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Thirty one hours ago, the IWS Crichton discovered the remains of a derelict vessel in an unexplored star system.

Eleven hours ago, all contact with the Crichton was lost…

When the galaxy's most powerful corporation discovers that the derelict ship belongs to them, they send a group of washed up engineers and scientists who would do anything to reconstruct their shambled lives.

Their objective: find out what happened to the crew of the Crichton, and bring the derelict back…at any cost.

But, as they soon learn, there are mysteries that should remain buried. And there are some things lost that should never be found.

DERELICT is a narrative podcast experience from award winning science fiction author J. Barton Mitchell, that follows a host of unlikely characters trying to unlock the frightening mysteries of an abandoned spaceship in the far reaches of space.



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