heart to discover her true feelings for T.K., who in turn must find a way to restore everyone's Power of Hope , , , ,
Keepers of Alteria Keepers of Alteria Narrated Urban Fantasy Series This is my journey to become one of the Keepers of Alteria -- a magical land accessible through a gate in the middle of the ocean -- after my predecessor vanished in what we suspect is an attempt to open the gate and infiltrate Alteria. , , ,
Knights of the Night Knights of the Night Role-Playing Multigenre Anthology We attempt to put the best Actual Play Podcast out there! Most Episodes are edited down to be less than an hour in length. All the fun stuff left in, but the interruptions and nonsense taken out. , , , , , , , , ,
Lady Luna's Spice Shop Lady Luna's Spice Shop Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Join Lady Luna and Felix Carlyle on their topsy turvy journey though magical lessons, special potions requests, and the chaos of operating a secret potions shop in a small town! Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Last Call at Bluebell Cafe Last Call at Bluebell Cafe Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Last Call at Bluebell Cafe is a fantasy audio drama about a shapeshifting Barista who is a little too interested in other people's lives. The Barista runs the transient Bluebell Cafe, where customers can get more than just coffee. Many of the wanderers who find themselves stumbling upon this hidden cafe in dusky hours are at a crossroads in their life. Who better than our Barista to guide them along their path? With a little help from … , , ,
Lauren Proves Magic Is Real Lauren Proves Magic Is Real Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Twelve-year old Lauren takes her cat-sitting job seriously, but like a cat, she can be a little too curious for her own good. When she starts snooping around her boss's laptop she finds out that he's not just a food inspector, but a special agent for a super-secret government agency called NIAD. Lauren has always suspected magic was real, but now she has a way to prove it! , , , ,
Lazarus Jones Lazarus Jones Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Lazarus Jones is a normal kid, who happens to suffer from nearly debilitating daydreams. They take over his senses and always lead him into trouble. But what if the daydreams aren't just dreams? Mature , , , , ,
League of Wonder League of Wonder Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series The greatest heroes of the fiction have assembled to save the world. Only this time... they're animals. In the late days of the Victorian era, Kip, an adorable Yorkshire terrier, is thrust into adventure when his girl, Dorothy Gale, and a magical slipper go missing. Desperate to find her, Kip teams up a rag-tag group of animal heroes that include the suave White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, the brilliant and eccentric Toad from W… , , , , ,
Leaving Corvat Leaving Corvat Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series They call me Sleeper. I worked the same brain dead job, at the same fast food place, all of my life. And I've always lived in the same town. No one that lives in Corvat, ever leaves. Until today. Today I leave. Join my on my adventure. An audio drama podcast, by the creator of THE DECA TAPES. , , ,
Lesser Light Lesser Light Narrated Urban Fantasy Series When a Christmas Wedding brings together all the witnesses of a supernatural event, Harry has to struggle with his own mental health issues as he attempts to decipher a mystery from past experiences at an extremist Christian Church. A story all about cults, history and ex-church existence. , , , ,
Letters to Georgia Letters to Georgia Narrated Urban Fantasy Mystery Series Letters to Georgia are the audio-journal recordings of daily life in a small cottage with a mysterious second mailbox and obnoxious houseguests by freelance writer Rachel Bardin. Follow along as she tries to get her life in order again after moving to a bizarre rural area that's a little too keen on keeping her. , , , ,
Light: The Lord of Fire Light: The Lord of Fire Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The Story follows Carbon Waldron and his friends as they embark on a telling journey. The journey begins with five sibling gods. The two oldest, the god of structure and the god of equality challenged one another, to create the best forms of life. One created species and the other created humankind. Together they then created earth for their forms of life to live on. The youngest god, Magada, the god of shadows went on to kill all of his … , , , ,
Liquid Lineage Liquid Lineage Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A lot happens between wealth, war, and the forest line. Slide down the solid gold rabbit hole and what do you find? In this mystical mystery of sacrilege and sacrifice, you may just stumble upon more questions than answers. , , , ,
Logical Monkey Logical Monkey Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Logical Monkey is a work of serialised fiction by author and blogger Christopher David Roberts. [...] To get the best experience starting at episode one is recommended. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
Love and Luck Love and Luck Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Love and Luck is a queer slice of life romance story, with a touch of magic. An audio drama told mostly via voicemails, we publish short episodes once a week on Tuesday evenings (AEST). Made for people who like healthy relationships and happy endings, Love and Luck is set in Melbourne, Australia in the present day, and is populated with many real life queer Melbourne people, events and places, alongside its fictional characters. , , , ,
Lover's Moon Lover's Moon Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series He's an alpha wolf and a beta boyfriend. She's dated every monster in New York City. It's time for their Meat-Cute. Michael Andrews, a Canadian living in New York, is learning to live with the side effects of lycanthropy. Other than waking up naked and bloody in Central Park once a month, he's managing just fine. If only he could finish the book he's supposed to be writing. If only he could find someone he trusted enough to tell the t… , , , ,
Low Light Low Light Narrated Urban Fantasy Mystery Series Low Light is an ongoing narrated audio drama set in a northern English town. It has a darkish edge and a sense of humour (says me). Meet the neighbours of Lower Leigh - the well-meaning, the curious and the devious. There is everything and nothing humdrum about these folk, puttering about their little lives or making trouble as they will. And of course, there are those among them who gaze out into the low light and tell their stories about a … , , , , ,
Lowcountry Shadows Lowcountry Shadows Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series Lowcountry Shadows is a bi-weekly Shadowrun actual play podcast, spanning multiple campaigns. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 001- RC Cola and a Moon Pie , , , , ,
Magic Weirdos Magic Weirdos Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Magic Weirdos is a narrative podcast series about arcane goofballs and their many problems. [...] Season one of Magic Weirdos is a story called “Pockets”, which follows an emo bard, a punk princess druid, an axe-wielding fan artist, and a healer abandoned by his deity as they uncover a secret network of prisons built to keep magic wielders away from the rest of society. , , , ,
Magics of the Evergreen Magics of the Evergreen Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series In the waters between Mercer Island and the 520 floating bridge – right off the eastern edge of Seattle, in the middle of Lake Washington – is an island. On that island is a school. A university called The Pacific Northwest Academy of Magics. It is a school everybody knows about, even if only a very small number can access it. , , , , , ,
Main Street Mythology Main Street Mythology Narrated Urban Fantasy Series What would the history of our world be if we only had our imagination to explain it? Main Street Mythology is an urban-fantasy audio drama that explores city life through the legends of a modern pantheon of gods. , , ,
Manic Mysteries Manic Mysteries Narrated Urban Fantasy Mystery Series Manic Mysteries is a dramatic detective series set in Freedom City, an urban metropolis blending film noir, steampunk, and a touch of fantasy. It follows the case files of the Dick and Jane Detective Agency with the gruff and no-nonsense Robert Stone and his eccentric partner Styx. Together these two detectives-for-hire unravel unusual mysteries of murder, magic, and mayhem. , , , ,
Masters of Deceit Masters of Deceit Narrated Urban Fantasy Series The Masters of Deceit Trilogy is a story following the lives of several unique individuals plunged into a spiritual warfare, spanning two generations, with dire global consequences.This podcast is narrated by a text-to-speech program. , , , ,
McGillicuddy and Murder's Pawn Shop McGillicuddy and Murder's Pawn Shop Narrated Urban Fantasy Series McGillicuddy and Murder's Pawn Shop is set in 1921. Maude, the main character and narrator, gets a diary and begins to write in it. The only problem is, her life is boring. She types all day until her fingers are sore, and then comes home, sleeps, and does it all over again. She wishes her life was an adventure. And it isn't. , , ,
Memester Of The Week Memester Of The Week Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Welcome to Memester Of The Week, an actual play podcast. A reluctant cult member, his stoner roommate, a skeptic youtuber and her fae camera-person walk into a diner. They then walk out of the diner and drive off to hunt the things that go bump in the night. , , , , , ,
Mermaids of Merrow's Cove Mermaids of Merrow's Cove Full Cast Urban Fantasy Mystery Series In October 2017 a woman washed up on a quiet shore in the sleepy New England town of Merrow's Cove. The locals say she was a mermaid. Reporter Emma Kersey returns to her hometown to investigate the case and uncover secrets and folktales that span hundreds of years. , , , , ,
Mesilithia Book Series Mesilithia Book Series Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Mesilithia is the first of a fantasy book series that will draw you in and take you to another world. In modern day Texas, David and Katie's lives are turned upside down by a stranger who attacks them and kidnaps Katie. David follows them, hoping to save his wife, only to find that the wife he once knew no longer exists , , ,
Midst Midst Narrated Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series Three mischievous narrators spin a surreal, reality-bending, sci-fantasy space western about a crotchety outlaw, a struggling cultist, and a diabolical bastard making awful decisions in a world on the edge of disaster. , , , , ,
MILKRUN MILKRUN Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series MILKRUN is a Shadowrun 5th Edition home game actual play podcast featuring six longtime friends. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleMILKRUN S1-E1 “Birds of a Feather” comedy mature podcast role-playing series science_fiction urban_fantasy , , , , , ,
Milky Way Underground Milky Way Underground Full Cast Children's Urban Fantasy Series Join siblings Lydia and Elijah on a fantastical, surreal journey through a mysterious dreamworld as they search for their missing father. A unique audio adventure about the difficulties and the joys of growing up and becoming yourself, fit for the whole family. Brought to you by TRAX from PRX. , , , ,
Mistconceptions Mistconceptions Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Mistconceptions is a RPG podcast featuring super-flawed, super-powered heroes as they investigate crime and conspiracies in a modern-day city filled with forgotten fairy tales and menacing mythological creatures. The City is a place where no one is as they seem. As the heroes reveal more and more of the mystery of the City, so too will they reveal more and more of the mystery in and of themselves. What they discover will both tear apart their … , , , ,
Modem Prometheus Modem Prometheus Narrated Urban Fantasy Anthology Modem Prometheus is a podcast of modern folktales. These are the stories of the kerbside, the transmitter mast, the shadows between buildings. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Spreaker Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleTeaser: #HuntingParty , , ,
Modern D Modern D Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Real Play D&D set in the modern age, aspects of Humor, satire and horror Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 Re-Upload comedy mature podcast role-playing series urban_fantasy , , , , ,
Modern Fae Modern Fae Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Modern Fae is a new audio drama that centers around Diya Greenberg, a young woman who feels lost in her life, and makes the fateful decision to move to a tiny South Texan town to manage a bookstore. Little does she realize, but Encrucijada is much, much more than it seems. It is a haven for the legendary and mythological, the shadowy and supernatural. And it is in grave danger. Here, even the shadows have shadows, and something is stirring that threat… , , ,
