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Spilt Coffee Productions

Spilt Coffee Productions is an audio production team that creates audio dramas, podcasts, and radio shows. Their productions are available to listen to online.

After a tunnel collapse, three World War One tunnellers find themselves trapped deep underground. When they hear a fourth voice calling to them from the darkness, they realise they’re not alone.

To stave off the haunting silence of not hearing from her husband, Imelda busies herself with her artwork, conjuring paintings of warfare.

When George turns eighteen, he does not hesitate to take up his lifelong dream of flying. But in the unforgiving skies of the First World War it may not be all he’d hoped for.

Haunted by a life of dishonour, a wearied samurai recounts his story to his Daimyo with the hopes of redemption at last.

Two explorers in deep space pick up an ancient distress signal detailing the harrowing experience had by another ship decades earlier.

When Steve starts his work as a window cleaner, he expected it to be a simple and easy Summer job. The truth, however, is far weirder and more violent than he could have ever anticipated.