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The Nerdologues

The Nerdologues is a troupe of Chicago-area comedians who produce a number of live shows, videos, and podcasts.

The Ketchup is the last music podcast on Earth. After some disaster wipes out most of the human race – or so it seems – an injured man named Del finds himself alone in a California bomb shelter with no memory of how he got there… but with a computer full of music. Rather than sit in silence, Del resurrects a teenage passion, the mock radio show, by broadcasting weekly rock missives into the void. The music helps Del remember. But is anybody listening?

LET'S GET IT ON focuses on a small-town community radio station's most popular show: a slow jam dedication/romantic advice call-in program called “Silky Beats & Satin Sheets.” When the super-smooth host Victavius St. Velour mysteriously disappears, it's up to mild-mannered Gideon Spottswood to take over. And let's just say, Gideon doesn't know much about love. Or relationships, or music, or much of anything not having to do with home-brewing. But he's not gonna let that stop him—no matter how badly his life starts to unravel.

For over five years The Nerdologues Presents: Your Stories has combined comedy, rock and roll, and disastrous earnestness into a weekly podcast where cool cats like you share their tales in front of a live audience and we find out a little something about why we're all nerds.