Monster Smash League Monster Smash League Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Monsters from folklore, mythology, literature, urban legend, and beyond battle to see who reigns supreme! Bat Boy & Typhon bring you the lore and the play-by-play! Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Monsters University Monsters University Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Horror Series Welcome to Monsters University, a homebrew TTRPG for the monster lovers and roleplay enthusiasts. This is an 18+ live action role playing game set in the premier institute for higher monster education. Murder, intrigue, mystery, and romance abound in this silly fantasy universe! , , , , , , ,
Monstica Monstica Full Cast Urban Fantasy Erotica Anthology Monstica is an anthology monster erotica fiction podcast with a strong focus on diversity and inclusivity Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleMonstica Chelsea Makes Podcasts delivery_guyThe Delivery Guyfuck_humansFuck Humansgummy_and_the_doctorGummy and The DoctormonsticaMonsticasubject_99Subject 99 cmakesp.wordpress.com anthology erotica full_cast mature podcast urban_fantasy , , , , ,
Moss Hollow Moss Hollow Narrated Urban Fantasy Series When a child goes missing from a local summer camp, Anna and Lacey discover many things about the mountains that are hidden from the physical eye: ghosts, embedded memories, strange creatures. Time seems to work differently here. , , , , ,
Mount Olympus University Mount Olympus University Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Pandora Wordsworth never applied to Mount Olympus University. And she knew very well it was fishy to receive an offer of a full-ride from a school she had never heard of. But when desperation drives her to accept, Pandora arrives to discover that she is in way over her head. , , , ,
My Dear Diary My Dear Diary Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series In a world of magic and adventuring, follow a group of 6 teenagers navigating their freshman and sophomore years of fantasy high school at Brighthope Academy. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
My World Is Gone My World Is Gone Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The world has come to an unfortunate end. or so we thought. Follow zach and crew on this surreal adventure to defeat the god that caused this. Through liminal spaces to planes of clouds, we will encounter creatures beyond imagination. , , , ,
Nadec Nadec Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Lost in The Other Realm, past and future secrets unravel for a red knight and her feline sidekick. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleNadec trailer narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , ,
Natural Magic Natural Magic Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Natural Magic is a fantasy coming of age story set in the fictional world of Nideon. It follows five students coming to terms with their abilities, their families, and their identities on the cusp of an international crisis. Because life is hard when you're fourteen. And the real magic is finding your way through. , , , ,
Nawi Of The Lightning Tribe Nawi Of The Lightning Tribe Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Eric tells the story of his childhood best friend Nawi, the half human 14 year old daughter of a warrior super being, who fought a God in order to protect the world, and the power of creation itself. , , ,
Neo-Anarchist Podcast Neo-Anarchist Podcast Narrated Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series The Neo-Anarchist Podcast is a fictional, alternate history documentary podcast about the history of the Sixth World (that is the world of the game Shadowrun, little crows). Website , , , ,
Neon Memories Neon Memories Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Welcome to the magical 80s dream world of Lighthearted. You are a Prep, Jock, Geek, Rebel, or Outcast, like those kids in The Breakfast Club, except you are just about to start magic community college. Through play, we'll explore how you grow out of your high school cliques all while dealing with magical mishaps, college parties, vampires, and worse—finals! , , , , ,
NeoScum NeoScum Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series NeoScum is a future-fantasy comedy podcast featuring five Chicago improvisers antagonizing their way through the roleplaying classic, Shadowrun. It follows a group of misfits and outsiders: a chromehead decker, a teenage candy-junky klepto, a kid's show wizard with a petulant thirst for adventure, and the nastiest trucker this side of the robo-Mason-Dixon. Join the irascible NeoScum crew as they make their way across a strange but fami… , , , , , ,
Nicked Nicked Full Cast Urban Fantasy Christmas Series You Better Watch Out... Since childhood, Nicoletta Nowell and Sarah Locke were inseparable. But the start of eighth grade marked Nicoletta's sudden transformation from best friend to relentless bully with seemingly no cause. Come December, Sarah is resigned to the new state of affairs until she is swept up in a plot to straighten her bully out by Colzsákos—a Christmas faerie of the Holly Court, specializing in reforming naughty children. It s… , , , ,
Night Shift (Nocturne Studios) Night Shift (Nocturne Studios) Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Sebastian Fen finds himself entangled in a series of unexplainable events in Echor City, from the conspiracies surrounding the biotechnology giant Augur Corp to the secrets of the magical anomalies that transform those who encounter them into the stuff of nightmares , , , , ,
Nightingale Nightingale Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series While exploring the halls of their hospital ward, three teens with cancer discover a portal that leads them to Nightingale, a magical world inhabited by a race of sentient machines. Dani, Rocco and Sarah embark on an epic adventure to save Nightingale from a malevolent force known only as The Darkness before it can breach the portal and infect our world. With the help of their empathetic doctor, whose mysterious connection to Nightingale is more than… , , ,
Nixvir Nixvir Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Erik, a humble snowman, meets Oriel, an Angel kicked out of heaven for being selfish and materialistic. At first their friendship begins to develop, but an impending war with an evil snowman and his wicked army of clockwork robots puts their relationship to the test , , , ,
No Dragons Press No Dragons Press Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Addie is off to save the multiverse. Just as soon as she finishes this joint. “Everyone's trying to be Philip K. Dick.” That's how Tristan greets clueless stoner bartender Addie McCallister that first day, which probably should have tipped her off that nothing about this job interview—or the speculative fiction publishing house she's ended up in—would unfold as planned. But it doesn't, and this cluelessness, combined with Addie's def… , , , ,
NOIA NOIA Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series When new dangers emerge in the multiverse two peoples worlds collide as they fight a common enemy working to rip everything they know apart.Hush is part of the StoryArk Network podcast. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Not A Scratch Not A Scratch Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Welcome to Not A Scratch, the only podcast that believes Scratch is an overpowered move! This is the result of a first-time DM (and 0-time player) building a PKMN Mystery Dungeon system. Each week, Anirudh, Mansour, and Muhammad tell the story of Ralph (Machop) & Kyle (Treecko) becoming the greatest heroes in the world! , , , , ,
NPC Incorporated NPC Incorporated Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Come on in and sit for a while, and hear the tale of four brave adventurers of the Mundane Realm in a new campaign from NPC Incorporated, a Dungeons & Dragons 5e podcast set in the real, boring world of jobs. Based on the characters and classes from the classic tabletop role playing game and translated for the modern era, this story takes place in a shipping facility in , , , , ,
October Jones & Fish with Legs October Jones & Fish with Legs Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Fish with Legs, a fish with legs, is the Elemental Creature of water. She and her human best friend October Jones are trying to stop an evil two-headed snake from releasing a terrible monster that will destroy the world! October's brooding teenage angst and Fish's bubbly optimism make for an interesting pair as they set out together to warn the other Elemental Creatures about the snakes’ devious plan , , , ,
Of Gods and Lanterns Of Gods and Lanterns Full Cast Urban Fantasy Mystery Series Of Gods and Lanterns is a limited autumn series to celebrate the start of Fall, and is heavily inspired by Over the Garden Wall. A woman finds herself in a strange world with nothing but a lantern and the clothes on her back. , , , ,
Once Time Once Time Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Anthology Take a hike with Jon Spelman through a world of tall tales, folk stories and the winding woods of the Appalachian storytelling tradition. Sit by the fire while overnight hikers Council Register and Route Hog tell Jon about such happenings as the fight between a frog and snake, a magical rabbit whistle, Polly the dancing witch, the mermaid in the cow pond, and how Jock the trickster fools his way into riches. Once Time is a story in 11 episodes… , , , ,
Once Upon A Time In Vegas Once Upon A Time In Vegas Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series If fairy tales came to life, there's only one place that they could find a home... Las Vegas! A full-cast serial audio drama. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleChapter 1 - Once Upon a Time , , , ,
Otherworldlies Otherworldlies Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series Otherworldlies tells the story of a young Gypsy psychic named Nuri, who runs away from her village and an arranged marriage. She meets up with characters from an underworld carnival, run by an Angel of Death in the midst of an existential crisis. She is guided by Petsha, a talented but distracted Cajun musician who is long dead and lives in the underworld. Together, they must discover who Nuri is and her role in replacing the foreboding and… , , , , ,
Out of the Darkness (Kaden Gardner) Out of the Darkness (Kaden Gardner) Narrated Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series For every positive trait humanity has, they seem to do more harm then good. Be it to the planet, the wildlife, to even each other. But they're only human, and no species is perfect. But with that being said, no other species can kill on the mass scale that humanity can. At least, as far as we know. With that being said, is humanity, with all its faults, worth saving? Is it even capable of saving itself? , , , ,
OuterState OuterState Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Hosted by Sam Sudama, Outerstate is a D&D podcast where four unlucky strangers find themselves transported into a brand new and completely different world. Here, they are forced to save their friends and families amidst the underlying mysteries found within their new environment. , , , , ,
Pan-Demon-Ium Pan-Demon-Ium Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series An urban fantasy, slice of life surrounding several queer characters in a small town. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SamplePan-Demon-Ium trailer (M4A File) comedy full_cast mature podcast series urban_fantasy , , , , ,
Para.docx Para.docx Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series Para.docx is a supernatural podcast following the work of the NCRD's filing staff as they handle reports from all across America — assuming the reports themselves behave. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts , , , ,
Parallel To Anywhere Parallel To Anywhere Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Greetings people of the multiverse! Welcome to Parallel to Anywhere a school project gone wrong throughout time and space. Join intrepid planeswalker Trefor Vantross and his best friend Rahzara Willowsong as they move their way through the planes by means of a finicky watch and try and get Tref home. , , , , , ,
PAUSE for Dramatic Effect PAUSE for Dramatic Effect Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Douglas Dire's world is one of isolation. Once a decorated Iraq War veteran, he now roams the streets haunted by the memory of friends lost in combat. With a fleeting grip on reality, a dark past full of unresolved pain, and a hopeless future, Douglas stumbles upon a ring in an empty parking lot that forces him to confront a secret he didn't know he was keeping. , , ,
Paxwood Paxwood Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Enter a world where there's a Chosen One for every prophecy. Kerry wants to find the truth behind the urban legends in Paxwood–and confess her crush on her best friend. When Kerry digs into the Haunting of Paxwood House, she gets drawn into a dangerous web of prophecies. She meets Rowen, who survived her prophesied death and realized that Chosen Ones fighting alone are doomed to tragedy. Rowen Seeks a place to gather Chosen Ones together to help each othe… , , ,
