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Theatre in the Dark Productions

Theatre In The Dark produces several full cast audio drama series.

Last Days is about a man dying of cancer and covers the last three therapy sessions and how he comes to terms with how the decisions he has made have effected his life. This is kind of a sad audio drama and is written to allow the listener to think about the result of decisions we make in life and what result of those decisions can end up meaning.

Based on a writing assignment in college, “The Night I Met Confusion” is about a man that goes to a blues bar on a Friday night. As Derrick sits there enjoying his beer as he has so many times before, he notices a woman of sorts moving through the room in a way he has never seen. It's almost as if she floats through the room. Speaking to many, it's as if none really see her. Coming to whisper in his ear, Confusion is surprised that Derrick can see her. This has never happened in her time of service with the Master. Derrick finds out her name is Confusion and what follows is there conversation. She tells him what she is and how she and her best friend “Lust” will often cause chaos in the lives of those that come to the 411 on a Friday night. This Audio Drama is meant to be thought provoking and as well as entertaining. The Drama alludes to a possible spiritual battle existing in the world today.

Sheila is a time traveling assassin who is relied on by the futuristic council of 2250. When a wrinkle in the time continuum is realized, Sheila is the first looked to in correcting the problem. As Sheila and Derrick handle the missions given to her by the Council, Sheila wonders about the morality of her actions and what the outcome will be to those around her. What happens to the soul of someone that has been erased from time?

“What If” is a Audio Drama about a man that has figured out the secrets of time travel. What follows is his tempering with the time continuum in the hopes of keeping a special friend from dying during his college years. What follows is a world of complications that can only happen with changing of one key event, an event that will affect the one’s closest to him. Listen as he tries to go back and change the course of time as it was. Will he succeed and what will the consequences by. What lessons will he learn wondering about the simple concept of “What If”.