Audio Drama Day

Audio Drama Day is a website devoted to raising awareness about World Audio Drama Day — an annual, worldwide event celebrating audio drama in all its forms. The website lists events that various audio drama creators will be partaking in to help celebrate the occasion.

World Audio Drama Day is an outgrowth of National Audio Drama Day, first inaugurated in 2013 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the “War of the Worlds” broadcast, and thousands of audio dramas created in its wake.

Among the festivities: a four-day marathon of horror audio drama from around the world, hosted by the Sound Stages Radio Network, a group of stations based in Houston. For the fifth year in a row, SSR will feature a coast-to-coast marathon of horror audio, beginning with groups on America's west coast, continuing across America, into Canada, then over he Atlanta to Great Britain.

National Audio Drama Day was first celebrated in 2013, after an announcement at the Parsec Awards, a ceremony honoring the best in speculative fiction podcasts. A coalition of audio dramatists have now joined to make Audio Drama Day a world event. Tune in, tell your friends, turn down the lights, and enjoy!