TF Alpha-440

TF Alpha-440 is an entry in SCP Foundation2) –a fictional collection of reports describing paranormal phenomena– which catalogs audio files related to their cases, which are presented as audio dramas. It also includes instruction on producing audio dramas.3)

Task Force Alpha-440 (aka “What the hell was that sound?”) is a collaborative operation with personnel from all branches of the Foundation, dedicated to documenting and archiving audio from Foundation incidents, research projects, and operations. Any audio projects, so long as they involve some sort of SCP (including ones not on the main list), the Foundation, or one of the other organizations, are at home here.

It was supposed to just be an ordinary training operation – you know, push an MTF out the side of a helo in some godforsaken clearing in a Foundation-owned reserve in The Middle Of Nowhere, Canada, with instructions to “locate and secure” some unknown anomalous something or other the eggheads back at Site-19 had cooked up. Of course, things didn't exactly go according to plan…

How bad is it?

Bad. All communications with Neptune Station have ceased. Sector Twenty-Three'’s failsafes are not responding.

Do we have any idea what we're looking at?

None. I've sent word. Mobile Task Force Omega Four is on its way to the SCPS Poseidon now.

See to it that the situation is contained, Admiral.

Yes, sir. Hendrickson out.