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Unbound is a literary radio show in which episode features two authors reading their own short fiction stories based on a common theme.

Unbound is a new radio show focused on short fiction produced by Louisville Public Media and 89.3 WFPL, Louisville's NPR radio station. The first season will be ten episodes of two authors on one theme. Awesome short stories read by memorable voices in new fiction.

The first season consists of the following authors and short stories:

  • Car Trouble: “Grand Prix” by Jamieson Ridenhour and “Life of Salvage” by Frank Bill
  • Nightclub Jitters: “Starve a Rat” by Justin Torres and an excerpt from The Next Time You See Me by Holly Goddard Jones
  • Bad Luck Charms: excerpt from Blackwood by Gwenda Bond and “Kernels” by Patrick Wensink
  • Crime and Punishment: “The Name of the Nearest River” by Alex Taylor and “Things I Know About Fairy Tales” by Roxane Gay
  • Alternate Histories: “The Question of Where We Begin” by Kyle Minor and “The Gulf” by Tania James
  • Girlfriends: “Rondine Al Nido” by Claire Vaye Watkins and “Bibi from Jupiter” by Tessa Mellas
  • Far Away, So Close: “For You We Are Holding” by Matt Bell and “Dog Sleep” by Brian Leung
  • The War at Home: excerpt from Same Sun Here by Silas House and “The Miniature Wife” Manuel Gonzales
  • Object Permanence: “Rhombus” by Jacinda Townsend and “Five Objects in Queens” by Neela Vaswani
  • Windows into Other Worlds: “Anybody But Me” by Kirby Gann and “Ghost Dance” by Jacqueline Gorman