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Escape and Suspense!

Escape and Suspense! is a website devoted to the classic CBS radio show Suspense and its sister show Escape. It offers select episodes of each show available for download.

Escape and Suspense! Vintage Radio, is a website specializing in the study of individual episodes from two popular anthology series that aired on CBS Radio during the mid-twentieth century.

Suspense aired 945 episodes from 1942 to 1962, while its adventure-oriented sister show, Escape aired 235 episodes between 1947 and 1954.

Although two entirely different series, they shared many of the same scripts, performers, directors and producers…and to understand one requires the other.

Information about individual episodes is presented–but not summarized competely. To review or summarize an episode in its entirety presents the risk of ruining the experience for the listener or giving away the trick endings for which Suspense is famous. On this website, episodes are given a quick summary at the top and an introduction to the story… the rest of the experience is left to the listener.

All of Escape's episodes have been posted on this site, but finishing the entire catalog of 900+ Suspense episodes is still our work in progress. Sometimes we post episodes from other series and we often post information about mid-twentieth century film noir because many of the names that we know from these two radio series are also prominent in that genre.