All Things Undone

Full Cast Science Fiction Series

All Things Undone is the story of an ancient prophecy that comes to fruition in the form of a solar eclipse that alters the DNA of all humans on the planet in the 1850's.

The supernatural effect on Blacks makes them “unkillable”.

Our main character, an enslaved 20-something year old black woman, named Mirabelle, an unlikely heroine, finds herself on a mission to deliver the oppressed and enslaved into a world of justice, peace and reconciliation, while wrestling with the “burden” of being a leader.

What will the powers of the First Nation Tribes look like?

What powers will Meso & Chinese Americans have? And will the indentured Irish-Americans and the European-Americans who didn't own slaves be altered as well? Will all those that were formerly oppressed rise up together and unite or will all things come undone?



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