Role-Playing Horror Series

New York City is the home to 8.6 million souls, and all of them are trying to figure out how to survive. People will do anything just to scrape by, and some push the boundaries of morality to new limits. Corrupt politicians, self-righteous religious zealots, media conglomerates, giant corporations, and industrialized-pharmaceutical healthcare control everything we do. All-the-while, we are distracted by imaginary enemies, violence on TV, acts of terrorism, invasions, carcinogens, and menace from all sides.

Explore the depths of corruption, redemption, and salvation while the world is in chaos. What happens when the illusion of our reality crumbles? Will you see through the Facade? Join our cast of roleplayers in the setting of KULT: Divinity Lost for an 18+, occult detective tabletop roleplaying game show.



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