Penault Pest & Protection Penault Pest & Protection Role-Playing Science Fiction Horror Series Penault Pest & Protection is a monthly audio drama created through tabletop roleplay based on the 2d6 system Monster of the Week. Follow Tiffany, Aisling, Clara, and Seilbh as they struggle to gain a footing in the world of Taranis. , , , , , , ,
Pest Control Pest Control Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Horror Anthology Pest Control is an actual-play horror tabletop show from AltHaven. Join Keeper Sam R, and players William, Jonas, and Sam D as they get lost in fantastical worlds featuring compelling characters, engaging story, and thrilling twists! , , , , , , ,
Pink Fohawk Pink Fohawk Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series An actual play podcast set in the Shadowrun universe, following two rad shadowrunners making names for themselves in the streets of Seattle in the year 2053. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , , ,
Pink Mohawk Edition Pink Mohawk Edition Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series We are a Shadowrun Anarchy actual play podcast set in Missoula, Montana, where city meets wilderness. Wild Rill, Sergeant Butch, Deadeye, and Rook are a crew of shadowrunners who are guaranteed to get the job done–and with as much style as possible. , , , , ,
Platinum Legends Platinum Legends Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Hey there fellow trainers. We're a mystery-comedy actual play podcast about a ragtag group of pokemon trainers working together to find out the mysteries surrounding Sinnoh and Cynthia's disappearance, a year after Team Galactic's defeat. , , , , , ,
PodCastle PodCastle Narrated Fantasy Anthology PodCastle is the world's first audio fantasy magazine. Weekly, we broadcast the best in fantasy short stories, running the gammut from heart-pounding sword and sorcery, to strange surrealist tales, to gritty urban fantasy, to the psychological depth of magical realism. , , , , ,
Pokemon Adventures in the Millennium Pokemon Adventures in the Millennium Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Pokemon Adventures in the Millennium is a Pokemon Tabletop United actual play set in the Sinnoh Region! DMed by Tanner, who oversees the zany adventures of Belle (Lindsay), Gabriel (Duncan), and Julian (Ryan), along with their group of equally zany pokemon. , , , , , ,
Pokemon: Origin of Species Pokemon: Origin of Species Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Pokemon: The Origin of Species is a rational fanfic of the Pokémon games by Daystar Eld. It drew inspiration from other such fics, and the story attempts to craft the world of Pokémon in a way where everything has a scientific basis or is otherwise extensively researched. , , , ,
Pokémon Rollout! Pokémon Rollout! Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series A real-play Pokemon Tabletop United RPG podcast. Join the trainers as they adventure to catch 'em all and be the very best! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 01 - The Adventure Begins! (or: The Pokemon of Liliana's Dreams) , , , , ,
Pokémon World Tour: United Pokémon World Tour: United Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Jake and Josh go on an adventure through the world of Pokemon, with the help of game master Alan and numerous special guests, in this actual play RPG podcast using the Pokemon Tabletop United RPG system! , , , , , ,
Power Trip Power Trip Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series My name is Jane, and I can make you do whatever I want. If you think I'm going to say 'just kidding!' think again. My wish is also my command. Being chronically ill means you have the best seat on the perpetual struggle bus. Thanks to the very sexy diagnosis of end-stage kidney disease I was always missing out: on my dream writing career, finding love (bah humbug, but one can hope , , , , ,
Project Gnosis Project Gnosis Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Project Gnosis is characterized by a fusion or blending of a lot of diverse myths and legends struggling to coexist with each other in the face of insidious forces that seek to transform the world into their image. It is an urban fantasy infused with cyberpunk elements like Shadowrun but less emphasis on technology and more about tackling the themes that embody numerous cultures, folklore, and creatures. Follow an unlikely group as they investigate… , , ,
Quest Company Junior Quest Company Junior Role-Playing Multigenre Anthology The Quest Company is a group of storytellers playing through our own original adventures on this actual-play RPG podcast! Join us as we introduce you to new games and explore worlds full of fun and creativity! , , , , , , ,
Rabbit Hole Radio Theatre Rabbit Hole Radio Theatre Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Rabbit Hole Radio Theatre aspires to become a favored form of entertainment by nurturing the imaginations of the public through the theatre of the mind. Rabbit Hole Radio Theatre hopes to breathe new life into the art of radio theatre, as well as encourage and inspire excellence and artistic integrity in writers, performers and technicians as they explore their craft through radio theatre. , , ,
Radio Free Detroit Radio Free Detroit Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Ziggy iz da troll what plays da musics, tells da big thoughts, and helps all da shadow type peoples wit da weather. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample01 - Radio Free Detroit - Information is Free , , ,
RADIO: Outcast RADIO: Outcast Full Cast Urban Fantasy Western Series RADIO: Outcast is a fantasy-western audio drama that follows three strangers on an unexpected adventure. When Helix, the Messenger God of Sound, gets yanked from the 1980s and sent to the 1880s by her abusive ex-lover, the God of Time, she must forge unlikely alliances with two humans: Jesse, a cowboy out for revenge, and Charles, a conman running from his past. The three of them embark on a journey across the American West, each with thei… , , , ,
Railsend Mysteries Railsend Mysteries Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Horror Series Welcome, monster-fighting Ozarks enthusiasts! We're glad that you're joining us! If you're the completist sort and can endure janky audio, feel free to start at Episode 1. If you just want to get caught up to the action with decent audio, jump in with our Bonus Episode before Season 2 begins with Episode 25, which gives a summary of Season 1. Regardless, welcome to the Ozarks and our little home here in Railsend! Mind the caves. , , , ,
Rainbow Surfers Rainbow Surfers Full Cast Children's Urban Fantasy Series Join Clancy and his pals, Peter and Sophia, on a dazzling adventure in the Rainbow Surfers Podcast! When Clancy stumbles upon a magical portal, they ride a radiant rainbow straight into Lumino City—a land bursting with light, color, and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Perfect for kids with big imaginations and parents looking for wholesome, fun-filled tales. Hop on the rainbow and let's light up the world of Lumino City together! , , , ,
Ravens Vail Ravens Vail Narrated Urban Fantasy Horror Anthology Ravens Vail is a dark fantasy horror anthology podcast set in the shadowy world of the deep South. A convergent reality situated around what most of humanity has accepted as reality. Obscured from human eyes, Ravens Vail is a mystical sanctuary intended to preserve the existence of its immortal inhabitants. The Mekori, commonly referred to as witches, have been hunted since before written history. The witches of the Highlands fled persecutio… , , , , ,
Records from the Reaver Records from the Reaver Full Cast Science Fiction Series In a world where magic has always existed and the government listens to your every word, the crew of the Reaver can't escape their own teenage nonsense. But when a rebel stowaway is found aboard the Reaver, and interpersonal drama gives way to intergalactic schemes, what will the crew do? And how will this exposure to the dystopian reality they live in change who they are? , , , , ,
Redgate and Wolf Redgate and Wolf Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Comedy Series What happens when a sassy thief meets a Scottish werewolf? Supernatural shenanigans ensue in this actual play Monster of the Week podcast. Listen as this shifty duo hunt monsters, roll dice and cause magical mayhem in the fictional American town of Hendrix. , , , , , ,
REM Waking World REM Waking World Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series REM Waking World, created by Joshua Combes in ISO - is a fantasy fiction podcast following the quest of Jacob Thorne who, while in pandemic social isolation, sleeps too much, dreams too much and then finds himself further isolated in a vast dream world, unable to escape. Will Jacob's escape earn him some level of control over his story? Will he find hope to lead him through this crisis? Or will he fade into time like a forgotten story? Time to l… , , , ,
Residents of Proserpina Park Residents of Proserpina Park Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Residents of Proserpina Park is a fiction podcast focusing on mythological creatures mixed with a story just as wild as the past. Learn about creatures you've never heard before and follow Alina on her crazy journey to find the truth. , , ,
Resting Glitch Face Resting Glitch Face Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series Shadowrun actual play podcast of an all women runner team taking on the mean shadows of St. Louis! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podcast Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Name is Eris [Episode 1] , , , , ,
Reverie's Curse Reverie's Curse Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series When Zelina runs into Marco her world spirals uncontrollably. Zelina has a crush on Marco and wants to make him love her as much as she loves him, and so, she casts a love spell hoping that he will notice her. However, this doesn't make him love her, it poisons his heart instead. Now Zelina and the Reverie Coven must come together to end the curse no matter what it takes. , , , ,
Revolution Afterlife: The Musical Revolution Afterlife: The Musical Full Cast Urban Fantasy Musical Series Milly Raker is dead. But her adventure is just beginning.... Introducing “Revolution Afterlife: The Musical”, an audiodrama musical created by Alex Walker and Liz McKibben! Join Milly Raker (Alexis Smith) as she battles the mysterious Silvers and uncovers the truth behind humanity's afterlife , , , , ,
Rialto Podcast Rialto Podcast Full Cast Musical Urban Fantasy Series RIALTO Podcast is a labyrinthine “mind-movie” with original songs and music. Featuring the speaking and singing voices of a cast of musicians/artists, including Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station), Meg Remy (U.S. Girls), Claudia Dey, Daniel Knox, Veda Hille and Martin Tielli, among others. , , , , ,
Ronstadt Ronstadt Full Cast Comedy Thriller Series RONSTADT, starring Rhett & Link, is a supernatural noir comedy set on the mean streets of LA about a 9-1-1 phone jockey whose night job, along with a self-described “Craydar,” leads him deep into Side B - a world filled with magic, monsters, and all things Mythical. , , , , , , ,
Saffron and Peri Saffron and Peri Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Saffron and Peri is a fantasy comedy that blends modern day life with classic fairytale elements. It follows the adventures of the loquacious Saffron, professional fairy godmother extraordinaire, and her best friend Peri, a djinnia who runs the Magic Support Department. Our story starts when they meet Tristan, an aspiring godparent in need of guidance. , , , ,
Saturn's Return Saturn's Return Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The people of Barthos are suffering. Not long ago, everyone had plenty to eat and plenty to trade. Then — with the disappearance of a very special prisoner — everything changed. A contemporary fable about loss, sacrifice, and ordinary magic, told by four criss-crossed souls. , , , ,
Save Erce Save Erce Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series It's 1983, a young dragon-changeling on a perilous mission to save the earth and a secret magical community getting ready for Halloween become strange allies as the world's fate hangs in balance. Save Erce is an audio drama podcast produced by Brio Integrated Theatre. This is an all abilities and a Theater For All production. , , , ,
Sayonaraville Sayonaraville Narrated Urban Fantasy Horror Series In a magicked-up New York, resurrected spirit guardian Iris Penner and a rebooted Wild Hunt strive to prevent the End of Days. ...Two decades after a narrowly averted apocalypse, the world is threatened by eldritch-stoked climate disasters, a breakdown in general order, and proliferating interdimensional cracks. With no better answers, everyone has retreated deep into magic, regardless of the consequences. , , , , , ,
