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A Happy Bureaucracy A Happy Bureaucracy Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series Dark humor abounds as a tax agent tries to tame a post-apocalyptic hellscape in this audiobook podcast by author M.P. Fitzgerald. Music by Dust Mice. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , , , ,
A Knight of Shreds and Patches A Knight of Shreds and Patches Role-Playing Science Fiction Fantasy Series An immersive Actual Play Podcast following the adventures of the Patina, a small mercenary company trying to make ends meet in a world set long after the society of today falls. Environments are green and communities and cities come together to support each other, leveraging what wild tech is left to be salvaged. Bullets are scarce and swords are common, which makes wild tech like the titular Knight, a large-scale comb… , , , , , , ,
A Space in This World A Space in This World Full Cast Science Fiction Series Forty-five days after an unknown apocalyptic event, Gus and his son Michael are the only survivors. They've been scavenging and finding ways to continue living while seeking answers to their plight. But a new problem arises that forces Gus to do things on his own so they both can survive. , , , ,
Abandon Post Abandon Post Full Cast Science Fiction Series This is [a] series about three people who are brought together by a strange capsule. It takes place during a nuclear apocalypse. Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 - The Impossible comedy full_cast podcast post-apocalyptic science_fiction series , , , , ,
Active Radioactive Radio Active Radioactive Radio Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series What do you do after death and destruction have befallen the earth, and turned it into a smoldering wasteland? You listen to Johnny Franks on Active Radioactive Radio! Because... what else are you gonna do? A full-cast sci-fi comedy/variety show audio drama formatted as an in-world radio show. , , , , , ,
After the Apocalypse After the Apocalypse Narrated Science Fiction Series After the Apocalypse is a serial podcast that tells the story of the survivors of a 21st century plague that has catastrophically wiped out 90% of human population. Will they be able to survive? What happens to our modern world when the great plague comes? Can humanity survive and learn, or will it devolve into a medieval nightmare of our worst traits? Listen to the story of After the Apocalypse and find out. , , , ,
After The End After The End Full Cast Science Fiction Series What happens after the end of the world? After the world is suddenly devastated by a phenomenon of biblical proportions, it's up to an unlikely troupe of personalities to rediscover the earth -- and all of it's challenges. Join us for this audio depiction of a time not far from now that, frankly, you'd probably rather not live to see. , , , ,
After the Virus - a Surviralist's Journal After the Virus - a Surviralist's Journal Narrated Science Fiction Series From the post-apocalyptic novel After the Virus - A Surviralist's Journal[...]. When a deadly mutated virus sweeps the globe, survival expert Will Scott knows that his only chance is in the remote Ishi Wilderness, once the domain of , , , , ,
Age of the Zombies Age of the Zombies Full Cast Horror Series A plague has ravaged the Earth and changed the world as we know it. Millions upon millions have been transformed into flesh-eating zombies that roam the Earth with an unquenchable thirst for the living. , , , , ,
Anger Anger Narrated Science Fiction Series ANGER is a story which follows the adventures of a mutant Queen Elizabeth II into a post-apocalyptic Covid-riddled world. This medieval / sci-fi nightmare is a tongue-in-cheek reflection of the post-truth age we are living through. , , , , , ,
Apocalipstick: The Podcast at the End of the World Apocalipstick: The Podcast at the End of the World Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series How do YOU think the world ended? Climate change? Virus outbreak? Nuclear War? AI uprising? A good old biblical armageddon? What if we told you it was... , , , , , ,
Apocalypse Awakening Apocalypse Awakening Narrated Science Fiction Series Join Jake as he narrates you the first book in his sci-fi epic, Apocalypse Awakening. Filled with questionable voice acting and an enthusiastic zeal from a Northern Irish accent that doesn't always deliver, you're guaranteed a good laugh, if nothing else. , , , , ,
At the Crossing At the Crossing Narrated Science Fiction Series A gritty portrayal of life in a region devastated by radioactive fallout. Set ten years after an environmental disaster, it follows two sisters who survive on their late grandmother's farm. When the farm is raided by poachers, and their prized mare is stolen, they embark on a treacherous journey to find those responsible. , , , , ,
At The End Of The Line At The End Of The Line Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series What do you do after the end of the world... At The End Of The Line is an audiodrama podcast about a post-apocalyptic rail tour of England, it's a mixture of sci-fi, horror, fantasy and comedy. Set in a world where virtually every apocalypse imaginable has happened - from zombies to kaiju and everything in between. , , , , ,
Autumn Autumn Full Cast Horror Series Darker Projects in association with Infected Books presents David Moody's vision of apocalyptic horror. Complete dramatized novel in 6 episodes. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWelcome to Autumn Darker Projects , , , ,
Basement Bob and the Apocalypse Basement Bob and the Apocalypse Full Cast Horror Comedy Series The apocalypse has arrived... But don't worry! DJ Bob will see us through the night! Join Bob's late-night ramblings as he and his faithful dog, Stan, discuss current affairs, their favourite sausages and life under the Devil's satanic rule. Featuring new music, comical callers and wall-to-wall silliness! 'Lucifer's Britain, hey, Stan. It can't be any worse than Thatcher's Britain, can it?' , , , , ,
Big Red Button Big Red Button Role-Playing Science Fiction Series The Wasteland is Calling... Jake the Vault Dweller, Gotfree the Mister Handy Robot, and Houston the Ghoul are an unlikely band of scrappers trying their darnedest to survive in the ruins of post-apocalyptic Michigan. Next thing they know, their home town of Dustridge comes under attack and they're sent off into the world to solve the mystery! , , , , , , ,
Birds Of Empire Birds Of Empire Full Cast Science Fiction Fantasy Series A cinematic fantasy event in audio. New Dakota: 15,000 CE, thousands of years after the fall of civilization. The Earth has reclaimed the cities and glories of the modern world, reducing humankind to prehistoric tribal life. The old world is known only through myths and fables handed down through lost generations. Having barely survived, humanity has returned to a way of life more closely resembling civilizations of the ancient past: Th… , , , , , ,
Black Rain Black Rain Full Cast Science Fiction Series Ele, Orson, and Zander are three military trained children who are forced underground after a nuclear attack. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleBlack Rain — Teaser full_cast mature podcast post-apocalyptic science_fiction series , , , , ,
Brave New Wild Brave New Wild Role-Playing Science Fiction Series After a week-long outdoor adventure, you and your fellow Junior Braves return home to find that the world is no longer the same. Your families are missing, there are terrible things roaming the streets and you aren't sure if help will ever arrive. You all need to be brave and use your skills to survive, to adapt and to thrive. , , , , , ,
Breaker Whiskey Breaker Whiskey Full Cast Science Fiction Series BREAKER WHISKEY is an ongoing, daily microfiction podcast exploring one woman's journey to find additional survivors in an America made empty by an unknown event in the late 1960s. In 1968, two women find themselves in rural Pennsylvania during what turns out to be some kind of apocalyptic event. By the time they discover that everyone else is gone, it's too late to figure out what happened. Despite not liking each other at all, the women wo… , , , , ,
