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Silverbell Smith and the Music Makers

Full Cast Children's Urban Fantasy Series

You really ought to know about Silverbell Smith, for when she closes her eyes she hears music. Now this is odd you see because Silverbell Smith lives in a world where music does not exist. Or at least that is what the Governing Governor says. Music is a Myth. Myths are like lies. Lying is bad. Everyone seems to believe what the Governing Governor says, except of course for Silverbell Smith. She knows better, for not only does she hear music in her head when she closes her eyes, but she is also in possession of a very illegal and very special item: a magical violin. Silverbell loves her violin, but hates her secret, and most of all the twelve year old girl hates being alone.

Navigating a society that demands to be ignorant, Silverbell makes friends with others who long to find the truth, and enemies of those who long to keep it hidden, all in the hopes of finding the lost Music Makers a restoring music to the masses. This harrowing expedition sees Silverbell and friends discover reality skewed by a fanatical group, history rewritten by a controlling government, and a web of confusing clues that the young girl can only hope will lead to family, home, music, and truth.


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