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A Journey With Strange Bedfellows A Journey With Strange Bedfellows Full Cast Steampunk Horror Series Set in the late 1800s,  socially shy Hunter Brown has loved sweet-tempered Faith Geibel from afar for several years. Now, just when Faith has noticed him (at her cousin's annual birthday ball), a clockwork dancer murders the guest of honor, its creator dies and Faith mysteriously disappears without a word. The allure of Faith's mesmerizing gaze and the incendiary ecstasy borne of their first kiss convince Hunter that his dest… , , , ,
A Troupe of Players A Troupe of Players Role-Playing Steampunk Fantasy Series An Actual Play RPG podcast! Our first campaign, A Ballad of Truth, takes place in the steampunk setting of Sarenel and is in the style of JRPGs like Final Fantasy! We hope you enjoy the show! , , , , , ,
Airship Diaries Airship Diaries Full Cast Steampunk Series These then are the adventures of the airship Babbage...these then are the adventures of Captain Jareck. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleAirship Diaries Episode 01 full_cast podcast series steampunk , , ,
Alderpod Alderpod Narrated Steampunk Series The Aldersgate is a steampunk western of epic scale, where the fate of the world rests on a final showdown between steam and sorcery. Cora Grey is a seventeen year old Alderclass girl who loves stories of chivalry and romance. But it isn't easy being one of only five girls in Vell, the small Territories town where her father is the Alderman. Just as she finally musters up the courage to tell her best friend, the blacksmith's son Brick, how she truly feels… , , ,
Boston Metaphysical Society Boston Metaphysical Society Full Cast Steampunk Horror Series Based on the popular steampunk supernatural graphic novel, Boston Metaphysical Society, The Ghost Ship follows an ex-Pinkerton detective, a spirit photographer, and a genius scientist as they battle supernatural forces in late 1800s Boston. Story: When a ghost ship sails into Boston Harbor, killing anyone who boards her, Samuel, Caitlin, and Granville must solve the mystery as to why it has appeared before anyone else dies. , , , ,
Brass Brass Full Cast Steampunk Series The Adventures of the Family Brass are detailed in this exciting adventure serial. A clan of Victorian science geniuses (Lord Brass an inventor and tactician, Lady Brass a Sherlock-level detective, son Cyril a martial artist savant and daughter Gwendolyn an acrobat and mistress of disguise) take on a mysterious Crime Minister for control of a London very different from the one in our history books. , , ,
Breachside Broadcast Breachside Broadcast Narrated Steampunk Horror Series The Breachside Broadcast focuses on stories and information from Wyrd's world of Malifaux, including the games Malifaux and Through the Breach. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podbean Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , , ,
Change the Game Change the Game Role-Playing Steampunk Comedy Series An actual play City of Mist podcast featuring some of Michigan's most existing improvisers. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleStrange Tales: The Prologue comedy fan_fiction mature podcast role-playing series steampunk urban_fantasy , , , , , , ,
Dice Carnival Dice Carnival Role-Playing Steampunk Fantasy Series Welcome to Dice Carnival, where we have fun telling stories and rolling dice. Be sure to check out our main campaign: Electrival, set in the electric world of intrigue and adventure. Mature Website RSS Feed , , , , , , , ,
Fate and Fauxtune Fate and Fauxtune Role-Playing Steampunk Fantasy Series Welcome to our playthrough of Wyrd Games' story-driven Role-Playing Game: Through the Breach. Set in the early 1900s, 3 fugitives plan to escape the iron grasp of the Guild - leaving the comforts of Earth in favour of another world. Join us for comfort, discomfort, and everything in between as we walk the lines of comedy and dark drama. , , , , , ,
Iron Frontier Iron Frontier Role-Playing Steampunk Series The gods have fallen. The heavens and the hells are gone. All that remains of that time long before, is man, beast and the world of Æmia. Welcome to the Iron Frontier! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , , ,
Let's Be Legendary Let's Be Legendary Role-Playing Steampunk Fantasy Series “The Feywild West” is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play game, set in a homebrew Wild West steampunk world. The Feywild West follows two people discovering what it means to be in a relationship, all the while seeking revenge and learning the truth of their pasts. Let's Be Legendary Podcast is a LGBTQ+ podcast, with both main and minor characters, as well as the players falling under the queer blanket. An RP heavy game with a… , , , , , , ,