Breakers Breakers Narrated Science Fiction Series Breakers is Shepherd Grey's account of what life looks like after organized civilization crumbles as he and his faithful canine companion, Rommel, venture out from their home in Virginia to try and count themselves among the survivors. , , , , ,
Breaking Utopia Breaking Utopia Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Series 676 years after the fall of Central City, A Rel, a charismatic rebel, and an unassuming News Censorer find themselves trekking across the land they call Allkline to stop a full-scale invasion on the west. Breaking Utopia is a Scifi/Fantasy novel created by Ian Patrick. The audiobook is narrated by Ian Patrick and edited by Stefan Lampkin. , , , , , ,
Broken Apocalypse Podcast Broken Apocalypse Podcast Full Cast Science Fiction Series On July 30th 2028 the world erupted into a ball of fire and electricity. For 70 years Storyteller has walked the earth wondering why he has yet to die. Follow his journey from zero hour to present day In a jumbled mess of memories as we try to uncover the secrets of the Broken Apocalypse. , , , , ,
Camlann (Tin Can Audio) Camlann (Tin Can Audio) Full Cast Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series One day, every apocalypse happened at once. Follow three survivors and their dog as they try to understand what happened to the world, and build a home from the ashes. Camlann is a post-apocalyptic fantasy series about the necessity of hope for survival. , , , , , ,
Caverns & Krakens Caverns & Krakens Role-Playing Fantasy Comedy Series A D&D seafaring adventure set in a flooded world. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWelcome to Caverns & Krakens comedy dungeons_and_dragons fantasy podcast post-apocalyptic role-playing series , , , , , ,
Chad: A Fallout 76 Story Chad: A Fallout 76 Story Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Dark humor, rich storytelling, memorable characters and a cinematic soundscape...over 100,000 people agree that this is a story you won't forget! Featured by Bethesda and Forbes Magazine, this podcast tells the story of two Vault Dwellers who emerge from Vault 76 and their eternal struggle against each other that will tear the region apart. Graphic depictions of well warranted violence, obscenity and audio nudity make this not e… , , , , , , ,
Chaika Chaika Full Cast Science Fiction Series A science fiction drama about loss, isolation and hope, where a woman navigates a post-apocalyptic future. 2069 Valen is the first woman on the moon. No fanfare though, just an engineer doing her job. She likes her work, and her posting, but sometimes it gets lonely. , , , ,
Cold Storage Cold Storage Full Cast Science Fiction Series Cold Storage is a sci-fi narrative podcast mini-series produced by Corvus Audio, an independent podcast production company based out of Dayton, Ohio, and created by sibling duo Savannah and Harrison Webb. The series follows two mechanics tasked with maintaining an underground doomsday bunker in the aftermath of nuclear war who stumble upon a dangerous conspiracy that threatens the last remnants of humanity. , , , , ,
Colony of the Damned Colony of the Damned Role-Playing Science Fiction Series Four colonists with checkered pasts find themselves suddenly embroiled in adventure and intrigue. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleS1E1: Big Ba-Da-Boom! KnightSmith Games , , , , , ,
Crossing Wires Crossing Wires Full Cast Science Fiction Series Crossing Wires is a new podcast, told entirely through radio transmissions and broadcasts. This story is about survival, hope, and connection after the end of the world, told through the eyes of people that most apocalyptic stories leave for dead. , , , ,
Cryptid Radio Cryptid Radio Full Cast Science Fiction Series Welcome to Cryptid Radio! Join Adeline as she shares her experiences and knowledge of the Cryptids and Creatures that she's come across in Appalachia. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleCryptid Radio Intro , , , , ,
dead air fm dead air fm Narrated Science Fiction Series 1. ariadne is the last person on earth. 2. she's talking into a radio, hoping someone hears her. 3. for now, it seems, that someone is you. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sampleepisode 1 trailer , , , ,
Dead America Dead America Narrated Horror Thriller Series The Dead America Series can be found in full on this channel. The Texas zombie virus is quickly spreading throughout the nation. As the infected become fast moving flesh eaters, survivors across the country band together to battle against the onslaught of the undead. Dead America touches on all aspects of the zombie outbreak, from the origins in Texas, to the military response in the Carolinas and the Heartland, to civilians in various regions of t… , , , , , ,
DeadLand DeadLand Narrated Horror Series A Journey Through The Zombie Apocalypse. The Human Extinction Level Loss series written and read by Philip A. McClimon. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample1 - Meet Doctor Crenner horror mature narrated podcast post-apocalyptic series , , , , ,
Dubstep & Dragons Dubstep & Dragons Role-Playing Science Fiction Fantasy Series A D&D 5e actual play podcast with a cyberpunk twist, set in futuristic Earth containing, violence, mutation, wanna be comedians, and more! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , , , , ,
Dust World Dust World Role-Playing Science Fiction Series A post-apocalyptic sci-fi western actual play RPG podcast about a group of flawed individuals, the Boys, that are trying to stop Red Earth a mad dictatorship from taking over what's left of this rock. , , , , , ,
Eerie Earth Eerie Earth Narrated Horror Anthology Join your host Kieran as he tells you original tales based on real paranormal cases, and occurances. Eerie Earth is also the home to The Fallen, an original series written and directed by your host Kieran. , , , , , , ,
Elaine's Cooking For The Soul Elaine's Cooking For The Soul Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series ELAINE'S COOKING FOR THE SOUL is a post-apocalyptic cooking podcast. This sci-fi comedy series is hosted by Elaine Martínez, DDS, in her dental clinic. Each week she brings on a guest to cook up a shelf-stable, nutrient-dense recipe to share with the survivors of the recent nuclear event. The recipes are real, the world is fictional , , , , , ,
Elizabeth Quick Elizabeth Quick Full Cast Science Fiction Series Elizabeth Quick, living a life of convention and anxiety and the occasional kickboxing class, never believed she was powerful. Then an extinction event left behind a wild new planet, equal parts dangerous and astonishing. Now Elizabeth is in that wilderness alone, searching for her teenage daughter and realizing that, just like the plants and animals she sees evolving in the blink of an eye, she must become someone she never thought possible. W… , , , , ,
Exile Exile Narrated Science Fiction Series In the post-post-post-apocalyptic future, a young woman is exiled from the small religious enclave of Haven for a crime she did not commit. Lurking in the surreal horror of the wilds are beasts and fiends, but these monsters illuminate her past, her relationships, and the circumstances surrounding her exile. This is her audio diary. , , , , , ,
Far From Heaven: A Fallout 76 Story Far From Heaven: A Fallout 76 Story Full Cast Science Fiction Series How does the song Country Roads begin? Almost heaven, West Virginia. A lot has changed in Appalachia since the Scorched plague and it is far from heaven. Far From Heaven: A Fallout 76 Story is an enthralling podcast drama set in the Fallout world. Join Responder Joel MacKenzie, Gilda Sullivan, Responder Mary Nielsen and Firebreather Warren as they take their first steps to resettle and rebuild the lives they had lost afte… , , , , , ,
Fire Pockets Fire Pockets Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series A friendly guy who's stuck in a strange apocalypse records his hilarious attempts to make contact with other people and put the world back to how it used to be—but he's impressively bad at making friends and ridiculously accident-prone on a grand scale. , , , , , ,
