PodTales is festival celebrating and promoting audio drama and storytelling podcasts. It will occur on October 20, 2019 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

PodTales, a festival of audio drama and fiction podcasting, is the only event in the United States dedicated to the burgeoning art forms of imaginative audio storytelling. This year, PodTales will hold its first annual festival on October 20, 2019 at Lesley University’s Porter Square campus in Cambridge, MA.

Independent podcasting has put the tools of broadcast media into the hands of more people than ever before, tapping into the power of sound and voice as storytelling media; contemporary story podcasts span the full gamut of fiction genres, from fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, to romance, psychological drama, and thriller, to the literary and experimental. This growing form incorporates a variety of powerful artistic elements—writing, voice acting, and sound design and production—to create a unique and immersive story experience.

PodTales is a brand new festival celebrating a medium of storytelling that has experienced an explosion in popularity and a creative renaissance in recent years. The audience for audio drama, audio fiction, and real-play podcasts is diverse, energized, and quickly growing. PodTales will be the first podcasting festival in the country devoted exclusively to imaginative audio storytelling.

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