Electric Easy

Full Cast Science Fiction Series

Created by Vanya Asher (“Shadow and Bone”) and from executive producer Kesha, Electric Easy is a musical neo-noir science fiction show set in a futuristic Los Angeles in which humans struggle to co-exist with robots, known as “electrics”. This is a forbidden love story. It's about the power of community, what it means to live as your authentic self and a celebration of acceptance.

The all-star cast includes Kesha, Chloe Bailey and Mason Gooding alongside Frances Fisher, Happy Anderson, Jojo T. Gibbs, Benito Skinner, Lachlan Watson, Erica Ash, Sugar Lyn Beard, Sean Maguire, Jen Kober, Detox, and Brendan Jordan.

From QCODE. Executive produced by Vanya Asher and Kesha.



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