Fortune of Wolves Fortune of Wolves Full Cast Science Fiction Series Lowell Garrish has lost everything--his parents, his grandma, the music the waves make on the shore in Nova Scotia. Desperate to hold on to real sound, Lowell sets off on a road trip across Canada with a tape recorder, capturing something from every person he meets and his observations along the way. But as he drives, strange occurrences and mass disappearances imply that something terrible is happening, and Lowell begins to realize that time… , , , , ,
Fulmar's Folly Fulmar's Folly Full Cast Science Fiction Series Post apocalyptic drama. Two years after civilisation collapsed in the wake of a terrifying pandemic, a family fight extreme pressures aboard small sailboat, confronting trauma, hostile survivors, the infected, and the sea itself. , , , ,
Gamma Radio Gamma Radio Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series A comedy radio show set in a post-apocalyptic UK wasteland. Join your hosts Dave and Fog on Good Vibes - a light entertainment show - attempting to bring a bit of hope and cheer to the wasteland. Unfortunately, a rampant influx of angry mutants, psychotic musicians, alien invasions and vicious vegetables means things never quite go to plan , , , , , ,
Gather The Suspects Gather The Suspects Full Cast Comedy Mystery Series A cosy murder mystery set in Wales during a very boring apocalypse. Life in Prosperity heights during the apocalypse is boring. That is until the day-to-day tedium is shattered by murder! Serial slacker Jack Davies and his housemate's, Kara and Gethin, set out to solve the crime. , , , , ,
Gone (Project: Leather Jacket) Gone (Project: Leather Jacket) Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Series Julienne and Everett find themselves trying to survive in the midst of the apocalypse. Is there anything left in this world that isn't dead and gone? Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , , ,
Good Morning Wasteland! Good Morning Wasteland! Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Good Morning Wasteland is the apocalypse's only morning radio show! Listen in as Jack and the denizens of Figarden do their best to survive the apocalypse with a smile. An audiodrama set in a post apocalyptic central valley of California, GMW weave together a unique cast of characters and stories that entertain with humor, excitement, mystery and hope! , , , , ,
Graven Graven Full Cast Horror Series The world is bleak and snowed-over in the aftermath of a deadly apocalypse known as The Rise. Those left, human and animal alike, endure an unending hellish winter. We follow survivors' stories through recorded audio journals. , , , , ,
Harsh Static Harsh Static Role-Playing Science Fiction Series What was just another day in the Mojave Wasteland gets interrupted by the pounding of metal feet and strange feedback through the radio. Rumors of odd robots and settlements going dark have people outside The Strip on edge, and things only seem to be getting worse when the Brotherhood of Steel is getting involved. , , , , , , ,
Here Lies Withered Lilies Here Lies Withered Lilies Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Series Follow the story of our protagonist as they find a way to survive in a zombie Apocalypse. Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleEP. 0 - DAY 1:78 full_cast horror mature podcast post-apocalyptic science_fiction series , , , , , ,
Hush Now, Jack Hush Now, Jack Full Cast Science Fiction Series Follow Jack, a young man on a journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, as well as a girl trapped in an underground bunker, and a mysterious man broadcasting strange numbers on the radio. Website RSS Feed , , , ,
If Anyone Should Find This If Anyone Should Find This Full Cast Horror Series The world is changing. Will you change with it? “If Anyone Should Find This” is a 9 episode audio drama that follows two security guards as their lives are forever transformed. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
Impact Winter Impact Winter Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Series “They came after the impact and the firestorms. When the sun went dark. Like they'd been there all along. Just waiting.” From executive producers of The Walking Dead and Travis Beacham, the writer of Pacific Rim, comes a heart-stopping Audible Original featuring a brilliant British cast. It's the near future and seven years since a comet hit the earth and blotted out the sun. The world is a dark, frozen landscape. And then, beastly crea… , , , , , ,
Jay Smith Audio Productions Jay Smith Audio Productions Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Original Award-Winning Audio Stories., Full Cast Productions, and Podcasts. The Official Home of HG World and Hidden Harbor Mysteries.This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and discussion segments. , , , , , , , , ,
Jim Robbie and the Wanderers Jim Robbie and the Wanderers Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series A troupe of musicians is traveling a surreal post-apocalyptic America with their robot companion Jim Robbie, entertaining and sticking their noses where they don't belong. The United States that the Wanderers inhabit is full of all sorts of strange and wonderful surprises, from zombies, cactus people, underwater kingdoms to vampires, messed up physics and mad scientists. , , , , , ,
Journeys in the Dark Journeys in the Dark Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Hunger is humanity's constant companion. Cannibalism has blurred the line defining what is a human and what is a monster. And of course the evil that brought the world tumbling down to its current state –the monsters from another realm– still stalk the land. , , , , , ,
Katerina's Story Corner Katerina's Story Corner Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Series A weekly podcast hosted by author Katerina Roman during which she reads one chapter of part one of her Gladiatrix trilogy, Escape from the Lion's Den. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podcast , , , , , ,
Kill Eight Kill Eight Narrated Science Fiction Series Meet Kate, a girl wandering through the remains of a post apocalyptic America. Years ago, she escaped Tengen labs, a facility that performed painful experiments on hundreds of children for unknown ends. Now with more and more figures from her past resurfacing, Kate is going to find out what that purpose is. Whether she wants to or not , , , , ,
Kingdom Kingdom Narrated Fantasy Series The Old Bear is dead and the Threehorn Stag rules in Highwood. One by one the other bloodwoods of the kingdom have come to receive the mark of the new king and pledge him their loyalty. But there are rumours that the Old Bear lives, that his family is hidden away in the North plotting their return. There are whispers that his ghost stalks the vast wasteland of the frozen forest, longing for vengeance. There are even tales that the old gods are walking again … , , , ,
Legends of Wasteland City Legends of Wasteland City Full Cast Science Fiction Anthology Drawing on the lore from the post-apocalypse event Wasteland Weekend, this anthology is filled with tales from the surviving factions and tribes that survive after the fall. Follow the scavenger tribe known as Skofield's Drifters as they to to find the lost pieces of the Touchstone device, a secretive invention that could bring energy and thus civilization back to the wastes, or hear how the detainees in a secret government facilit… , , , , , ,
Letters To Humanity Letters To Humanity Narrated Science Fiction Series Letters to Humanity is a fictional post-apocalyptic podcast written as radio transmissions. Sam, a survivor, tries to make contact with humanity through radio waves during his stay inside an abandoned bunker– but some mysteries are better left buried underground , , , ,
Lily Beacon's Post-Apocalyptic Awesome Fun Time Podcast Lily Beacon's Post-Apocalyptic Awesome Fun Time Podcast Full Cast Horror Comedy Series In post-apocalyptic London, host Lily Beacon brings survivors of the End Times essential current events stories, entertainment, and interviews with top New Earth celebrities. Dark comedy. , , , , ,
