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  Audio Drama Day Audio Drama Day Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiodramaday.com/> Description Audio Drama Day is a website devoted to raising awareness about World Audio Drama Day — an annual, worldwide event celebrating audio drama in all its forms. The website lists events that various audio drama creators will be partaking in to help celebrate the occasion.
  Audio Verse Awards Audio Verse Awards Homepage * Website: <http://www.audioverseawards.com/> Description The Audio Verse Awards is an organization, currently in the process of being established, that seeks to bestow annual awards to free, independent full cast audio drama productions. It was created by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard of
  British Public Radio British Public Radio Homepage * Website: <http://www.britishpublicradio.com/> Description British Public Radio is an organization devoted to promoting British audio drama and spoken word entertainment. It serves as a portal for streaming and downloadable audio, both fiction and nonfiction, spanning several genres. , , , ,
  Grand Prix Nova Grand Prix Nova Homepage * Website: <http://www.grandprixnova.ro/> Description Grand Prix Nova is an international radio drama festival held annually in Bucharest, Romania. The “Third Edition” festival will be held on 1-6 June 2015. The festival is open to anyone from around the world, and participants can submit their own radio dramas. For 2015, entries must be submitted by March 1st, 2015.
  HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival Homepage * Website: <http://www.hearnowfestival.org/> Description HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival is an annual event taking place in Kansas City, Missouri, during the month of June. It is produced by the National Audio Theatre Festivals organization. The festival features spoken word storytelling in many different forms and offer discussions on various related topics.
  HearSay International Audio Arts Festival HearSay International Audio Arts Festival Homepage * Website: <http://www.hearsayfestival.ie/> Description Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival is an annual three-day festival celebrating creative sound arts and storytelling. Contributors can submit their audio productions to be featured in the event and nominated for the HearSay International Audio Prize. HearSay2015 will take place from the 20th-22nd, November 2015, in the mountain village of Kilfinane, Ireland.
  Hörspielsommer Hörspielsommer Homepage * Website: <http://hoerspielsommer.de/> Description The Leipziger Hörspielsommer is an annual audio drama festival that takes place the German city of Leipzig, in one of its city parks. Additional Links * RSS feed organization
  Library of America Library of America Homepage * Website: <http://www.loa.org/multisearch.jsp?terms=audio> Description Library of America is a nonprofit organization that publishes classic works of American literature. Their website also offers streaming audio files featuring readings of stories and old time radio show episodes. ,
  Mark Time Awards Mark Time Awards Homepage * Website: <http://www.greatnorthernaudio.com/MarkTime/MarkTime.html> Description The Mark Time Awards are the most prominent radio drama awards worldwide in conjunction with the Ogle Awards. The Mark Time Award is given each year to honor the best science fiction audio production and the Ogle Award for the best fantasy audio production of the year. The awards are granted by the Minnesota Society For Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy and judged by a panel of…
  Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club Homepage * Website: <http://www.mwotrc.com/> Description The Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club (MWOTRC) is an organization for old time radio enthusiasts. old_time_radio organization ,
  National Audio Theatre Festivals National Audio Theatre Festivals Homepage * Website: <http://natf.org/> Description The National Audio Theatre Festivals (NATF) is a US-based organization sponsoring a yearly, five-day workshop on audio drama, voice-over, the audio arts, and other special training. Participants take classes on subjects such as voice-over and voice acting, audio engineering, Foley and special effects, audio playwriting and podcasting, and more. The workshop is helmed by professionals in the field and is fre…
  New American Radio New American Radio Homepage * Website: <http://www.somewhere.org/> Description In its ten years as a weekly national series, New American Radio commissioned and distributed over 300 original works: conceptual new drama, associational documentary, language explorations, sonic meditations, environmental compositions, musical explorations and works that pioneer new dimensions in acoustic space. New American Radio went off the air in 1998, however, one hundred and forty works are archived on t… ,
  PodTales PodTales Homepage * Website: <https://podtales.org/> Description PodTales is festival celebrating and promoting audio drama and storytelling podcasts. It will occur on October 20, 2019 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. PodTales organization
  Radio Arts Radio Arts Homepage * Website: <http://radioarts.org.uk/> Description Radio Arts is an organization that promotes the creation of experimental audio art projects. It offers listings of their UK-area workshops, as well as past productions, some of which are available to listen to online. ,
  Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound Homepage * Website: <https://www.repsonline.org/> Description The Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound (REPS) is a Washington state organization that aims to collect, preserve, and celebrate historic radio content and to encourage contemporary audio theater content. It offers a podcast that plays episodes of old time radio shows, as well as recorded interviews and presentations. , ,
  Radiodrama Netværk Radiodrama Netværk Homepage * Website: <http://www.radiodrama.nu/> Description Radiodrama Netværk is an organization that promotes audio drama in Denmark by offering workshops and seminar, as well as organizing FLOAT, an annual audio drama festival. The website also has links to audio drama in several languages. , ,
  Remastered Words Remastered Words Homepage * Website: <http://www.remasteredwords.com/> Description Remastered Words is an organization that accepts short unpublished story submissions for a chance to have them produced as an audiobook. organization
  SPERDVAC SPERDVAC Homepage * Website: <http://www.sperdvac.com/> Description SPERDVAC (The Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history and the recordings of old-time radio, with the following goals: , ,
  The Audies The Audies Homepage * Website: <http://www.theaudies.com/> Description The Audies are an annual celebration of audiobooks of all descriptions. Since 1996 the awards have been given to mark excellence throughout the industry, with performers, authors, producers and publishers recognized for their achievements over the past year.
  The Parsec Awards The Parsec Awards Homepage * Website: <http://www.parsecawards.com/> Description The Parsec Awards are a set of annual awards created to recognize excellence in science fiction podcasts and podcast novels. The awards were created by Mur Lafferty, Tracy Hickman, and Michael R. Mennenga and awarded by FarPoint Media. They were first presented in 2006 at DragonCon.
  The Sarahs The Sarahs Homepage * Website: <http://thesarahawards.com/> Description The Sarahs (The Sarah Lawrence International Audio Fiction Award) is an organization that promotes the creation of audio fiction through an annual award, contests, and podcasts. Titles Featured Fiction ,
  The Winter's Tales The Winter's Tales Homepage * Website: <http://radiodramafestival.org.uk/> Description The Winter's Tales is an annual UK radio drama festival. The 2016 event will take place on the 22nd through the 27th of February, in Herne Bay. “”“” ... organization