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Must Not Sleep

Must Not Sleep by Michael Brownstein is a story that uses elements of shamanic spiritualism to attempt to answer some questions about human nature.

Must Not Sleep is a shamanic initiation into personal freedom – political, emotional, and sexual – which uncovers the secrets behind the destructive policies of those in positions of power. It's the story of Isaac, seemingly just a time-server in the system (he works “at a mid-level position for a mid-sized company in midtown Manhattan”) whose programming is wiped clean as the result of a series of “big dreams” during which he loses all fear of death.

Filled with light, feeling invincible, Isaac encounters a woman similarly determined to erase her past who eagerly takes a new name for herself: Georgia. Together they enter a shamanic realm where limitations of time and space no longer apply and where the real forces behind the trashing of the planet soon reveal themselves.