Lone Stranger Lone Stranger Full Cast Science Fiction Series Welcome to the Wyld, Wyld West. Reports vary on what happened to the world, but today it's an endless desert wasteland full of reality-bending quantum nonsense. Which means you're liable to get yourself into a heckuvalot of trouble , , , ,
MindFog: A Fallout 4 Diary MindFog: A Fallout 4 Diary Narrated Science Fiction Series This podcast contains the continuing audio journal of Samuel J. Tannin, Commonwealth resident, as he tries to find the people who killed his wife and took his child from Vault 111. Mature , , , , , ,
Murphy's End Murphy's End Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series North Murphy High is just a normal high school in a normal town in middle America. Or... it was, right up until the end of the last school year, when, well... Surviving the apocalypse is hard enough to begin with. So is getting through high school in one piece. Trying to do both at the same time? Ugh. , , , , , ,
New West - Hill Country New West - Hill Country Narrated Science Fiction Western Series The year is 2083. The global population has been decimated by the final flu. The United States – not united for a long time – is no more. New lines have been drawn. Five divided nations stand. The story begins in one nation, the New West, which is much like the Old West. The heart of the wild Comanche empire, turned thriving Texas Hill Country, turned desolate and violent and ruthless once more. A harsh landscape and a society wi… , , , , , ,
Nocturn: The Ethiopian Orthodox Nocturn: The Ethiopian Orthodox Narrated Science Fiction Series Nocturn: The Ethiopian Orthodox is the first book in a post-apocalyptic trilogy occurring more than 30 years after our modern, industrialized world collapses. An Ethiopian relief mission is launched to save the starving English. Inadvertently, they spark an uprising against the corporations that have filled the vacuum left by governments. , , , ,
NPRmageddon NPRmageddon Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series National Post-Apocalyptic Radio – dark sci-fi comedy straight into your earholes. Join host Bryan Garcia-McMillan-Keithley and his deranged cadre of newspeople as they run roughshod over post-apocalyptic Lost Angeles, tearing deep into every story they can get their journalistic jaws around. It's weird, it's sci-fi, it's horror, it's comedy, and it always seems to come with a body count. But hey, who's counting? , , , , , ,
Nuclear Jazz Radio Nuclear Jazz Radio Narrated Science Fiction Series Nuclear Jazz Radio is two things: (1) a podcast and (2) a podcast housed inside of an Immersive Jazz playlist. Inspired by the iconic voices throughout Fallout's wasteland, NJR 93.2 aims to bring fanfiction to life—at your desk, in your car, or beamed over the craters of the Mojave. , , , , , ,
NYC after the Nuke NYC after the Nuke Narrated Science Fiction Series An emergency broadcast is sent out to New York City that a nuclear disaster is imminent. Time to find shelter? Twenty minutes. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleFallout Transmission Test , , , , ,
Once It's Begun Once It's Begun Full Cast Science Fiction Series In a gun-slinging, post apocalyptic future, a young man must make enemies of those he once called brothers. Forced to leave his home and set out across the southern wastes to discover the truth of his father's betrayal, but above all he must fulfil his sacred duty to protect the mysterious Charge. , , , , ,
Once Upon A Wasteland Once Upon A Wasteland Full Cast Science Fiction Series Once upon a time, twenty-seven years after the bombs fell, there were two people: a Vault Dweller and a California girl. They met, and sparks flew. That's when things got interesting. This is their story. , , , , , ,
One in a million One in a million Narrated Horror Series The world is dead. A virus has infected the whole planet in only a few months. Me and my friends might be the only ones left alive. Website RSS Feed Listen to a Sampleep.1 horror narrated podcast post-apocalyptic series , , , ,
Our Fair City Our Fair City Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Our Fair City is a campy post-apocalyptic science fiction radio epic...for the internet. A darkly funny, highly whimsical look at corporate consumerism all grown up, Our Fair City is set in the not so distant future: the skies are stormy, and the landscape is a vast frozen tundra. Lightning rigs high above the city gather energy from thunderstorms, mad scientists walk the earth, and adorably monstrous Molepeople dig tunnels deep undergr… , , , , ,
Out of the Shadows Out of the Shadows Full Cast Science Fiction Series Out of the Shadows| A Mistress of Mystery podcast is a radio drama podcast set in the Fallout universe. It follows the adventures of Mistress Peterson and Seeker Bissette as they journey through a post-apocalyptic Appalachia. , , , , , ,
Outbroken Outbroken Narrated Horror Anthology From the outbreak's genesis to fifty years in, Outbroken covers it all. Each episode sets you in the middle of someone's life in the reality of the zombie apocalypse. From heart wrenching to heart warming, see what it's like to live it for real. , , , , ,
Outlaws & Underdogs Outlaws & Underdogs Full Cast Science Fiction Series Everybody out there in Appalachia's got a story, and now Mal is walking across the Wasteland to hear them all and bring them to a Pip-Boy near you! Want to kick back with a Nuka-Cola for an in-game, in-character interview show that highlights all sorts of amazing folks, with a partner video every episode? Welcome to OUTLAWS & UNDERDOGS: Stories of Survival. Someday, it could be you tellin' your story. , , , , ,
Outliers (Realm) Outliers (Realm) Narrated Science Fiction Series Narrated by Rory Culkin, Outliers follows a young, unnamed boy who believes he and his father are the last remaining humans in a world ravaged by mysterious creatures—until that belief is shattered by the truth. , , , ,
Perdition E-AM Perdition E-AM Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Series Perdition E-AM is [...] about the Aftermath of an apocalyptic event known as 'The Lights' that erased more than two-thirds of humanity and left the remnants to scrap together their new lives of self-reliance and survival, This radio show-themed audio drama will follow the new Perdition E-AM radio host as she and her new friends uncover the secrets of this Safe Haven where a walk in the woods could end up with you dead or kidnapped by a fa… , , , , , ,
Pershing Radio Pershing Radio Full Cast Science Fiction Series A young woman crawls out of the bank vault she was working in when the bombs fell and finds the world destroyed around her. She steps over her dead coworkers and crosses the highway to break into an old radio building. Unsure if the broadcast equipment still works, she uses it to try and contact survivors, wherever they may be, and until she finds them, she reports on her surroundings, both the terrifying and the benign. , , , , ,
Philip's Apocalypse Philip's Apocalypse Narrated Science Fiction Series Surviving the New World seems like an impossible task. Young Philip Parson has found himself alone, destitute, and embarked upon a difficult journey homeward. Website RSS Feed Additional Links SoundCloud Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
Planet Radiant Planet Radiant Narrated Science Fiction Series An apocalyptic sci-fi radio drama inspired by text-based adventure games of the 80s and 90s. It's a queer-themed story about solitude and discovery, told in the second person and set to an original darkwave soundtrack. You wake up in an abandoned museum with no memory. Humanity has vanished. What do you do? , , , ,
Post-Apocalyptic Joe in a Cinematic Wasteland Post-Apocalyptic Joe in a Cinematic Wasteland Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series Remnants of civilization teeter on the brink of collapse. Danger lurks around every corner. An intense battle against sinister forces. Can Joe rise above the ashes to be the hero this world needs, or will all his joking around bring about our ultimate demise? Either way, who knew the end of the world could be this much fun? , , , , ,