Outlawed Faith Outlawed Faith Full Cast Science Fiction Western Series In a dystopian universe, on a dead-end, backwater world, an orphaned girl, a mystic Seer, tries to escape from the sway of her megalomaniac uncle & his band of agents, the Klinkertons. She tries by seeking out the help of a reformed gunslinger, Kulta Blackhand. It's a Steampunk/Western/Sci-Fi. , , , , ,
Powers Beyond Their Steam Powers Beyond Their Steam Narrated Steampunk Series The Powers Beyond Their Steam series, written and performed by Tom M. Franklin. This is a Steampunk Fantasy series set in Victorian Age England, written for middle-grade readers and those who love them. , , ,
Public Works Steampunk presents: Jane Eyre Public Works Steampunk presents: Jane Eyre Narrated Steampunk Series The classic story of Jane Eyre reset in a steampunk world, complete with zephyr-ships, clockwork, and automatons in addition to the original romance and mystery! As a child, Jane Eyre lives with her cold aunt and cruel cousins in the levitating manor Gateshead Hall, but is soon sent to Lowood Institution, the austere boarding school for orphans across continents in India. Jane eventually journeys back to England, to take … , , , , ,
Sage and Savant Sage and Savant Full Cast Steampunk Series The Tales of Sage and Savant is a monthly audio-drama podcast where Dr Petronella Sage strives to understand the power of Transmigration–the ability to transport her conscious mind through time and space into the bodies of dead people. With her friend, Professor Erasmus Savant, Sage explores past, present, and future, in a wild journey to prove Death is no barrier to Science. , , ,
Sirens and Cages Sirens and Cages Narrated Steampunk Fantasy Series Sirens and Cages is a podcast tale by Dan Berison. Set in a fantasy world where steam and metal has become the predominant technology yet, hidden in the darkness, lies an ancient enemy expert in bioengineering. Part Steampunk, part biopunk and elements of prophecy and other dimensions, Sirens and Cages is an epic tale. , , , ,
Station Arcadia Station Arcadia Full Cast Science Fiction Series The Station Arcadia podcast tells stories from a dystopian world where dieselpunk, steampunk, cyberpunk and solarpunk societies all exist side by side. These diverse stories are told through a radio station on a shifting island, and given voice to by the Station's Host - Kass. , , , ,
The Arkoma Chapters The Arkoma Chapters Full Cast Science Fiction Series Join Ron Barton, a researcher from a small town in the wasteland, as he explores the vast steampunk city of Arkoma. Staying at the Jagertee Inn, Barton interviews various residents of the city, in attempts to learn the origins and history of the new world around him. , , , , , ,
The Gearheart The Gearheart Narrated Steampunk Fantasy Series The Gearheart: Artifice Jonathan Andrews, Initiate in the Seekers of the Arcane Unknown, joined the society two years ago with the hopes of protecting the secrets of magic from the greedy world beyond. However, a ravening shadow appears with a hunger for Seekers and Jonathan finds himself out of his depth. When Jonathan's friend is attacked and the young initiate is assailed with apocalyptic visions of the future, he must find a way to uncove… , , , ,
The Rift The Rift Full Cast Steampunk Horror Series A steampunk, monster-hunting adventure through Victorian England and the surrounding Universes. It's steampunk Victorian England and monsters are invading the otherwise peaceful balls and tea parties. The Baroness, gutsy and eccentric, funds a team of monster hunters that include her brother, a scholar who recently found out he was the father of a teenager, her protegee, a young scientist whose mother wants her to spend more time flirting than tinker… , , , ,
The Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast The Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast Role-Playing Steampunk Series An ongoing comedy adventure played out as a unique role-playing game set in a Steampunk universe. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEp. 00: Introducing the Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast! , , , ,
The Stranger Lands The Stranger Lands Role-Playing Fantasy Comedy Series Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Do you like Steampunk? Do you like alcohol? If you answered yes to any of those three questions, then just hit download already and join Kra'ag the Bugbear Druid, Bagger the Firbolg Barbarian, Tash the Aasimar Cleric, and Silver Paw the Tibaxi Rogue on their adventures through Pilas. , , , , , , ,
Twits Twits Full Cast Steampunk Comedy Series Cyril Chippington-Smythe (Michael Urie), eligible bachelor and the world's richest man is living a life of ease, attended by his resourceful steam-powered valet Bentley (Dakin Matthews). When the toothy Alice Witherspoon (Helen Cespedes) invades his breakfast room determined to marry him whether he will or no, Bentley concocts a scheme to transfer her affections to Cyril's freeloading cousin- the hapless Binky (Christian Borle), Alas, Alice has ulterior… , , , ,