Karen 1%

Full Cast Science Fiction Musical Series

Karen James is a young, ambitious scientific product manager in 2040s Brooklyn. Recruited out of the FBI to join the Agency, a secret defense research organization, Karen is widely regarded as an intelligence-gathering savant.

Yes, she can be wicked and cruel, dishonest and selfish, violent and moody. But her friends loved her enough to uncover this audio-biography. That's why you, a curious future agent who uncovered this archive, are getting this chance to meet the woman behind the legend.

At its core, Karen 1% is a musical drama about a tech PM who comes to realize that the products are evil. It's about the sacrifices it takes to truly atone for our mistakes. It's about the struggle to build a life of purpose and ambition in this existence, where the arrow of time makes the consequences of our actions an eternal mystery.



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