Prairie Song Prairie Song Narrated Science Fiction Thriller Series Prairie Song is a web serial about four unlikely friends trying to outrun and outwit a crime syndicate in charge of the post-apocalyptic United States. It's also a story about found families, seeing yourself in others, and loving despite your trauma. , , , , , ,
Probability of Demise Probability of Demise Role-Playing Science Fiction Fantasy Series Four storytellers gather around the table and send three adventurers on a mission. Join the awkward beginnings and, hopefully, interesting tales of Trixie, Asher, and Tanzanite. Setting: We are using D&D Fifth Edition to loosely create the basis for a story of an Earth ravaged by misdeeds both human and otherwise. Earth, post-apocalyptic due to human error and natural shifts in solar bodies, tries to recover and in the proce… , , , , , , , ,
Psycho Surfer of the Apocalypse Psycho Surfer of the Apocalypse Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series Psycho Surfer is the story of Nick Novella, an Italian Jersey hit man from the early 90's who while attempting to assassinate the Pope is kidnapped and wakes up on an operating table. After being put under he wakes up again in a future version of Earth. Because the planet has endured a thermonuclear war and all society as we know it has been destroyed, he doesn't know where he is or how he got there or even worse, what tim… , , , , , ,
Radiation World Radiation World Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series An all original post-apocalyptic comedy audio series. In other words, everything you ever wanted. Three thousand years since nuclear devastation has razed society to nothing, humans have moved underground to eke out a meager survival while outside the wild has taken over, mutating beyond anything anyone can remember or imagine. When a group of mysterious visitors arrive on a ship, our heroes must make a quest across the wild, encounterin… , , , , ,
Radio 92.3 - WJVD Radio 92.3 - WJVD Full Cast Science Fiction Series a radio show that has somehow continued after society has collapsed and the world has ended. hosted by a narrator who manages to get guests from all walks of life Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
Radio Check Radio Check Full Cast Science Fiction Series Radio Check is a Political Apocalyptic Audio Drama/Podcast by J. Castillo. It follows Chris Castillo, a former Resistance fighter in a post-apocalyptic country that has been conquered by a societal management AI designed to protect it. The drama depicts Chris's betrayal of the Resistance, the people he has helped along the way, and the greater struggle against an enemy that has only begun to show its cards. , , , ,
Radio Dolby 89.6 fm Radio Dolby 89.6 fm Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Radio Dolby 89.6 FM is a fictional radio station based in Dolby city, a dystopian post-apocalyptic metropolis. Dylan and Drew Dolby host a late night radio show featuring music, drama, street interviews, music interviews and talk back calls from the eclectic residents of Dolby city. , , , , , , ,
Raising Hope Raising Hope Full Cast Horror Series How many people would raise a baby in a zombie apocalypse? After finding an abandoned baby our hero deals with the inner turmoil of whether or not to save this life and raising it in a world full of chaos. Mature , , , , ,
ReMade ReMade Full Cast Science Fiction Series Everyone wants something they can't have. Holden wants Seyah to notice him. Nevaeh wants to be cancer-free. Loki wants to be a hero. They'll die to make it happen. But dying is just the beginning for them. They will be remade together in a mysterious, abandoned world, hunted by killer machines. Each of them finally has what they always wanted – but at what cost? , , , , ,
Retrograde Retrograde Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Three years ago the world ended in The Pop, an event where creatures from another world arrived seemingly overnight. Following the end of the end of the world Morgan and Kit, two losers are surviving through the apocalypse through wit and sheer luck. , , , , , ,
Roseworld Roseworld Narrated Science Fiction Horror Series Short atompunk nightmares from a post-collapse alternate world. What is known is not what is true. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleS1E01: Roseland horror narrated podcast post-apocalyptic science_fiction series , , , , ,
Running Viral Running Viral Narrated Science Fiction Series A survivor of a deadly disease hears about a settlement in Canada where there is still civilization. She begins her journey to reclaim the family she's lost and to restart life. Running Viral was created by K.Morningbrook and is the premier podcast of Skai Presents. The voice of Samantha is Skai. , , , , ,
Saga of the Change Saga of the Change Role-Playing Science Fiction Horror Series Post-apocalyptic Mage The Ascension campaign Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleChase- Session 0.5 comedy horror mature podcast post-apocalyptic role-playing science_fiction series urban_fantasy , , , , , , , ,
Samwel Sift, Post-Apocalypse Detective Samwel Sift, Post-Apocalypse Detective Full Cast Horror Comedy Series Detective Samwel Sift's Loved One Discovery or Recovery Services is a Noir Post-Zombie Apocalypse Tale. In a world with more twists than an abandoned roller coaster, Shamus Samwel Sift runs a sidestepping Detective Agency. , , , , , , ,
Sawyer and Bennet and Zombies Sawyer and Bennet and Zombies Full Cast Horror Comedy Series A dark comedy improv podcast made by two friends surviving in the zombie apocalypse! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTeaZer Trailer 1 comedy full_cast horror improvised podcast post-apocalyptic series , , , , , ,
Scenic Byways Scenic Byways Full Cast Science Fiction Series Scenic Byways is an episodic, mythic fiction podcast. It follows one truck driver across a recognizable but distinctly different America. Some years after an unexplained “collapse” the United States government is no more. Many of the roads have degraded and are in disuse. Goods still need trucking, though, and our driver makes use of the Scenic Byways to get his cargo where it needs to go. , , , ,
Sci-fi Hourglass Podcast Sci-fi Hourglass Podcast Narrated Science Fiction Series Sci-fi adventure audio stories. There will be other styles of stories added in the future like horror. Home of Yesterday's Leftovers a post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure audio story. Set in the future inside of continental size buildings. , , , , ,
Southbridge Southbridge Full Cast Science Fiction Series A story about the end of the world... or is it? After an apocalyptic event, survivors struggle to make sense of their world while awaiting a rescue that may never come. They band together in hopes of discovering a community, but each step they take leads them into more danger. When things take a turn for the worst, they start to suspect that the deck has been deliberately stacked against them. , , , , ,
Spooning in the Apocalypse Spooning in the Apocalypse Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Spooning in the Apocalypse is a podcast set after the end of days and after the work day has ended. Tune your fictional dial, to the fictional radio network WSPN the Spoon, for the fictional call in style radio show Radiationships , , , , , ,
Squadpocalypse Squadpocalypse Full Cast Science Fiction Series Welcome to Squadpocalypse! We're here, we're queer, and we're all going to fucking die in a nuclear wasteland! In the years following the end of the world as we know it, humanity survives where it can. Survival takes strange forms however, such as gang leaders, bus drivers, and post-apocalyptic radio personalities taking the form of a modernized mafia. , , , , ,
Stephen & Waldo Stephen & Waldo Narrated Science Fiction Series Having recently escaped their captives, Stephen and Waldo trudge through a scorched Earth in search of food. They come upon a wrecked house to take refuge in and try to make sense of their situation. , , , ,
Still Alive Still Alive Narrated Horror Series “Howdy Folks, if you're still alive then welcome back to the number one and the only Radio Broadcast in the Apocalypse!” A Narrative Fiction Podcast set in a radio station nine months after the zombie apocalypse's start, centered around it's sole inhabitant. , , , , ,
