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  A Quarter for a Tale A Quarter for a Tale Homepage * Website: <http://wheresmyquarter.blogspot.com/> Description A Quarter for a Tale is a website by storyteller Sean Buvala, who writes articles on the craft of storytelling. The website also offers audio recordings of some of his stories. Additional Links ,
  Audio Author Audio Author Homepage * Website: <http://audioauthor.blogspot.com/> Description Audio Author is a personal blog for Mike Murphy, a writer for several audio dramas. The blog also lists casting calls for some audio dramas. Additional Links * SoundCloud page resources
  Audio Factory Audio Factory Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiofactory.co.uk/> Description Audio Factory is an audio production company that specializes in spoken word content. Their website contains article that describe the process of creating spoken word audio. It offers a free full cast audio drama titled , , , ,
  AudioEloquence AudioEloquence Homepage * Website: <http://audioeloquence.com/> Description AudioEloquence is a directory of websites that provide audio pronunciation guides. It serves as a resource for narrators and other people involved in audiobook or audio drama production. The directory is organized by topic and by languages. ,
  Audioscripter Audioscripter Homepage * Website: <http://bryceabeattie.com/audioscripter.html> Description Audioscripter is a free software application that helps format audio drama scripts. Scriptwriters enter plain text and Audioscripter generates an HTML file that allows voice actors to highlight their own character's dialog.
  Audiotheater.com Audiotheater.com Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiotheater.com/> Description AudioTheater.com (the same site is also available at AudioTheatre.com) is a source of information about audio dramas. It has sections devoted to the latest happenings in the world of audio drama, resources for those who want to create or participate in their own, and reviews of audiobooks and audio dramas, as well as defining other subgenres. It also has an extensive listing of links to other sites, theater gro…
  BBC World Service: How to Write a Radio Play BBC World Service: How to Write a Radio Play Homepage * Website: <http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/arts/features/howtowrite/radio.shtml> Description This one of several BBC World Service articles in the How to Write series. Guidance is given to the overall structure, characters, dialog and sound of a radio play. Methods of formatting and structuring a radio script are also given. The article is not very long and does not go into any great depth, but does offer some good insight from two a…
  Bombs Always Beep: Creating Modern Audio Theater Bombs Always Beep: Creating Modern Audio Theater Homepage * Website: <https://www.bombsalwaysbeep.com/> Description Bombs Always Beep: Creating Modern Audio Theater is an instructional book by Kc Wayland that guides readers on the methods of creating a modern audio drama. It is available for purchase as a downloadable ebook. ,
  Cornucopia Radio Cornucopia Radio Homepage * Website: <http://www.cornucopia-radio.co.uk> Description Cornucopia Radio creates and broadcasts original audio sketch comedy, audio drama, monologues, streams of consciousness, music, and other eclectic productions. Shows are broadcast by podcast and on their own internet radio station. They have an open door policy for writers and performers. Potential applicants can contact them by email at , , , , , , ,
  Crazy Dog Audio Theatre Crazy Dog Audio Theatre Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/crazydogaudio> Description Founded in 1998, Crazy Dog Audio Theatre is a professional production company based in Dublin, Ireland. Crazy Dog regularly produces both studio-based and live radio theatre series for RTE Radio 1 (the National Broadcasting Company of Ireland). The company's series are subsequently released on CD and aired by radio stations across the United States. Their style combines comic surrealism and… , , , , , , , ,
  Elena Fernández-Collins Elena Fernández-Collins Homepage * Website: <https://elenafernandezcollins.com/> Description Elena Fernández-Collins is a podcast journalist and critic, with an emphasis on audio drama, who has a website offering news, reviews, and resources relating to audio drama, with links to her project on other websites.
  Epic Sound Epic Sound Homepage * Website: <http://www.epicsound.com/resources/> Description Epic Sound is an audio production company that works in a variety of media. Their website contains several articles and guides for sound design, including many practical methods of recording sound effects, with contributing ideas from other sound designers. ,
  Fiona Thraille Fiona Thraille Homepage * Website: <http://thraille.weebly.com/> Description Fiona Thraille is a voice actor who, besides describing her audio projects on her website, offers advice on different aspects of producing and acting in audio dramas. Several of her blog posts describe recording techniques and post-production audio editing.
