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Uncle Scrubby's Bedtime Stories

Uncle Scrubby's Bedtime Stories is a podcast featuring mellow and somewhat absurd short stories.

It's time for you to sit back and relax and enjoy a good old fashioned story. A good story is like an old friend. And an old friend is like a friend you've had for a long time.

I'm Uncle Scrubby. In the state of Mexico they call me Senior Tio Scrubby, but you can call me old friend. This is a place where you can go to forget your memories and your worries. Right now I want you to enjoy the sound of my voice and the small tinkling of water in the background. That's it. Now, a good story can put that day of yours bed, while the rest of you begins your night of nightly duties before you shut your eyes to this day, and begin a long, arduous night of sleep.

My goal is to tell you a good story, and maybe along the way we'll learn a lesson about our lives. Maybe you'll apply that lesson, or maybe you won't, and we'll have to watch you get hurt all over again. The choice is yours.1)