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Searching for My Wives

Searching for My Wives by William Bostock is a story about past lives that has been released as a free audiobook.

Imagine how it all began, this marvelous, long journey of Humanity. Some souls work for peace and happiness. Others, though, despoil, degrade, and kill. This is a novel of past lives, reincarnation, and our occult history. Not many protohumans were alive, one and one-half million years ago, but all of us had souls, and souls persist, and there are souls which lived in hominids in Chesowanja, eastern Africa who have lived among us almost to the present day.

Shimmer loves his wives, Sita and Ahalya, and tries to share sweet lives with them, but the trickster Murk, intent on dragging Mankind down, drives black souls to attack the ones who love.

Come along as Shimmer leads migrations. Relive the waning of the Great Ice Age and the planetwide disaster. And remember how Old Kingdom Egypt travelled through a pleat in time to stabilize and rule the riverplains of northern India. Re-experience Murk's dark campaign to undermine that peaceful land, and once again respond to Shimmer and Old Shiver's call to arms and meet the enemy between two rivers at fabled Kurukshetra.