A Journey With Strange Bedfellows

Full Cast Steampunk Horror Series

Set in the late 1800s,  socially shy Hunter Brown has loved sweet-tempered Faith Geibel from afar for several years. Now, just when Faith has noticed him (at her cousin's annual birthday ball), a clockwork dancer murders the guest of honor, its creator dies and Faith mysteriously disappears without a word. The allure of Faith's mesmerizing gaze and the incendiary ecstasy borne of their first kiss convince Hunter that his destiny is irreversibly linked to Faith's; he must find her. Hunter is drawn into a perilous journey that takes him from etiquette-proper Victorian England, into the murderous alleyways of Paris, through Satan's unhallowed Hungarian forest and eastward to Faith's Transylvanian origin. The premature death of Hunter's best friend, an unavoidable encounter with a demonic cleric, and tracking a blood trail through a centuries-old graveyard (at night) while surrounded by nocturnal predators prelude Hunter's discovery of Faith's long-guarded secret. To remain in her existence, and ensure Faith's survival, Hunter must make the ultimate sacrifice.


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