Voice Fiction

Voice Fiction is a podcast that features interviews and discussions with people who produce audio drama and audiobooks.

Storytelling may well be the oldest art form. Imagine a dirty, shaggy, fur-clad Neanderthal entertaining his or her clan with epic stories about the quest for fire, animal spirits, dead ancestors or who put the stars in the sky. Our need to communicate is constant. Only the technology of delivering the story has changed.

Welcome to Voice Fiction.

Voice Fiction dot com is a podcast site that explores and expands the art of audio drama in all forms and styles—horror, fantasy, comedy, drama, sci-fi, mystery and old-time radio.

At Voice Fiction you'll find prerecorded conversations with some of the best writers, voice actors, sound engineers, foley artists, sound designers, mixers and producers working today. Entertaining, informative and (we hope) inspiring for audio storytellers of all ages.