Scarlett Hood Scarlett Hood Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, deep in the woods there is a city named Grimms Town. Where there's a great many people, some whom, it's seems, live a fairy tale existence. In this mysterious city is woman who goes by the name of Scarlett Hood and she's one real tough cookie. , , , ,
Scythe of Doom Scythe of Doom Narrated Urban Fantasy Horror Series Daisy can see what other humans can't— the world of the supernatural, but no one believes her. Her fascination becomes an obsession, and when she finds an ancient book of dark magic- she ends up summoning the Angel of Death. Now she's got Death on her back and a myriad of supernatural entities out for her life. , , , , ,
Second Shift Second Shift Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Second Shift follows an ambitious, character-centric story arc about three college students from Boston who find themselves “shifted” against their will to another world. They must find their place in that world while trying to return to theirs. , , ,
Second Shot City Second Shot City Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Comedy Series A looming mystical threat envelopes the fictional city of Boston, Massachusetts as a mysterious organization asks people with a second shot at life to fix the problems that are starting to crack open the city. , , , , ,
Sentinels of the Silver Orb Goes Audio Sentinels of the Silver Orb Goes Audio Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Do you love reading Paranormal Romance Books? How about listening to them? Sentinels of the Silver Orb Goes Audio is a Podbook of Jules Crisare's Sassy Shifter Stories. Each episode is a chapter in a book read by Jules. , , , ,
Serendipity City Serendipity City Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Serendipity City is an actual-play podcast that takes place in a sprawling, dieselpunk metropolis with a magical underworld (in more ways than one). Anarchists fight corrupt companies, shapeshifters fight for turf, dwarves work in the caves underneath the city, and through it all, our intrepid group of questionable heroes just wants to do the job they were hired for. , , ,
Servants of the Secret Fire Servants of the Secret Fire Narrated Urban Fantasy Series An Urban fantasy, spanning three ages, chronicling a troubled man with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder confronted with elemental powers that will save the world or damn his soul. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
Shadowrun Origins Shadowrun Origins Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series A Shadowrun Actual Play podcast exploring the iconic Shadowrun adventures which contain much of the lore of the Shadowrun world. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
Shadows of Saint Fleur Shadows of Saint Fleur Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Shadows of Saint Fleur is an Urban Shadows actual play podcast. The story takes place in the fictional Great Lakes city of Saint Fleur, which is rife with supernatural activity and all the politics that accompany that. Follow our five characters throughout their misadventures in this climate. , , , , ,
Shadows: The Audio Drama Shadows: The Audio Drama Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series New York City, 1983. A private investigator with paranormal ties receives a call from a stripper, whose mother was murdered. A crime lord's sociopathic son inherits his father's fortune , , , , ,
Shark-Man Shark-Man Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Shark-Man is a 9 part series. It tells the story of Dewey Dorsalfine and his journey into shark magic and discovering his true shark nature on the Oregon Coast. This is a still fantasy story meant for the whole family. It involves silly language and magical thinking. , , , ,
SHIFTS SHIFTS Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Dahlia finds herself alone in a strange but beautiful world, a place where she is the only inhabitant and there are no indications of where she is or why. And she's fine with it! Time to explore. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
Shoebox Shoebox Narrated Urban Fantasy Series The Shoebox Project is a Marauders-era Harry Potter fanfiction written by Jaida and Rave. The Shoebox Podcast brings this story to life through audiodrama. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleShoebox Podcast teaser , , , ,
Silverbell Smith and the Music Makers Silverbell Smith and the Music Makers Full Cast Children's Urban Fantasy Series You really ought to know about Silverbell Smith, for when she closes her eyes she hears music. Now this is odd you see because Silverbell Smith lives in a world where music does not exist. Or at least that is what the Governing Governor says. Music is a Myth. Myths are like lies. Lying is bad. Everyone seems to believe what the Governing Governor says, except of course for Silverbell Smith. She knows better, for n… , , , ,
Sithrah Sithrah Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Nirvana Page wants to be brave. But when a plane crash separates young “VONNA” from her father, she quickly discovers that finding her dad again is going to take every last scrap of courage she has. The official Sithrah audio drama seeks to bring Jason Brubaker's groundbreaking graphic novel to a new medium, creating an audio adventure for all ages. , , ,
Sketches by Zod Sketches by Zod Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Sketches by Zod: The Wedding is a one-woman audio show that follows twelve Zodiac Women at a wedding. Each episode is narrated by a different Zodiac Woman, the voice of whom is inspired by the sign's characteristics. , , ,
SkillSet SkillSet Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series SkillSet is an urban fantasy podcast that follows four university students as they face the growing evil of the creatures of Dissonance. Listen in as Alex, Eshe, Laura, and Michael find out the darker sides of Attunement, as well as the darker sides of the people they love. , , ,
Society Of Supernatural Safety Society Of Supernatural Safety Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series The story of Hal Erickson, his friend Laurel Nare, and his various supernatural friends and pupils whom he meets through his secret government job. However, every one of them have quite a few secrets, including Hal. , , , , ,
Sojourners' Trails Sojourners' Trails Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A Journey through the High Seas and the Major Arcana. Follow the crew of the Sojourner. The ship's captain running from his past, the First Mate looking for their lost-at-sea father, a self-proclaimed prophet trying to understand his radio-dwelling god's cryptic messages in order to guide the Sojourner and her crew, and many others. , , , ,
Sonic Realms Sonic Realms Role-Playing Multigenre Series Sonic Realms honors and enhances the stories that emerge organically from pen and paper role playing games. Sessions are recorded on the spot, then later edited and enhanced with sound effects, a cinematic score, and a full cast. The end result is an adventure unlike any other! , , , , , , , ,
Sorry For the Interruption Sorry For the Interruption Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A girl and her demon get kidnapped by a mysterious interviewer. After returning, they realize they must stop the interviewer before someone disappears for good. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Spectral Evidence Spectral Evidence Full Cast Horror Mystery Series Birdie is a trans girl and aspiring journalist on the precipice of adulthood who prepares to leave her hometown of Wyrm Harbor. Trailblazing a path of success for herself after unimaginable personal tragedy, she is halted in her tracks by a string of disappearances - again. , , , , ,
Spell of the Day Spell of the Day Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Build your spell knowledge with the Department of Magical Affairs' Spell of the Day! Twice a week a DOMA editor offers insight into a fascinating new spell - - explaining its function, current use, and little known details about its origin. , , ,
Star's Hope Podcast Series Star's Hope Podcast Series Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A podcast/audiobook series of Starfire Katya's books on Wattpad and Inkitt. These are LBGTQ+ fantasy romance books that are rated mature but will have clean versions uploaded for those who aren't fond of the intimate scenes. , , , ,
Stories from Ylelmore Stories from Ylelmore Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Stories from Ylelmore is a scripted audio drama about Keryth, Rion, and Elas, and their adventures growing up in the mundanely magical town of Ylelmore. A place where yetis host annual competitions, witches run bookstores, and the librarian might be an oracle. , , ,
Stormwood & Associates Stormwood & Associates Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Thriller Series An Actual Play RPG Podcast based in a modern fantasy world using the Super Awesome Action Heroes system. Set in San Ricardo, Calisorta, the show follows the titular Stormwood & Associates, a private investigator and licensed magic user agency as they take jobs, fight off surfer ninjas, run from dragons, and maybe (if they're lucky) save the world. , , , , , ,
Storyteller S.J. Heller; and my Paranormal Tales Storyteller S.J. Heller; and my Paranormal Tales Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A Reaper of Death, Callie lives with the living and the dead. Her soul and her city at the mercy of a soul witch, she's forced to look into her past where a lost love, Michael the archangel, laid forgotten until he shows up in Chicago. , , , ,
Storytellers Storytellers Full Cast Urban Fantasy Anthology It's the end of the world as we know it and our Story, the story that holds all of us together, does not feel fine. Not at all. The primordial embodiment of darkness tried to strip the Nine Realms of its Story. Of its hope, but it didn't anticipate the second coming of the Storytellers. The Storytellers who breathe, dream, and live stories. The stories have returned to choose new Storytellers across all Nine Realms to give the Story it's piece… , , ,
Strange Appetites Strange Appetites Narrated Urban Fantasy Anthology Startling, lyrical, and tender, Strange Appetites shines a light on loneliness in magical and mythical ways. Reality is bent but beautiful in these intricately carved stories, and the author's varietal, passionate and subtle tone shifts fall on the ear with astonishing rightness. , , ,
Sunset Tales Sunset Tales Narrated Urban Fantasy Anthology Sunset Tales is the name of a peculiar bar I used to frequent on Yasawa, one of the Fiji islands, back when I was a young writer. Adi, the bartender, introduced me to the strangest of people there... , , ,
Switch Modes Switch Modes Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Join Liona Dawn on an adventure to discover who she is, and what she is capable of. Liona, born in London, England 1850, ends up in the future 2050. With the guide of her mothers spirit, will she be able to uncover the biggest mystery of all? , , , , ,
Tacos and Dice Tacos and Dice Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Tacos and Dice By Tacos and Dice Tacos and Dice is an trpg Actual Play podcast. Our first season utilizes the diesel punk, roleplaying game Gilded Age. Join us for adventure, heroics, and poorly made decisions. , , , , ,
Tales From the Other Green Door Tales From the Other Green Door Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Tales from The Other Green Door is an offshoot of Laurie Graves's book Out of Time, the most recent book in her Great Library series. The podcast's story involves two elves: Jace Willowdale and her cousin Thirret Greenwood and their adventures in Portland, Maine. , , ,
Tales Of Beatus Fatum Tales Of Beatus Fatum Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series The worlds of fairytales have their stories told over and over, a loop of the same story, always repeating itself, but what happens when one of those characters realizes they are in said loop. What happens when the group feeding on the arcane energy of that loop, retaliates? Thanks to many dedicated researchers analyzing this occurrence, we have been able to piece together discovered audio recordings so that some sense can be made of… , , , , ,
Tales of the Wasted West Tales of the Wasted West Full Cast Urban Fantasy Western Series Gunslingers. Outlaws. This place may remind you of the American West of old, but the truth is stranger than that. These are Tales of the Wasted West, an independent audio drama produced by students from the University of Maryland, College Park and Baltimore County. , , , ,
Tall Grass Tall Grass Narrated Multigenre Anthology Join me as I adventure into the world of TTRPG content creation! Tall Grass is an umbrella show of all my passions, which includes but not limited too: Abby and Friends! -A wholesome adventure following Abby the Abra and her Pokemon friends as they go on wild adventures! , , , , , , , ,