  Fourble Fourble Homepage * Website: <http://fourble.co.uk/> Description Fourble is a website that allows users to create podcasts from online hosted MP3 files. Its website lists the podcasts that it broadcasts, which include various audio dramas and old time radio shows. Additional Links , , ,
  Fullcast Podcast Fullcast Podcast Homepage * Website: <http://www.fullcastpodcast.com/> Description Fullcast Podcast is a podcast that discusses production techniques for creating full cast audio drama. resources
  Geekdome.Net Geekdome.Net Homepage * Website: <http://www.geekdome.net/audioworkshop/> Description Geekdome.Net is the personal website of Brad Smith, who among other things, was involved with the second_shift audio drama. His website offers a series of streaming video tutorials on how to create sound effcts with the free audio editor program Audacity. , ,
  Great Northern Audio Theatre Great Northern Audio Theatre Homepage * Website: <http://www.greatnorthernaudio.com/> Description Great Northern Audio Theatre produces audio drama shows, but their site is also a great resource for information about audio theater and links to other audio theater sites. Their titles are available for purchase on the website. Audio samples are available to listen to. , , , ,
  Independent Radio Drama Productions Independent Radio Drama Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.irdp.co.uk/> Description Independent Radio Drama Productions is an independent producer of radio drama. Their website contains articles on the history of radio drama and advice on how to create it, among others.
  OneEyedHog OneEyedHog Homepage * Website: <http://www.oneeyedhog.com/> Description OneEyedHog is an audio theatre company founded in 2011 and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They currently have one production available to listen to, titled “Good Eye, Dad”. It also offers articles on how to write audio drama. , , ,
  OTR Books OTR Books Homepage * Website: <http://otrbooks.blogspot.com/> Description OTR Books is a listing of books about radio that be digitally preserved on Google Books. Not every book is about old time radio shows, but several of them are and there is a section devoted to old time radio books. , ,
  Outsourcing A Radio Drama Outsourcing A Radio Drama Homepage * Website: <http://nhpr.org/post/outsourcing-radio-drama> Description Outsourcing A Radio Drama is a project broadcast on New Hampshire Public Radio in which playwright and radio journalist creates a radio drama solely by commissioning people on the an online marketplace website Fiverr. , , , , ,
  PodioRookie PodioRookie Homepage * Website: <http://podiorookie.com/> Description PodioRookie is a website and podcast that offers advice for non-professionals who wish to create their own audiobooks – including editing techniques, recording tips, and advice on equipment. Additional Links
  Prefaces and Asides Prefaces and Asides Homepage * Website: <http://prefacesandasides.blogspot.com/> Description Prefaces and Asides is a podcast that offers stories in several genres. It also features articles on how to create audio dramas. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * Tips for Audio Dramas comedy free full_cast horror mature_content resources sound_effects , , , , , ,
  Radio Arts Radio Arts Homepage * Website: <http://radioarts.org.uk/> Description Radio Arts is an organization that promotes the creation of experimental audio art projects. It offers listings of their UK-area workshops, as well as past productions, some of which are available to listen to online. ,
  Radio Drama Production Radio Drama Production Homepage * Website: <http://radiodramaguide.blogspot.com/> Description Radio Drama Production is a blog that discusses various aspects of creating audio drama and gives advice on how to produce it. resources
  Radio Drama Revival Radio Drama Revival Homepage * Website: <http://www.radiodramarevival.com/> Description Radio Drama Revival is dedicated to showcasing the best of modern audio drama, though “modern” can be interpreted loosely, as the show has featured work as far back at 1980 before, and even, on occasion, old time radio remakes. , , ,
  Radio Nouspace Radio Nouspace Homepage * Website: <http://radionouspace.net/> Description Radio Nouspace is a “repository and laboratory for information and resources regarding radio, sound, and listening as closely connected with communication, creative endeavor, literacy, and social justice. , , ,
  Radiodrama Netværk Radiodrama Netværk Homepage * Website: <http://www.radiodrama.nu/> Description Radiodrama Netværk is an organization that promotes audio drama in Denmark by offering workshops and seminar, as well as organizing FLOAT, an annual audio drama festival. The website also has links to audio drama in several languages. , ,