Still Lives Still Lives Full Cast Science Fiction Series Thirteen years after the fall of modern civilization, five survivors live in relative harmony on an isolated farm, where they rarely discuss their lives Before. The delicate balance of this household is upturned when a sixth survivor arrives at their doorstep with an empty stomach and a world of possibilities. , , , , ,
Survivors' Station Survivors' Station Full Cast Science Fiction Series The world ended generations ago. Now, society has reorganized itself along new lines; either you belong to one of the four compounds that makes up the Station System or you don't. With the monstrous creatures known as the Quadropes roaming outside and bands of raiders looking to attack on every front, the hosts of the stations' weekly updates find it increasingly difficult to make it to their next broadcasts. , , , , ,
Tales from the Afternow Tales from the Afternow Narrated Science Fiction Series Join Independent Librarian Dynamic Sean Kennedy VI as he takes you into a dark future where mega-corporations rule, listener licenses are easily violated, and even time itself is copyrighted. , , , ,
Tales from the Afternow: Lonestar Tales from the Afternow: Lonestar Narrated Science Fiction Series Follow “Independent Historian Dynamic John Sherman” as he makes his mark on the Texas Wasteland. Based on “Tales from the Afternow” created by Sean Kennedy and Rantmedia. , , , , , ,
Tales of Sada Emedu Tales of Sada Emedu Narrated Fantasy Series Stories of characters and events from the post-apocalyptic fantasy realm of Erset La Tari. Tales of the surviving civilisation at the seat of an ancient and long decayed empire: Sada Emedu. Mature Website , , , , ,
Tales of the Risen Tide Tales of the Risen Tide Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Series A post-apocalyptic pirate adventure with the heart of an epic fantasy, Tales of the Risen Tide is the debut novel from British author David M Reynolds. [...] On a map redrawn by the rampant sea-level rise of the twenty-second century, survivors war over the ruins of high-ground whilst pirates and slavers plague the vast new seas that surround them. , , , , , ,
Termination Line (Carolyn McCray) Termination Line (Carolyn McCray) Full Cast Science Fiction Series 500 years after the Earth stops spinning, humankind is in danger of extinction. Only a group of discredited scientists can save the world and every living being on it. RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Terrania Terrania Full Cast Science Fiction Series Glory B is a creature of flight trapped inside a very small box. East Hastings are an entity living in symbiosis with the Last Forest, expanding their consciousness across time as their roots descend through the geological strata. These two beings find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other in a post apocalyptic world devastated by climate and industrial disaster. , , , , ,
Terror Forming Terror Forming Narrated Science Fiction Horror Series TailJar Radio proudly presents TERROR FORMING, a serialized science fiction/horror survival experience written, produced and performed by Jasper St Aubyn West. Set in the city of Adelaide - South Australia. TERROR FORMING is a first person account of a cataclysmic meteor shower which in an instant, transforms the , , , , , ,
The After Disaster Broadcast The After Disaster Broadcast Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series A comedic post-apocalyptic tale, this podcast follows former radio host Jo Prendergast at the explosive end of the world. Keep up with Jo's ham radio transmissions as she uses humor and luck to survive: , , , , ,
The Arkoma Chapters The Arkoma Chapters Full Cast Science Fiction Series Join Ron Barton, a researcher from a small town in the wasteland, as he explores the vast steampunk city of Arkoma. Staying at the Jagertee Inn, Barton interviews various residents of the city, in attempts to learn the origins and history of the new world around him. , , , , , ,
The Big Guns The Big Guns Role-Playing Science Fiction Series Welcome to Savage Worlds Rifts! Join the Big Guns! An up-and-coming mercenary company that's recently found a home in Marl, a diverse city built within the mysterious ruins of a crashed alien spacecraft. Now a cybernetically enhanced dwarf, a psychic corgi, and a mech pilot samurai must carve out a living amidst a post-apocalyptic earth where anything can walk through tears in our reality from anywhere. Join us for some drama, some laughs, and … , , , , , ,
The Changing Earth Podcast The Changing Earth Podcast Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Stories bring meaning to facts and that's what this podcast is all about. The Changing Earth Podcast is a podcast that features the fictional novel, Day After Disaster, chapter by chapter in each episode. This is an action packed adventure novel and presents many survival topics within its pages. After reading a chapter, Sara will be hosting survival professionals from across the United States to talk about concepts that were discu… , , , , ,
The Children of Ash The Children of Ash Role-Playing Fantasy Series Nearly two hundred and fifty years after the storms of The Tide receded, humanity is still struggling to contend with the strange, deadly wilderness that arose in the spaces between villages. Now, whispers have begun to spread of individuals emerging from the wilds changed, stripped of their humanity, and given great power. , , , , ,
The Cleansed The Cleansed Full Cast Science Fiction Series Equal parts “Mad Max” and “The Stand,” this post apocalyptic saga is set in a world 15 years after the collapse of the world as we know it. A brother and sister grow up in rural Maine and unwittingly embark on a adventure to save the City from the religious zealots and ruthless military fight for control over the fallen world. An epic serialized audio drama adventure with 30+ actors, cinematic sound design and original music. , , , ,
The Community (Gaël van den Bossche) The Community (Gaël van den Bossche) Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Generations after an unknown cataclysm forces humanity underground, Earth's last survivors struggle to live on in the face of pessimism, totalitarianism and boredom. The Community is a science-fiction dark comedy which asks: how much must we sacrifice in the name of survival? When does it stop being worth it? Does anything really matter? It's also quite funny. , , , , , ,
The Corona Queen The Corona Queen Narrated Science Fiction Series Let me tell you a story. It's about the end of the world. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample-1 Elle Elsea corona_queenThe Corona Queenharper_rose_trilogyHarper Rose Trilogy mature narrated podcast post-apocalyptic science_fiction series , , , , ,
The Day Everything Changed The Day Everything Changed Full Cast Science Fiction Series The Day Everything Changed is an audio drama about two broken families navigating through a post-apocalyptic world threatened by “sick” and other deadly scavengers in search of sanctuary. , , , , ,
The Dead The Dead Full Cast Horror Anthology In a world plagued by the undead, the stories of survivors are well-known and heralded as examples of hope, strength, and perseverance. Over time, they become fables, legends passed down from survivor to survivor. But those are the stories of the few, not the many who continue to walk the earth as shells of their former selves. These are their stories. These are the stories of THE DEAD. , , , , , ,
The Deep Vault The Deep Vault Full Cast Science Fiction Series The Deep Vault is a serialized, seven-episode audio drama set in in the almost-post-apocalyptic United States. The story follows a group of longtime friends as they journey from the uninhabitable surface world into a mysterious underground bunker in search of safety, shelter, and answers to their past. , , , , ,
The Die As Cast The Die As Cast Role-Playing Fantasy Series A Wasteland. Long after the War. Welcome to a [...] Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual-play Podcast. Join Diego Stredel, Madeline Hunter Smith and Griffin Cork as they are led through the post-apocalyptic Wasted West, found in Midgard from Kobold Press. Missing parents, kissing wizards, and hissing vampires - our cast of characters dive into DM Kevin Cork's twisted mind as he tries to pretend like one of the player characters isn't his son. , , , , , , ,