The 100 Handed The 100 Handed Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series The tattooed magician Evan Wexler and his werewolf partner V spend their nights prowling a shadowy Texas underbelly full of frenzied monsters and mad sorcerers. Working for the mysterious organization known only as the Madhouse, they struggle to contain the threat of the Gloom, a malevolent force that breathes life into humanity's worst nightmares and can make a heart's darkest desires come true. , , , , , ,
The 6th Grade Story Teller The 6th Grade Story Teller Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series 6th grade ELA teacher, Mrs. Erickson, reads novels for students so they can follow along and understand the plot better. Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleThe 6th Grade Story Teller (Trailer) , , , ,
The Academy (Vibe Tribe Productions) The Academy (Vibe Tribe Productions) Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series In the year 3005 AD, an event called “The Great Awakening” occurred with the awakening of the great dragons, returning magic (and the beings that come with it) back to modern day Earth. It was an apocalyptic-ish event, causing the people of earth to need to rebuild their lives, culture, and technology. The year is now 499 GW, and progress has returned to like 2022 AD (but with magic, and no COVID), and preparations for the… , , , , , ,
The Adventures of the Fox in the Fedora The Adventures of the Fox in the Fedora Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Magic! Mystery! Danger! Adventure! It's around every corner! Join multiverse-traveling street thief/treasure hunter Fox (yes! A fox who walks, talks, and acts like a human!) and his friends on their many adventures to procure existence's most dangerous magical treasures before they fall into the wrong hands , , , , ,
The Ageless & Undying The Ageless & Undying Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A fiction podcast chronicling the lives of mythological characters in both ancient and modern times. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTrailer - A taste of what’s to come full_cast mature podcast series urban_fantasy , , , ,
The American Immortal The American Immortal Full Cast Urban Fantasy Western Series 1825... After an unscrupulous thief and an obstinate Native American teen kill each other, they take a wrong turn on their way to the Afterlife and wind up back among the Living by mistake. , , , , , ,
The Arcology Shadowrun Community Podcast The Arcology Shadowrun Community Podcast Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series The Arcology Podcast - A Shadowrun Community Podcast Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 001: Into the Shadows mature podcast role-playing series science_fiction urban_fantasy , , , , ,
The Attic Monologues The Attic Monologues Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The Attic Monologues is a new queer urban fantasy podcast in association with Exeter University Podcast Society. The show follows Nyx Ryland, a nonbinary university student who decides to record themself practicing monologues using a collection they found in their attic. Using their flatmate and life long crush, Bella Crowe, as their audience, they begin reading them. , , ,
The Beacon The Beacon Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series After surviving a dangerous encounter with a monster, Bee discovers she has the magical ability to control fire. Confused and with no heroic aspirations, she reaches out online to try and find others with impossible powers like hers - but finding them is only half the battle. Getting along and learning to protect everything important to them is another challenge altogether. , , , ,
The Becoming The Becoming Narrated Urban Fantasy Thriller Series A MODERN FANTASY TOLD IN 12 SHORT EPISODES: The note is stuck to her apartment door. “Your sister needs you.” But no one is supposed to know where she is, and no one is supposed to know she has a sister. , , , ,
The Black Serpent The Black Serpent Narrated Urban Fantasy Series The Black Serpent is a dark fantasy audio drama that follows the tale of Jason Briggs and his struggle in a parallel world where he must fight against magic, assassins, mythical monsters, and more. Mature , , , ,
The Book of Arralan The Book of Arralan Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series The Book of Arralan is a children's fiction podcast, made for children 5 - 10 years of age. It is one continuous story told through daily episodes. I use oral storytelling rather than reading to tell the tale, which adds a unique dynamic that other podcasts and audio books don't offer. , , , ,
The Byron Chronicles The Byron Chronicles Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series Imagine if the world as you know it... was nothing more than an illusion. What if creatures like elves, dragons, vampire, zombies and werewolves walk amongst you every day... But you never see them. This is the world I walk in. I am called Byron and these are my chronicles. , , , ,
The Cabinet of Curiosities (James Henry) The Cabinet of Curiosities (James Henry) Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Rosa Dew, a young girl with no memory (but great fashion sense), finds herself alone in a rundown seaside town that might just hold the key to her identity. But who in Walmington can help Rosa on her quest to uncover her past: the sinister Earl of Dorincourt, with his army of pirates and witches, or Professor S., the elderly curator of the Cabinet of Curiosities, a museum filled with a vast array of strangely familiar magi… , , ,
The Children of Nyx The Children of Nyx Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The Furies, the Kindly Ones, the Dread. Whatever the sisters were called in the old times their charge was to extract retribution. Now it's the 1970's and The Destinies are a close harmony group traveling through rural Pennsylvania. No one ever remembers when they arrived or how long they've been there. Part ancient legend, part murder mystery, and part band road trip, , , , ,
The City in the City in the City The City in the City in the City Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Two women, each marked by loss and linked together by a strange twist of fate, journey to an ancient city—a storied city without borders—in search of answers and escape. But what they discover there will change their lives in ways neither of them could expect. , , , , ,
The Clergymen The Clergymen Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series In a World where the Power of God gives you actual Powers. Five Individuals solve Supernatural cases in the name of the Church. The Clergymen is a Radio Drama that takes place in a 20th century fictional Europe. It follows a group of five individuals who make up the titular Clergymen. Ezra is the prophetic leader of the group and serves as spiritual guide. Silas who is the oldest member -other than Ezra – and is a father figure for the group sup… , , , , ,
The Cosmic Game The Cosmic Game Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A modern twist on the classic radio drama, The Cosmic Game tells the story of God and the Devil as they try to outwit one another in an effort to gain influence over all earth-dwelling mortals. Based on our immersive nightlife series, this sweeping, supernatural melodrama will take audiences on an audacious adventure through time, as they encounter New Orleans vampires, Ancient Roman tyrants, death cults, and demons. , , , , ,
The Delivery Boy The Delivery Boy Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Bryce Williamson is a pizza boy who sold his soul to work at Check's pizza on accident. In the heart of East Tennessee he delivers to haunted houses, Nuclear Plants, and has some strange co-workers. , , , , ,
The Domestic Life of Anthony Todd The Domestic Life of Anthony Todd Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series “My name is Quill Taylor, and I have taken it upon myself to record my findings pertaining to the life of a young boy named Anthony Todd...“ The Domestic Life of Anthony Todd is an urban fantasy podcast about an author who finds themself in a strangely unusual town , , ,
The Dragoning The Dragoning Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A podcast about a dragon epidemic recorded in the middle of a pandemic. The story takes place in the not so distant future, wherein there is an epidemic of women turning into dragons. It's fictional, don't worry, even if right at this moment a strange epidemic feels a little weirdly possible. , , ,
The Dreamwalker's Diary The Dreamwalker's Diary Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Join teenage dreamwalker Seura Williams as she navigates her power and logs her dream travels in an audio journal, all while searching for someone important to her and being chased by a mysterious entity. , , ,
The Elements Arcana The Elements Arcana Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Join me, Zoe, as we discover and nourish the elemental power within us all. How can we harness the energy rushing through the environment around us? Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podcast Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology We are a group of tabletop RPG gamers and these are the games we play. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample[The Veil of Isis] Session One: The Room Beyond anthology comedy fantasy horror mature multigenre podcast role-playing urban_fantasy , , , , , , , ,
The Fairy-Tale Mysteries Radio Show The Fairy-Tale Mysteries Radio Show Full Cast Urban Fantasy Mystery Series Something is seriously amiss in Fairy-Tale City. Insurance Fraud? Bag-men? A familiar character riding a Harley? Who could be behind all of this? G&S brings The Fairy-Tale Mysteries series and our resourceful heroine Betsy Hardup to life. Does she have the stuff to get to the bottom of it all and set everything right again? , , , , , ,
The Flock The Flock Full Cast Musical Urban Fantasy Series The Flock is an audio drama with songs. An environmental fable and epic adventure about the end of the world - told from the point of view of the birds. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
The Four Woods The Four Woods Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A fantasy audio drama that finds a teenager discovering the magical world for the first time. Ross Hansen is taken by his parents who have returned after a 13 year absence from his life to a magical high school known as Oceans High for Weavers so that he can learn to hone his magical abilities. While there, he encounters all of the things that high school offers while also fighting off a power-hungry Weaver known as Jordan Kasenine notorious for h… , , ,
The Future History of Newburg The Future History of Newburg Narrated Urban Fantasy Science Fiction Series A series of short stories about a peculiar town on a peculiar planet where science and magic mingle in an effort to save the worlds! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
The Game is Afoot! The Game is Afoot! Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series They're just your average four high school kids...except they became friends over an unexpected trip to Oz. They thought the one trip was the end of it, but now where are they? A Dungeons and Dragons podcast played by four queer people and zero men. , , , , , , ,
The Genesys Archives The Genesys Archives Role-Playing Multigenre Anthology Welcome to the Genesys Archives! A place where a bunch of nerds, artists, writers, and musicians collaboratively create stories through a tabletop role-playing game called Genesys from Fantasy Flight Games. This podcast will serve as an archive of these stories as we adventure through fan-favorite settings from pop culture and video games and unearth the unexplored in original settings like our first project: The Unseen World. , , , , , , ,
The God Who Went Insane The God Who Went Insane Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series This is a story about humans as told by a god. The distant, secretive City of Sayn is renowned for fusing magic with the scientific method, drawing wealthy students from all across Three Scapes— including Lady Sharenna Birchwood and Prince Edrach Durille. , , ,
The Gods We Belong To The Gods We Belong To Narrated Urban Fantasy Series An urban fantasy noir podcast following the adventures of Alex Cassander, a seldom-sober P.I. who stumbles headlong into the hidden world of gods and angels. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
The Godshead Incidental The Godshead Incidental Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series An audio drama about a reluctantly intrepid advice columnist and the letter she didn't answer in Godshead, a city of 130,000 people, one million pigeons, and countless gods that may or may not exist. Featuring a theatrical thief, an agoraphobic landlord, and the God of Grammar. , , ,
The Gorgon Show The Gorgon Show Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Penny Cephalonia is a gorgon, snakes and all! In an effort to reconnect with her monstrous heritage, she started this podcast to interview fellow nonhumans (and the occasional interesting human). , , , , , ,