  Robyn Paterson Robyn Paterson Homepage * Website: <http://robynpaterson.com/> Description This is the blog of Robyn Paterson, the founder and producer of the Kung Fu Action Theatre audio drama group. His site contains several article of the production of audio drama. resources
  Spoken Books Publishing Spoken Books Publishing Homepage * Website: <http://www.spokenbookspublishing.com/> Description Spoken Books Publishing is an audiobook production service for self-published authors. resources
  Star Wars Fanworks Star Wars Fanworks Homepage * Website: <http://www.starwarsfanworks.com/> Description Star Wars Fanworks is a website that hosts Star Wars fan-produced audio dramas. It also has a series of podcasts, Fan Audio Made Easy (F.A.M.E.), that discuss the processes of creating audio dramas. , , , , , , , ,
  TF Alpha-440 TF Alpha-440 Homepage * Website: <http://www.scp-wiki.net/tf-alpha-440> Description TF Alpha-440 is an entry in SCP Foundation –a fictional collection of reports describing paranormal phenomena– which catalogs audio files related to their cases, which are presented as audio dramas. It also includes instruction on producing audio dramas. , , , ,
  The Audio Podcast The Audio Podcast Homepage * Website: <http://www.theaudiopodcast.co.uk/> Description The Audio Podcast is a weekly podcast that discusses audio technology and technique. Additional Links * RSS feed free resources ,
  The Dead Robots' Society The Dead Robots' Society Homepage * Website: <http://deadrobotssociety.com/> Description The Dead Robots' Society is a round table discussion podcast that centers around writing advice. Some of the podcasts feature readings of stories. free resources ,
  The Generic Radio Workshop The Generic Radio Workshop Homepage * Website: <http://www.genericradio.com/> Description The Generic Radio Workshop is a group of radio artists who perform vintage radio shows in the Dallas Texas area. The offer sound recordings of some of their live performances and also a library of vintage radio scripts. , , , ,
  The Writing Show The Writing Show Homepage * Website: <http://www.writingshow.com/podcasts/2007/08262007.html> Description The Writing Show is a podcast devoted to information and inspiration for writers of all kinds. This particular link is an interview with sonic_society founder Jack J. Ward who disucces several aspects of producing audio drama.
  Tony Palermo's RuyaSonic Site Tony Palermo's RuyaSonic Site Homepage * Website: <http://www.ruyasonic.com/> Description Tony “Sparx” Palermo is an award-winning radio drama artist and educator. Tony's RuyaSonic Radio Drama Resources website is a collections of do-it-yourself information regarding radio drama and sound effects.
  Voice Fiction Voice Fiction Homepage * Website: <http://voicefiction.com/> Description Voice Fiction is a podcast that features interviews and discussions with people who produce audio drama and audiobooks. Additional Links * RSS feed free resources ,
  Wander Radio Productions Wander Radio Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.wanderradioproductions.com/> Description Wander Radio Productions is a project dedicated to “helping authors get their stories out through audio.” It also features archived episodes of Wander Radio a podcast that presented news, reviews of audio drama, and promotions of audio productions.
  weirdworldstudios.com weirdworldstudios.com Homepage * Website: <http://weirdworldstudios.com/> Description weirdworldstudios.com is an independent producer of audio drama scripts in the style of old time radio plays packaged as a fun dinner party idea. Each title is an original story written by Philip Craig Robotham, and includes an original script, recipes, costume ideas, and inspiration for sound effects, as well as instructions explaining how to host your own night of fun retro suspense, mystery and adventu… ,
  Wil Williams Reviews Wil Williams Reviews Homepage * Website: <https://wilwilliams.reviews/> Description Wil Williams Reviews is a website in which podcast critic Wil Williams reports on podcast-related news, offers personal podcast reviews, and posts editorial articles, with a strong emphasis on audio drama.
  Yap Audio Production Yap Audio Production Homepage * Website: <http://www.yapaudio.co.uk/> Description Yap Audio Production is an audio production company that also produces its own audio dramas. Its current production is a post-apocalyptic audio drama titled Aftermath. ... The website also features audio interviews with other audio drama producers. , , , ,