The Edge of the World Broadcast The Edge of the World Broadcast Narrated Science Fiction Series The End of the world has come and gone and survivor Delsin Moore discovers a still functioning Numbers Station and becomes what could be the last voice in the world. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
The Forbidden Lands The Forbidden Lands Role-Playing Science Fiction Series A story set in the Horizon Zero Dawn universe using the Cypher system. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts SoundCloud YouTube Listen to a SampleEp. 1 - The Path to Bravery Tablestory darkfireDarkfiredying_orderDying OrderfacadeFacadeforbidden_landsThe Forbidden Landsgone_tablestoryGONE (Tablestory)leechLeechmistlightMistlightnocturne_tablestoryNocturne (Tablestory)rime_of_the_frostmaiden_tablestoryRime of the Fros… , , , , ,
The Haven Project The Haven Project Full Cast Science Fiction Series This post-apocalyptic audio drama will immerse you in a world where climate change has severely affected agricultural production, and humanity's survival is threatened by food insecurity. The citizens of Haven are a minority group that enjoys plentiful fresh food, partly thanks to their location in the now-temperate north, and partly due to proprietary technological advancements that they keep under wraps. How long can Haven thrive in this bl… , , , ,
The Kyleson Chronicles The Kyleson Chronicles Full Cast Science Fiction Series Podcasts from 4062 c.e. and beyond. Humans are coming to the surface from the underground Freeholds where they've lived in safety for the past 2031 years. The Catclysm's of 2031 through 2033 having devistated everything left above. , , , ,
The Last Post The Last Post Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Imagine a world just like this one where a man called Trump still runs the free world, where Brexit continues to rage on and climate change continues to simultaneously burn, melt and pour on things. Imagine this world also has podcasts and there is a satirical show that speaks truth to power, but this one is hosted by Alice Fraser, and it's released daily. , , , , , , ,
The Last Voice The Last Voice Narrated Science Fiction Series Gabriel Blythe survived the end of the world. Armed with only his wits and his makeshift radio he's trying to survive and bring people together in the state of Utah. Being alone is a taxing experience. Can he survive? , , , ,
The Legion Tapes The Legion Tapes Full Cast Science Fiction Series The Legion Tapes are selections from an archive chronicling the world after the end. The alien Legion takes over worlds and absorbs the sentients of those worlds. They've assimilated eleven species so far, and humanity is next on their list. But even after the nations of the world fall, and even after being reduced to communicating solely by radio, humanity's fighting back. , , , , ,
The MODUS Files The MODUS Files Full Cast Science Fiction Series Learn the history of the new Enclave in Appalachia. After Reclamation Day, the Vault 76 residents found themselves in a world they no longer recognized. Some became Lone Wanderers, others became Raiders or banded together as new Settlers. Others found themselves in the WhiteSpring Bunker - and with the assistance of MODUS, began to rebuild America in the image of the old , , , , , ,
The Nuclear Solution The Nuclear Solution Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series A post-apocalyptic radio show set in an underground nuclear bomb shelter. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleRemoving Shambler Stains comedy full_cast mature podcast post-apocalyptic science_fiction series , , , , , ,
The Omega Broadcast The Omega Broadcast Full Cast Science Fiction Series The Bearcycle Show presents this radio drama podcast with a captivating story, centered in the immersive Fallout universe. The Omega Broadcast is a young man's journey throughout a post apocalyptic USA. This story follows once Vault 76 resident Bryan Burton as he sets up and develops a new settlement within the Appalachian Wasteland. He is forced to face the mysteries of his past, all the while trying to navigate the harsh environment and c… , , , , ,
The Only Podcast Left The Only Podcast Left Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series It's post-apocalyptic Glendale. The Jocks, Cheermazons, STEM Punks, Disciples of Kardashia, and more are battling for dominance in the valley. And after you tear through Daybreak Season 1, you'll want to meet the A.V. Club. They're a group of kids who survived the apocalypse by using their skills to rig cameras and spy on warring tribes all over the valley. And now they're making a show about it, while juggling their own personal d… , , , , , ,
The Pensive Tower The Pensive Tower Narrated Fantasy Series The Pensive Tower is [a] high fantasy podcast, following the collected stories of the people who live in the Five Seas Federation and beyond. Join the newly appointed Inscriber, Paxton Ferox, as he works his way through the memories that have been donated to the Tower over the years following the mysterious Dark Age, converting them to the audio format of the newly invented mnimigraph, and supplementing them with any follow up that might have been rep… , , , ,
The Trail Series The Trail Series Narrated Science Fiction Series Natalie moved to a small West Virginia town in the mountains with her father and younger brother after the apocalypse. They lived a quiet existence until one day their town is invaded by road pirates. After making their way back to their farmhouse it is apparent that her younger brother was kidnapped, and now Natalie and her father must make their way through an unfamiliar and unforgiving wilderness to find him. They will meet many people along… , , , , ,
The Twilight Lands The Twilight Lands Full Cast Science Fiction Fantasy Series The world has moved on. Many years have passed since nuclear armageddon, and humankind has turned to magic, sorcery and the sword after technology has failed them. In the waning years of humankind, the young bard Kira embarks upon her first quest. She travels long and far through the desertified Ironwood forests, braves Demon lands and the abominable eldritch machines, and finds true friendship. All under the ever-present purple twil… , , , , , ,
The Wasteland Whisperers The Wasteland Whisperers Full Cast Science Fiction Series “The Wasteland Whisperers” emerged as a beacon of hope in post-outbreak Chernarus, filling the communication void left by the chaos of the epidemic. Led by Radio, this group of survivors established a makeshift broadcasting system using salvaged equipment from abandoned radio stations. Initially offering essential survival tips, their broadcasts evolved into a symbol of resilience and community, uniting isolated survivors. Despite chal… , , , , ,
The World to Come The World to Come Full Cast Musical Comedy Series A future further off than you can imagine, but closer than you would like... In a post-apocalyptic world with no internet or electricity, five disparate factions vie for dominance in the city-state of Fiveboro. Each tribe worships at the altar of the bygone pop-culture references of an earlier time, and relishes the stories of film and television they've never actually seen. The Fansci Folk live in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy cosplay kingdom, the Esca… , , , , , , ,
Thirteen: A Fallout Podcast Thirteen: A Fallout Podcast Full Cast Science Fiction Series War. War never changes. In 2161, a lone vault dweller sets out into an unforgiving wasteland on a mission to save his Vault. His travels across a broken post-apocalyptic California will shape history itself for years to come. This is the story of Albert Cole, the Vault Dweller from Vault 13. , , , , ,
This American Wasteland This American Wasteland Narrated Science Fiction Series This American Wasteland is an audio drama that follows an aftermath. Archived accounts narrate this story of a post-apocalyptic America. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEPISODE 1: SILENCE , , , , ,