The Great Wizarding War The Great Wizarding War Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series From the creators of the acclaimed fan film Severus Snape and the Marauders comes a 12 part audio drama, The Great Wizarding War. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleThe Great Wizarding War Official Trailer , , , ,
The Grove The Grove Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series When she's asked to present at the company's flagship conference graduate developer Mira Fisher must face her biggest fear - public speaking. But life at the world's coolest, biggest, wealthiest tech company is not as it seems. In the atrium of ornamental trees ancient, mythical forces are waking that will change Mira's destiny and grant her a terrifying gift. A new six-part British fantasy drama podcast from Roar Creative Productions. , , ,
The Grown Up Adventures of the Tooth Fairy The Grown Up Adventures of the Tooth Fairy Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series A Spinoff audio drama of Cupid's Crossing, The Tooth Fairy and the Sugar Plum Fairy also live in Los Angeles and live regular lives..sort of... Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
The Hermes & Hekate Road Show The Hermes & Hekate Road Show Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Hermes and Hekate: divine problem solvers. One's the god of thieves; the other, the lady of the crossroads. They show up anywhere there's a deal to be closed, a bet to be laid, or a choice to be made. Now they will have to put their skills to use to find the stolen objects sacred to the gods of fertility and agriculture , , , ,
The Hidden People The Hidden People Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A creepy modern fantasy that begins as a murder mystery and slowly pulls back the curtain on a hidden world of dark action and adventure. Filled with shocking surprises and a mid-season twist that will leave you breathless. You may think you have it figured out, but nothing in the world of the Hidden People is as it seems. , , , ,
The Illusion Of Safety The Illusion Of Safety Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series 100 years out from a magical war, life has moved on. The true story is lost, nobody seeming to know more than fragments of the whole. Three sisters watch, and change, and grow. A young boy sleeps surrounded by flame. , , , ,
The Imperfection The Imperfection Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Charlie and Amber both suffer from a rare condition that causes them to wildly hallucinate. When their psychiatrist suddenly goes missing, they rally together with the doctor’s other patients to search for him. Along the way, they encounter secret societies, half-human half-spider centaurs, and a hidden borough of New York under the East River. , , , , ,
The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Like a modern day Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders is five hours of humorous fantasy adventure. Metaphysical adventurer Jack Flanders discovers a green velvet overstuffed chair. Each night at the stroke of midnight, Jack sits in the soft, comfortable chair which comes alive, luring him onto its velvety realm. Everyday reality fades away, and Jack finds himself in a stran… , , , ,
The Innis Forgettance The Innis Forgettance Narrated Urban Fantasy Series According to rumors going around the haunted town of Inniscombe, 17-year-old Porter Hollis is to blame for his mother's crying sickness. What's more, he's been bewitched by the Neverseen, spirits haunting the forest who possess townsfolk's bodies and steal their souls. Yet no one seems to know how or why the Neverseen came to afflict them. , , ,
The Inside The Inside Narrated Urban Fantasy Horror Series Shrouded in unanswered questions, The Inside contains a collection of the abnormal: bodyshifters, not-so-street-magicians, involuntary fortune tellers, and more... and they want out. Slice-of-life fantasy with a chilling edge, The Inside is an original audio drama podcast created by Anika Lee Vroom. Woven together from the tales of unlikely heroes, this patchwork story is set in an unforgiving space that seems to have a mind of its own. A mys… , , , ,
The Last Tapestry The Last Tapestry Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Fate is dead. They're the replacements. The shining city of Astoria Heights is imperiled by a powerful and unknowable force. The city's saviors take the form of an angelic mobster, a fire-dancing mermaid musician, and a bookworm Eladrin who can't control her seasons. How many passes will they have to take in order to save the city? Only time can tell. , , , , , , ,
The Laundronauts The Laundronauts Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A fantasy adventure podcast series that answers the question: Where do the missing socks go? [...] this modern day fairytale [...] boasts 10 episodes, 12 original songs, and 5 hours of ear-to-ear entertainment. Written, directed, and executive produced by Colin MacKenzie Mitchell, the show stars the late great Ed Asner, in one of his final performances, and John Cameron Mitchell, creator and star of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. [ , , , , , ,
The Lily Sparrow Chronicles The Lily Sparrow Chronicles Narrated Urban Fantasy Series 15 year old Lily Sparrow loves factual, mathematical logic. So when her mother confesses that Lily's deceased father is (a) not dead, (b) coming to dinner, and (c) the ruler of a fairy tale world accessible through the upstairs bathtub, Lily clings to math to help make sense of this new double life. Lily finds herself being pulled into a mystery involving an unhappy Cinderella, a greasy sycophant called Levi, and a slew of vanishing fa… , , ,
The Line The Line Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A troubled girl is caught in the war between Heaven and Hell, and learns she is humanity's only chance at survival. A serialized, full-cast fantasy audio drama. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
The Lost Books The Lost Books Narrated Urban Fantasy Series In this fantasy epic sound story, a group of otherworldly beings try to find a friend's missing memory in a collection of lost books. This fiction epic follows James Sunday, a man unlike any other man you've ever met, as he follows clues that lead him to the most unusual library in Toronto, and to a strange group of friends. , , ,
The Lost City Prince The Lost City Prince Full Cast Musical Urban Fantasy Series A musical magical realist audio fiction podcast based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's novel “The Little Prince.” Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleThe Lost City Prince - Coming August 29th , , , , ,
The Lost Power The Lost Power Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series This is the story of Finn Dauger, a human lawyer, discovering his own power in a world of magic, technology, and government oppression. Him and his friends will have to fight against those in their way so they can make the world and their city a better place for those who have no power. , , , , ,
The Luchador The Luchador Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series The mighty Lucha Libre champion of Mexico City does battle in and out of the ring with deadly vampires, dangerous mobsters, and the ethical complications of maintaining a rigid moral philosophy. A biweekly fiction adventure series created by Daniel Valero Fletcher, starring a Latinx lead cast and special guest stars from the real world of professional wrestling. , , , ,
The Magical History of Knox County The Magical History of Knox County Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series The Magical History of Knox County follows Mordecai Dogwood as he takes over for the missing host of a popular public radio show in rural Ohio - only to discover a magical ecosystem hiding in plain sight. With the help of a station tech, a park ranger, a pair of biologists, and a giant toad, Mordecai finds himself taking on responsibilities that were definitely not in his job description. , , , ,
The Magicians: Danse Macabre The Magicians: Danse Macabre Narrated Urban Fantasy Series The Show Must Go On When stage magician Blake Alexander aka Blake Fire who has a grim reaper for a soul senses someone in his audience is going to die he dances between life and death to not collect them with all his strength he must live and not take them to the afterlife because when his soul is released his body dies and he can't die on stage in front of the world let alone come back to life. , , , ,
The Mario Bros. Show The Mario Bros. Show Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Join Mario and Luigi as they go on all kinds of adventures. Peach will get captured....Mario and Luigi will butt heads on issues....and Toad will keep smoking! A lot can happen in the Mushroom Kingdom, so the Mario Bros. must be ready at a moment's notice. This hilarious show is family-friendly and is GUARANTEED to please any Mario fan. , , , , ,
The Mayan Crystal The Mayan Crystal Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Do you want to hear a story? It's the story of an 11-year-old girl who uses a magic crystal to summon the legendary Mayan gods. But her plan backfires, and instead she awakens an ancient evil! With the help of her sister and a 20-foot talking snake, she’ll go on a thrilling journey to save her village and discover her true destiny. , , ,
The Meat Blockade The Meat Blockade Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series 'The Meat Blockade' is a serialized radio show depicting the strange and surreal journeys of Karl Berenger, a self-proclaimed writer and misadventurer. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts SoundCloud Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
The Meatgrinder The Meatgrinder Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Five days ago the town of Halcyon went dark. A small town in Williams, in the Western United States of Aremesia, the radiating magic levels are off the chart. With the only roads into this isolated mountain town closed, accessible only by small helicopters, an elite government team of operatives has been dispatched to control and contain the situation. And then, after those guys all got killed, they sent in these people. , , , , , ,
The Metamor City Podcast The Metamor City Podcast Full Cast/Narrated Urban Fantasy Science Fiction Series Author Chris Lester brings you serialized fiction in a futuristic fantasy world. Enter a gritty urban landscape of mages and vampires, faeries and telepaths, where street-level spies steal arcane artifacts from power-hungry sorcerers and holy warriors stalk demons through the shadowy depths of thousand-foot-high towers. , , , , ,
The Moon Crown The Moon Crown Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series The world is changing, bit by bit. Vampires, gargoyles, and all ilk of beasts are integrated into the civilization of the old country. Still, there are signs of something new, yet somehow ancient, growing on the other side of the river. , , , , ,
The Mysteries of Corkuparipple Creek The Mysteries of Corkuparipple Creek Full Cast Children's Urban Fantasy Series Jo, forced to come up with a brilliant idea for an upcoming essay exam, detours into the bush on her way to school to find inspiration. She stumbles into two unusual creatures by the banks of the Corkuparipple Creek. Jo's dream to discover anything not yet discovered may be realised. This could be the discovery she has been yearning for and great subject matter for her important exam. The mystery of Corkuparipple C… , , , ,
The Mysteries Of Silvertown The Mysteries Of Silvertown Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series Join the journey of three teens, uncovering the strange mysteries and disappearances in a small town, Silvertown. But these aren't just any mysteries-these mysteries involving un-humanly creatures, vampires, warlocks, wear wolfs, witches, you name it, all of which exist in Silvertown. , , , , ,
The Mythos Arcanum The Mythos Arcanum Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The Mythos Arcanum is a serial urban fantasy audio drama. What if reality was a bit more complex than we knew it to be? What if there were layers of livelihoods hidden around even corner, beneath every rock and stone? What if some people were not even *people* at all? , , , ,
The Night of the Rabbit: The Pagecast The Night of the Rabbit: The Pagecast Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Hey! I'm Matt, and here I read chapters from the novel I'm currently writing. If you like stories about talking animals, magic spells, and deep forests then this podcast might be for you! I hope you will join me on this journey to Mousewood and beyond. , , ,
The Nightmare Portal The Nightmare Portal Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Underground on a tiny island off the coast of the UK, a group of researchers are studying what has to be the oddest mago-scientific phenomenon in Europe, if not the world: a portal that takes people's nightmares and turns them into reality. Join our team as they deal with monsters, marine mammals, biblical plagues, mathematics, and perhaps most importantly—and with most difficulty—each other. , , ,
