Side Character Quest

Role-Playing Fantasy Series

Side Character Quest (SCQ) is a one-on-one improvised fantasy adventure. We use Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition as the framework for the show, with the host as the dungeon master (DM) and the guests as the players.

Usually in Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games, there is one DM playing with a team of 3 or more players. In SCQ, though, you only have one player at a time, each playing an original character they created just for the show! The show is built from short story arcs that follow these characters for usually 3-6 episodes, after which we move onto a new guest playing a new character. You can start the show from the beginning, or you can start with whatever arc looks interesting to you.

SCQ is set in a world surrounded by a massive, impenetrable wall. The people here are (in general) peaceful and good, but under the surface lay rumblings of dark magic. Undead hoards, corrupted beasts, mysterious bargainers, and more are waiting in the shadows.