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Deliriums Desire

Deliriums Desire is an audio drama about a young man hunting down the man who murdered his mother and stepfather. Chapter 1 and and portion of chapter 2 are available as Adobe Flash files, while a prologue episode is available as a streaming YouTube video. Each episode includes accompanying illustrations of the story.

A Young teen by the name of Weston Gercha has set out after a man presumed dead in societies eyes. After the murder of his mother and step-father Weston was abandoned with his father Chris, that obsessed over his mother constantly. Growing up Weston was abused in school treated like one as crazy as his father. He was out casted and never seemed to fit in. But he has bigger fish to fry.

Haunted by his nightmares Weston finds himself to pull further from society and to enclose himself from the world. The man with one eye. Taunting him as he sees new scenarios of his mother's and step-father's death. How can you hunt a man that seems to have never existed?

There is no documentation on the one eyed man and whenever Weston gets close enough, the information seems to be denied from him. However as a dear friend of his passes away he finds a disc loaded with the information he has been waiting for. It's now or never.