The Occult Adventures of Norman P. Blank The Occult Adventures of Norman P. Blank Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series The Occult Adventures of Norman P. Blank is a high fantasy, irreverent serialized podcast about an ordinary lawyer in 1930's San Francisco who is thrust into the city's magical underbelly. , , , , ,
The Oracle of Dusk The Oracle of Dusk Narrated Urban Fantasy Series It's called oneiromancy, and we used to exult it: this idea that our dreams could reveal things about ourselves we couldn't see with our eyes. We don't believe in it anymore, but do you think it has stopped? Don't you think some of us may still be having dreams we can't handle? , , ,
The Orbiting Human Circus The Orbiting Human Circus Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Discover a wondrously surreal world of magic, music, and mystery. This immersive, cinematic audio spectacle follows the adventures of a lonely, stage-struck janitor who is drawn into the larger-than-life universe of the Orbiting Human Circus, a fantastical, wildly popular radio show broadcast from the top of the Eiffel Tower. WNYC Studios presents a special director's cut of this joyous, moving break from reality. Starring John Cameron … , , ,
The Other Path The Other Path Full Cast Urban Fantasy Anthology What do witches, ogres and shape-shifters have in common with dive bars, fashion shows and neighbourhood parks? They are all on The Other Path! Classic folk tales meet modern life in this fantasy audio drama series filled with magic, mystery, and danger created by Odyssey Theatre. , , , ,
The Paracelsus Effect The Paracelsus Effect Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series The Paracelsus Effect is a gothic inspired urban fantasy audio drama about redemption, magic, queerness, and saving the world Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Paracelsus Effect: Jack's Ramblings , , , ,
The Rat King The Rat King Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series The Shrill Collective presents: “The Rat King” by L.R. Wild. “The Rat King” is a serialized, thriller, fiction podcast that weaves magical realism with urban mythology. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
The Realm Chronicles The Realm Chronicles Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Follow the story of disgraced demon Castello Mardura as he goes on a quest to bring justice to the mortal and immortal realms. Joining him on his quest are assumed mortals Penny Anderson and Theo Anagnos, half angel-half demon Miranda, and a cast of other characters. At the center of it all is the mysterious Timekeeper, creator of the realms and designer of fates. , , , ,
The Red Squirtle The Red Squirtle Full Cast Comedy Series A ten year old by named Red wakes up to an adventure through Kanto that just might prove to be too much for him, and his loyal Pokémon. Join him on his journey with Squirtle, Squirtle, Growlithe, Pidgey, Blue, Brock, Oak, and more to collect all of the gym badges! , , , , ,
The Reignition Theory The Reignition Theory Full Cast Urban Fantasy Mystery Series The truth of the world's most sinister conspiracy is finally revealed - how was the great city of Corraban really destroyed? An account of the final days of the city with interviews, diaries, letters and more. An audiofiction podcast full of espionage, adventure and zombies. Written and directed by Richard Norton and starring Mike Cueller, Graham Rowat and Caroline Mincks. , , , , ,
The Roaring Trainers The Roaring Trainers Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series A Pokemon-inspired tabletop roleplaying game based in 1920s' Kanto. Organized crime and political unrest is plaguing the region. In a region in chaos, who will bring the region back into a peaceful era? , , , , , ,
The Scribblers Story Project The Scribblers Story Project Full Cast Children's Urban Fantasy Series Hello Scribblers, we're glad you're here! The Scribblers Story is a children's fantasy-adventure audio drama that invites kids to engage with deep questions and explore biblical storytelling through the power of imagination. With high-quality production and charming characters, we know that you and your little ones will love adventuring with The Scribblers. , , , ,
The Seventh Valkyrie The Seventh Valkyrie Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Seven years ago, Edara and the Free Lands were torn apart by Apostalys, and the war that followed his arrival. Then one night, a star falls, and ancient gears begin to turn. Cyrus washes ashore in Edara with a voice in his head, a growing magical power, and a demonic force on his trail. , , , ,
The Shadow Dispatch The Shadow Dispatch Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series Salem's best source for late-night news, discussion, and information on all things magical, political, and supernatural. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SamplePodcast Trailer comedy full_cast horror mature podcast series urban_fantasy , , , , , ,
The Silt Verses The Silt Verses Full Cast Horror Series Carpenter and Faulkner, two worshippers of an outlawed god, travel up the length of their deity's great black river, searching for holy revelations. As their pilgrimage lengthens and the river's mysteries deepen, the two acolytes find themselves under threat from a police manhunt, but also come into conflict with the weirder gods that have flourished in these forgotten rural territories. , , , , ,
The Societies The Societies Role-Playing Comedy Thriller Series The Societies is a part role-playing game, part audio drama narrative drawing inspiration from the lore of theme parks created and narrated by Defunctland creator Kevin Perjurer. Follow the adventures of Dr. Chip Whitelsly PHD (Disney Dan), Clara Barnsworth (Alicia Stella), and Herbert Lister (RobPlays) and friends as they navigate a world inspired by character and settings found in Disney, Universal, Cedar Fair, and other theme parks around t… , , , , ,
The Special Twin Sisters The Special Twin Sisters Full Cast Children's Superhero Series There are sisters in this world who are not like all sisters. These are powerful and special. But does 11-year-old Holiday know that? No. She doesn't even know she's one of them ! Join Holiday and her dog, Nugget on an exciting journey of mystery and adventure today !!!! , , , , ,
The Storyteller Squad The Storyteller Squad Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Welcome adventurers~! The Storyteller Squad is a tabletop roleplaying game actual play podcast. The cast uses the Monster of the Week game system for our first campaign. Join our group of heroic monster hunters, as they discover the magic, mystery, and fantastic characters who populate the supernatural world of our story. , , , , ,
The Sword & The Stoner The Sword & The Stoner Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series The Sword & The Stoner is a modern day, stoner comedy adaptation of the King Arthur legends. Instead of a legendary King and his Court Sorcerer, 2019 ended up with an average-at-best stoner and an over-the-top reality TV magician. Join Arthur and Merlin as they try to get stoned enough to forget their destiny, even as it comes for them with a vengeance. , , , , ,
The Tapes of Helmont High The Tapes of Helmont High Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Helmont High is an average high school in the middle of nowhere, Colorado, completely passed over by the rest of the world. Even those who live there have nothing interesting to say about it. , , , ,
The Terra Arcanum Chronicles The Terra Arcanum Chronicles Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Let me introduce you to The Terra Arcanum Chronicles, a modern fantasy adventure following two unlikely heroes as they are transported to a fantastical world following a freak accident! After finding themselves in a foreign land, and a foreign body, Adam and Melanie must work together to solve the mystery of this brave new world, and stop an ancient evil that has once again reared its ugly head. , , , ,
The Trial of Memory Fairchild The Trial of Memory Fairchild Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series An anxious medical student in a modern-magical world discovers she can do necromancy when she accidentally kills a patient and brings them back to life. There's just one problem: necromancy is illegal. , , ,
The Twenty Percent True Podcast The Twenty Percent True Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology A short story every episode. A monster every episode. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleModern Monsters, Episode 1 anthology folklore horror mature multigenre narrated podcast urban_fantasy , , , , , , ,
The Unauthorized Wizard Podcast The Unauthorized Wizard Podcast Narrated Urban Fantasy Series This is an adventure fantasy podcast that focuses on Earnest Howl's chronicle of primary source material regarding the infamous wizard, Ezmeralda Sinclaire and their travels in the early 21st century. , , , ,
The Viridian Wild The Viridian Wild Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Sebastian Verwood loves working with animals – but not the kinds you'd expect! When Sebastian was 10, he discovered he had an ability called The Sight: the ability to see into the Otherworld, a world inhabited by fae just beyond our own. Now 25, Sebastian has cemented himself as a mythozoologist, traveling the world studying and documenting magical creatures in order to advance our understanding of them. , , , ,
The Weirdness The Weirdness Full Cast Children's Urban Fantasy Series Welcome to The Weirdness... Middle-schoolers Arlo and Sierra host a podcast dedicated to exploring unexplained phenomena like the Loch Ness Monster, the yeti and the chupacabra. But they've never actually witnessed any of it—until they track down an unusual caller who turns out to be none other than Bigfoot himself. Turns out, the Weirdness is real, and it's everywhere! Arlo, Sierra, and Bigfoot (aka Beef) set off on a mind-blowing adven… , , , ,
The Whale and Rat Detectives The Whale and Rat Detectives Full Cast Comedy Mystery Series It's a beautiful sunny, balmy day on tropical Grand Banyon Island. Jacques the Whaler, his pal Amico Rat and Stan Kenley (“the hometown hero”) are starting their day at the office of Whale and Rat Detective Agency. They are well known throughout the islands for their ability to solve the most challenging cases, using their favorite tried and true approach – tactile tomfoolery. They're a great team and are generally able to bumble th… , , , , , ,
The Witch Who Came in From the Cold The Witch Who Came in From the Cold Narrated Urban Fantasy Thriller Series The Cold War rages in the back rooms and dark alleys of 1970s Prague—and on one misty night an American discovers that the city and its spies have become the new front of another, more ancient war—a war of magic. , , , , ,
The Year of Jubilee The Year of Jubilee Narrated Urban Fantasy Thriller Series When petty thief Jubilee Li has a near-death experience, she awakens with the ability to see angels & demons. This, quite literally, scares the hell out of her. Deciding to change her ways, she gives up thieving and relocates to the other side of the world—Beijing, China—intending to live a quiet life under the radar. But when she sees a girl talking with a demon and decides to follow them both, she winds up on a mysterious murder cas… , , , ,
Three of Hearts Three of Hearts Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Three of Hearts is a Space Kings Actual Play Podcast made by queer people FOR queer people (and other people, too)! Follow the lives of special agents Vellum and Felspar as they solve an increasingly complicated mystery in the reclusive town of Clovenheart. Along the way there are laughs, adventures, old flames, new flames and more playing card puns than strictly necessary! , , , , ,
Three River Pass Three River Pass Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Dallas Reid can read your sins. Literally. Written on the body like a tattoo, a brand, a scarlet letter that only he can see. It's for this reason that Dallas can't be sure he isn't responsible for the death of his mother and sister. When he is forced to move to the quiet county of Three River Pass Dallas sets in motion a supernatural civil war, having to balance his friendship with both sides he uncovers the secrets of his new home. , , , ,
Through The Attic Door Through The Attic Door Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Step through the attic door, and into the wacky and whimsical work of Hotel Elsewhere! Join the residents, The Scientist, The Gremlin, Brian the Robot, The Demon and more, within the upper most room of this elaborate building. Join them in their adventures as they attempt to figure out the truth about the Hotel Management… and all of the other mysteries that cross the path of the Attic Gang's rather short attention span, with the ai… , , , ,
Thursday Knights Thursday Knights Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology A weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons (and other roleplaying games). Our group focuses on telling truly collaborative stories with a heavy focus on character development and roleplaying. This is the podcast version of the live video show broadcast on Thursdays on our Twitch channel. , , , , , , , ,