Three Sisters Three Sisters Full Cast Science Fiction Series A timely and thought provoking drama based on Chekhov's Three Sisters, available now on all major platforms. Created by renowned art and social justice group Platform, Three Sisters - a story from the climate future is an exploration of how people carry on in a dislocated world, suffering from the impact of climate change and repeated pandemics. , , , , ,
Tincture Tincture Narrated Science Fiction Series Rhamuel and the last of his family, Abranyah, travel their barren world, shack to shack, selling tinctures to keep a full belly and evading the dogmatists to keep their throats safe. Time has turned funny after The Whatever, an apocalyptic event that few remember and even fewer can explain, danger now as commonplace as the unrecognizable relics of war, and the madman Aphulan—along with an iron rule over his small township—may hold the answers. With a c… , , , , ,
Trials of the Apocalypse Trials of the Apocalypse Role-Playing Multigenre Anthology Join us as we play through the whole Powered by the Apocalypse RPG catalog or die trying! Behind the screen, David Easley leads a rotating cast of players through one-shot games in each PBtA system, from character creation and world building to epic finale in every setting and apocalypse imaginable. Havoc and hijinks abound in this actual-play podcast! , , , , , , , ,
True Vault Escapades True Vault Escapades Full Cast Science Fiction Thriller Series Taking place sometime before the events of 'Fallout: New Vegas', follow the story of a tough-as-nails wasteland detective, and a blonde-bombshell vault girl as they solve some of postwar America's biggest mysteries. From the harsh lands of Texas to the war-torn deserts of the Mojave, Walter & Bunny risk it all to expose sensational murders, crime syndicates, and even cold cases from over 200 years ago. All of it draped in a 1940's… , , , , , ,
Underground Oracle Publishing Underground Oracle Publishing Narrated Fantasy Anthology Fictional stories and actual plays set in the worlds of Underground Oracle Publishing. Underground Oracle Publishing is a bestselling, ENnie-nominated TTRPG publisher building new and exciting settings and materials for every genre you can imagine. , , , , , ,
Wake Of Corrosion Wake Of Corrosion Full Cast Science Fiction Series A UK based audio drama set in a nightmare ridden, apocalyptic world. An unknown horror grips the country, forcing most of the remaining population into shelter. Tune into the broadcasts from Bunker A:12 and join Professor Ryan as he endeavours to find answers in the wreckage. , , , , , ,
Wasteland Active Radio Wasteland Active Radio Full Cast Science Fiction Series Set in the universe of the “Fallout” video game series, follow the adventures of Crispy the ghoul as he attempts to set up a community in the wasteland of the Midwest “Ash Flats” using an old radio station, and picks up some , , , , , ,
Wasteland Deliveries Wasteland Deliveries Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series The story of a young UP-X delivery boy in the wastelands of the dystopic future. Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleEpisode 01 - Welcome to the Wasteland comedy full_cast podcast post-apocalyptic science_fiction series , , , , ,
Wasteland Free Radio Wasteland Free Radio Full Cast Science Fiction Series Wasteland Free Radio is [a] podcast modeled after an evening radio show set in a post-apocalyptic world. Meteor storms, mutants, fallout, and more! Grab a hot glass of green, iridescent liquid, and join The Host as they bring you the news from the Radlands and speculate about the Great Devastation that ended the world , , , , , ,
Wasteland Radio Wasteland Radio Full Cast Science Fiction Series The Great bombs fell in 2051. In 2053, WRTX was restored and Wasteland Radio came on the air. DK DJ took to the airwaves. In 2110, DK DJ disappeared. Charlie C. became the station's second DJ. , , , , ,
Wasteland radio with Fritz Fitzgerald Wasteland radio with Fritz Fitzgerald Narrated Science Fiction Series A fictional radio station from the post apocalypse. Website RSS Feed Listen to a Sample001 (M4A File) narrated podcast post-apocalyptic science_fiction series , , , ,
We're Alive We're Alive Full Cast Horror Series For Army Reserve Soldier Michael Cross, the world as he knew it ended in an instant. One minute, he's in college, and in the next, rioters are roaming the highway around him, breaking into cars, and literally tearing people apart. This is the day the dead walk. This is the world of We're Alive. , , , , ,
We're Alive: Descendants We're Alive: Descendants Full Cast Horror Series 18 years after the original STORY OF SURVIVAL, a new generation is forced to grow up in the post-apocalypse. The Infected have evolved into new deadly varieties, and humanity's efforts to reclaim our lost civilization have put us in conflict with our greatest enemy: Ourselves. Now the countdown begins as the children of the survivors work to make sense of this deadly new world before it consumes them and everything they know and love. , , , , ,
We're Alive: Goldrush We're Alive: Goldrush Full Cast Horror Series Set 17 years after the main events of WE'RE ALIVE, GOLDRUSH is a recollection story that describes the efforts of the “soldiers” (Greg Muldoon, Anthony Robbins, Carl Thomas, and Samuel Puck) as they attempt a side mission to retrieve a suspected stash of gold bullion. As an aging General Puck confides this previously undisclosed tale to Alex Robbins, the son of his former teammate and friend, Anthony Robbins. Over the course of ten Chapters, Goldr… , , , , ,
We're Alive: Lockdown We're Alive: Lockdown Full Cast Horror Series “Life on the inside” takes on a whole new meaning. A riot has broken out at Twin Towers Jail. Simeon, five of his fellow inmates, and the prison guards assigned to them have found themselves trapped in the inescapable confines of T-block during the lockdown. Boundaries of trust are pushed to the limit as the survivors must learn to work together if they have any hope of escaping the horde of infected and the deadly secret that lies within Twin Tow… , , , , ,
We're Alive: Scout's Honor We're Alive: Scout's Honor Full Cast Horror Series Stranded on Catalina Island after the Outbreak, a small group of Adventure Scouts confront the “Infected”, testing their mettle and the strength of their friendships. This immersive audio drama is a heart-pounding blend of horror and adventure as these preteens, armed with only determination and their Scout Rules, navigate the rugged island, discovering the essence of courage and sacrifice in the face of an apocalypse. Bonds are tested, innoc… , , , , ,
Welcome to Hell.A. Welcome to Hell.A. Narrated Horror Series This is not just another zombie apocalypse [story]. This is a black comedy about people, real people, terrible people, just like you and just like me. It is a modern zombie tale of love, death and destruction, set in the black heart of Los Angeles. The end of the world is pending, and all hell breaks loose when the zombies start to appear. In a city where everyone's looking for someone to feed on, the party boy, the dealer, the actress, the pimp, t… , , , , , ,
Welcome to Mutant County Welcome to Mutant County Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Lady Finger is a small town like any other. Nestled in the heart of a small county, the denizens are, for the most part, just like you and me. In fact, they could be you and me except for one important detail , , , , ,
When Tower Angels Fall When Tower Angels Fall Full Cast Science Fiction Series The end of the world came and went almost twenty years ago. Call it what you will - a feat of global warming or of God. Once it was clear no 'higher power' was coming to save us, those who did have power did everything they could to keep it that way. , , , , , ,
World Gone Wrong World Gone Wrong Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series Malik and Jamie were roommates when the world ended. Now separated by half the country, literal acid rain, werewolves, aliens, and more, they start a chat podcast to stay in touch and work through the increasing uncertainty of their new apocalyptic reality. , , , , , , ,