Tilda and Quatsch Monster Tilda and Quatsch Monster Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series TILDA AND QUATSCH MONSTER is a children's fantasy novel for the ears, about a bored kid and the weird magical monster she meets outside her family's new apartment. The shapeshifting creature has the power to turn Tilda's imagination into reality, transforming everyday challenges into wild adventures. , , , ,
Torn Metal and Smoke Torn Metal and Smoke Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Timothy Westbury was supposed to be travelling west to an early retirement, leaving behind a lifetime of blood feuds and bad mistakes. Instead, he makes a rash promise to a desperate girl with a pretty face and a false name. , , ,
Translating Arcadia Translating Arcadia Narrated Urban Fantasy Anthology The world has expectations. Lists, rules, demands it makes of those who wish to belong to it. Not everyone can meet them. Not everyone wants to. Translating Arcadia is a collection of stories about the people who do not fit, & the Elsewheres where they can belong, instead. , , , ,
Transmission Folklore Transmission Folklore Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Transmission Folklore is an urban fantasy audio drama podcast produced by the Lavender Lemonade Collective that follows the absolutely-not-a-kidnapping of Sorrel and the anxious driver, Carter. After Carter saves Sorrel from being drowned in a disgusting Houston bayou by a siren, the pair go on a life-changing and life-saving road trip up the Mississippi River. As Carter and Sorrel learn more about each other and the world of magic around t… , , , ,
Treasures Untold Treasures Untold Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Comedy Series A 5e Actual Play podcast featuring settings, themes, and characters from literature. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTrailer (M4A File) comedy mature podcast role-playing series urban_fantasy , , , , ,
Troll Foods Troll Foods Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series A fictional radio program that tells the story of two young employees of a fantasy supermarket called Troll Foods. The story follows the two girls, Milly and Florence, on their adventures together in store – whether it's dealing with spells going wrong, difficult customers or the ever elusive but very alarming store 'management'. The focus is on the two girls' friendship and the way they overcome problems (both physical and emotional) together… , , , ,
TwentyOne 21 TwentyOne 21 Full Cast Comedy Series TwentyOne 21 is a narrative fiction sci-fi comedy about two best friends, Cici and Funks, who unknowingly unlock a life of magical melanated adventure on their 21st birthdays. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube , , , , , ,
Under The Shroud Under The Shroud Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series “Supernatural? We're not super anything. Just a little extra.” Cab drivers have tall tales to share, even the vanillas. What if goblins, nationalists, and worse monsters stalked the night? Hapless half-demon Corin Black taxis creatures of the night through Baltimore's sin-soaked streets. , , , ,
Ungifts Ungifts Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series A lazy summer afternoon turns into an impromptu rescue mission when a spirit possesses Cass and flees to go on a quest of her own. The spirit has Cass' body, a goal, and a plan. Alex, Mike, Becca, and Trev have , , , ,
Unseen Unseen Narrated Urban Fantasy Series In a world where magic is real but invisible to almost everyone, the few magical beings that do exist struggle, every day, just to be seen. Season one of UNSEEN will feature ten different stories of identity, connection, and personhood (and, of course, magic) in the modern world. Some of them will be thrilling adventures. Others may be sad and melancholic. Some may be creepy and unsettling. Each of them will feature a single performer, guiding the audie… , , ,
Vacancy Vacancy Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Vacancy is the audio serialization of a piece of modern fantasy fiction. Follow Lorelei Fischer as she learns the secrets of bizarre bed and breakfast Moonlit Shores Manor and its extraordinary live-in employees. , , ,
VALENCE VALENCE Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series In the city of New Candler, magic is scarce by design. A tech mogul wants to keep it that way. And a magic user wants freedom. Welcome to New Candler, cultural epicenter of the United States. Visit Trudon Circle, an art mecca turned tourist trap where you can find musicals, massive neon billboards, street performers, and pickpockets. The bodega on 12th and Salt will sell you spells on the cheap if you know how to ask, but everyone knows they're better qu… , , , ,
Venom & Vulnerability Venom & Vulnerability Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Venom & Vulnerability is a fantasy advicecast where Ella and Eustacia, two new friends and housemates, talk about How To Person in a fictional magical multiverse of quirky, creepy, and cool imaginary beings. The world is fiction, but the advice aims to be genuinely helpful. , , ,
Violent Life Violent Life Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series The Violent Life Podcast follows the life of Vendetta Violent, a Seattle born rockstar & shaman in the cyberpunk world of Shadowrun. The podcast also seeks to provide quality content in the form of informational out of character podcasts about Shadowrun and it's community. Welcome aboard, chummer. , , , , , ,
Voyages Voyages Narrated Urban Fantasy Anthology Voyages will take you to the curious Landscape overflowing with life, to the Starscape's always-unfolding illogic, and to the depths of an unknown Seascape. It's an ongoing collection of short fiction in audiobook form that charts a course through the story of Three Scapes, one Voyage at a time. , , ,
We Never Left We Never Left Full Cast Urban Fantasy Mystery Series A gothic audio drama about a college graduate who returns to her small town and confronts the mysterious curse that resides in it. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWe Never Left Preview , , , , ,
Werewolf of Connemara Werewolf of Connemara Narrated Urban Fantasy Horror Series Werewolf of Connemara tells the story of The Sodhoppers, an Irish band who never had a hit single but had more supernatural experiences than any other act in musical history. Barreling around the countryside in their beat-up old van, they would meet some of the strangest creatures ever to darken the doors of a rural dancehall. , , , ,
Wet Sock on a Sore Foot Wet Sock on a Sore Foot Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Ali is on a pilgrimage. As she walks through the wilderness of Maine, she meets some pretty interesting people. This is a cockeyed fable about faith, guilt, anxiety, obsession, and dads, very loosely adapted from the tale of Alibech and Rustico (from Boccaccio's Decameron). , , , ,
What We Saw - Tales From the Bigfoot Community What We Saw - Tales From the Bigfoot Community Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Jerry doesn't believe in Bigfoot – even though he saw one as a kid. He is a frequent speaker at Bigfoot conventions, but he is getting bored telling his story over and over. He needs something new. Poire runs a taco truck called Poire's Harry Tacos, and her short shorts and tank tops make her establishment a favorite among the Sasquatch enthusiasts. Jerry and Poire discover a trove of absurd witness encounters… , , , , ,
Where The Stars Fell Where The Stars Fell Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Dr. Edison Tucker is having a very weird life. Not being able to die tends to color things that way. Lucille Kensington is the literary scene's biggest enigma. That's just the way she likes it. When the pair find themselves sharing a cabin in the strangest town in America— Jerusalem, OR— they're prepared for a housemate situation from hell. What they're not expecting is tidings of a stranger sort: Ed is the antichrist, Lucy her guardian ange… , , , ,
Whisperling Whisperling Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Whisperling is the story of Quinn Bell, a young girl who's more comfortable speaking to the faeries she sees around her than to other humans. When her friend is accused of arson, and the faerie village outside her window is attacked by a mysterious horror, she struggles to respond. It's all too much for one kid, and the spirit inhabiting her fox plush, to handle. , , , ,
Whispers of Wonderland Whispers of Wonderland Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Hello, traveler. It seems as though you've stumbled upon a shop of curiosities. One might even presume that you might be... fated to be here. No, no, that's ridiculous. Would you like some tea while you wait? , , ,
Wicked Pacts Wicked Pacts Full Cast Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Wicked Pacts is a modern day Urban Fantasy audio drama. Mages live secretly among the ungifted for fear of the masses yelling “Burn the witch!”. This is the tales of The Hermetic Order, an organization that looks to keep a lid on the chaos that threatens the ungifted. These are tales of supernatural crimes and the mages who look to solve the cases and bring justice to the guilty. , , , , ,
Wild Animals Wild Animals Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series A lone interviewer armed only with his trusty tape recorder is challenged with seeking out bizarre and eccentric animals with the sole purpose of getting an inkling into their daily lives. But, will they be so welcoming? Will they hurl pebbles at him and make him sniff an old sock? Will they throw a plate of corn beef in his face and tell their children to laugh at him until their hips hurt? , , , , ,
Witchcraft and Wizardry Witchcraft and Wizardry Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series You have been accepted! Join us in the halls of Hogwarts as we follow the adventures of students trying to make their way into the Wizarding World and find out what adventures and mysteries lay before them. , , , , ,
Witchery Witchery Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Alessandra “Lessie” Innes is a clerk in her uncle's antique and occult bookstore. She has a penchant for yarn crafts and Pagan practices, swears too much, is neurodivergent and loves retro music and fashions. After helping a young fellow with a very strange request, her life quickly tumbles into chaos as she is hunted down by shadowy figures and aided by gods and supernatural beings. She soon finds out that nothing is as it seems and that her own past is… , , , , ,
Witches of the City Witches of the City Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Witches of the City is a podcast about magic and the power that comes with it. 15-year-old Lia Rowse is the youngest member of her coven and is completing her application to the Witchcraft Guild of North America. In Lia's application tapes, she is required to answer a series of questions in order to prove why she should be accepted to the guild. But in answering these questions, Lia seems to have something to hide. But, then again, so does … , , ,
Wizarding Sports Network Wizarding Sports Network Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Join the Wizarding Sports Network Podcast as we hear the latest news from the fastest league on broomsticks. Choose your team, cheer them on, and hear all of the excitement wherever muggles hear podcasts! , , , , ,
Wizlyean On Air Wizlyean On Air Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Join sophomores Sarah Baker and Asmodeus Q. Hanson on Wizlyean On Air, the weekly news broadcast for Wizlyean University, a university for the magical and nonmagical alike. Sarah and Asmodeus will fill you in on campus events, university-wide announcements, and more. Maybe they will find that not everything at Wizylean is as it seems , , ,
Wrong Turn At Alpine Wrong Turn At Alpine Full Cast Urban Fantasy Comedy Series A local news team stumbles into a 'Mystery Lights Viewing Station' in small town Alpine and the only way out is 'to get a healing' but who does these healings? A small group of under-qualified shamans who are currently under the suspicious eye of a menacing religious order called I.G.W.T. , , , , ,
Yeldplay! Yeldplay! Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Series Yeldplay! is the official actual play podcast for The Magical Land of Yeld TTRPG! Join us as we go through the door into a world of strange monsters, mysterious magic, heroes, villains, and who knows what else! Will this group of friends find their way back home? Or will they remain trapped and be subjected to a monstrous fate? Only one way to find out! , , , , ,
404 404 Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Eleanor, an IT tech and recent college graduate, does not live on her own, despite what her neighbors might think. She lives with her beloved cat Blue, a poetic AI named Sam who's fallen into disuse, and two inhuman, pesky entities with violently clashing personalities. In a world much like our own where , , ,