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A Blind Legend A Blind Legend Homepage * Website: <> Description A Blind Legend is an audio-only adventure game designed for the visually-impaired. it is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, in French and English. The game uses binaural sound to let players make their way through a 3D environment with audio only, using only the device's touchscreen to control the hero. , , , , , ,
A Pick-Your-Own-Podventure A Pick-Your-Own-Podventure Homepage * Website: <> Description A Pick-Your-Own-Podventure is an audio adventure that is comprises of a collection of files. At the end of each track, the listener is given a choice as to how the story should progress by playing other tracks. , , ,
Audio Defence: Zombie Arena Audio Defence: Zombie Arena Homepage * Website: <> Description Audio Defence: Zombie Arena is an interactive game that uses binaural audio and very little visual elements. In it, the player is surrounded by zombies and must shoot them, using only sound to locate them. It is available for purchase for Apple iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad). , , , , , Homepage * Website: <> Description is a website dedicated to audio games, which are interactive games that consist only of sound. There is news and reviews of games, as well as link to other resources for audio games. , , ,
AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS Dead Link This link was reported dead on May 19, 2017. AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS Homepage * Website: <> Description AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS is an comedic audio drama presented as an interactive computer application for Apple iPad tablets. comedy dead_link for_sale interactive , , ,
Blastbay Studios Blastbay Studios Homepage * Website: <> Description Blastbay Studios produces audio games for the blind and visually impaired. They are also working on a full cast radio play called Life Reformatted. Additional Links * Radio Drama Audition Submissions blind for_sale interactive sound_effects , , ,
BlindSide BlindSide Homepage * Website: <> Description BlindSide is an interactive, audio-only horror game. It is available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) for sale on the iTunes store, and for PC and Mac on Desura. BlindSide -- Additional Links , , , , ,
Codename Cygnus Codename Cygnus Homepage * Website: <> Description Codename Cygnus is an interactive audio drama in which the listener takes on the role of a secret agent. It is available as an app on iOS and Android devices. Codename Cygnus Additional Links , , , , ,
Detour Detour Homepage * Website: <> Description Detour is a mobile app –available on iOS and Android devices– that presents location-based walking tours of select cities, with narrators sharing personal stories about certain locations. Additional Links , ,
Earplay Earplay Homepage * Website: <> Description Earplay is a mobile app that presents interactive audio drama that listeners control with their voice. It offers several science fiction and horror stories, with more planned for future releases. Additional Links , , , , ,
Earshot Earshot Homepage * Website: <> Description Earshot is an audio play and theatrical sound installation that lets listeners explore “a bar full of hidden dramas, featuring 12 original audio plays with 28 characters that interact in unexpected ways. , , ,
For All To Play For All To Play Homepage * Website: <> Description For All To Play is a game studio that designs and develops video games that are accessible to people with visual, hearing, physical, and cognitive disabilities. They produce an interactive audio game titled , , , ,
FREEQ FREEQ Homepage * Website: See below Description FREEQ is an interactive audio game available for iOS and Android devices. In the game, the player uses their device to tune into fictional broadcasts from the future. Additional Links * iTunes link * , , , ,
Ink Still Wet Ink Still Wet Homepage * Website: <> Description Ink Still Wet is an audio drama podcast in which listeners can submit ideas for the plot of each episode. The producers also accept music contributions. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * SoundCloud page drama free full_cast interactive sound_effects , , , ,
Inside Outside Battery Inside Outside Battery Homepage * Website: <> Description Inside Outside Battery is a mobile app –available on iOS and Android devices– that allows users to listen to true stories about the Battery area of St. John's, Newfoundland, based on their location. , ,
Life In Sonderville Life In Sonderville Homepage * Website: <> Description Life In Sonderville is an audio drama series about a small secluded community that harbors an unusual tourist attraction. At certain points within the series, the listener is prompted to make choices and listen to specific episodes, allowing them to experience the story differently depending on the sequence. , , , ,
MiNDSiGHT MiNDSiGHT Homepage * Website: <> Description MiNDSiGHT is a free interactive audio adventure game created by Luke Charman and made available for iOS device. adventure free full_cast interactive sound_effects , , , ,
Multi Path Audio : Books Multi Path Audio : Books Homepage * Website: <> Description Multi Path Audio : Books is an interactive fiction audiobook player available as an app for iOS devices, with an Android slated for release in early 2016. Several stories are available for a free trial, with others available for purchase.. , ,
OAKPODCAST OAKPODCAST Homepage * Website: <> Description OAKPODCAST is a “serial audio drama and alternate reality game following a dispossessed autistic spy, codenamed Holly. The story is told through a series of transmissions to Holly's former partner, Oak, and other members of Yule Team. Listeners can influence the progression of the story by sending Holly money or advice. , , , , ,
Papa Sangre Papa Sangre Homepage * Website: <> Description Papa Sangre and its sequel Papa Sangre II are interactive games that uses binaural audio and very little visual elements. They are available for purchase for Apple iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad). , ,
PG13 Let's Play PG13 Let's Play Homepage * Website: <> Description PG13 Let's Play is a podcast in which the two hosts play interactive audio games, offering commentary as they advance through the games. Additional Links * RSS feed free interactive ,
Realtime Audio Adventures Realtime Audio Adventures Homepage * Website: <> Description Realtime Audio Adventures are interactive audio games designed for the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. for_sale full_cast interactive , ,
Rover Red Rover Red Homepage * Website: <> Description Rover Red is a post-apocalyptic audio drama series about a young woman looking for her kidnapped brother. The series allows listeners to periodically vote on what will happen next in the story. ... Additional Links , , , ,
Scriptomanen Scriptomanen Homepage * Website: <> Description Scriptomanen is a Dutch-language publishers of books and audiobooks. They produce a series of interactive mystery games, in which a group of people listen to an audio drama and travel to locations using GPS coordinates in order to solve a mystery. , , , , ,
Star Wars Fanworks Star Wars Fanworks Homepage * Website: <> Description Star Wars Fanworks is a website that hosts Star Wars fan-produced audio dramas. It also has a series of podcasts, Fan Audio Made Easy (F.A.M.E.), that discuss the processes of creating audio dramas. , , , , , , , ,
Terror T.R.A.X. Terror T.R.A.X. Homepage * Website: See below Description Terror T.R.A.X. was a series of interactive audio games published by Wizards of the Coast. In the games, the listener plays the part of a T.R.A.X. (Trace, Research, Analyze, and eXterminate) operatives who investigates mysterious events. At the end of each audio track, the listener selects the next corresponding track based on the choices that are given. Four titles were originally released on compact disc in 1994 and 1995, the audi… , , , , ,
The Closet Gamer The Closet Gamer Homepage * Website: <> Description The Closet Gamer presents an interactive podcast titled Derelict that presents enigmatic narrated episodes and invites listeners to contribute to the story. <> Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * , ,
The Nightjar The Nightjar Homepage * Website: <> Description The Nightjar is an interactive audio game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. In it, the player must escape a spaceship that is headed toward a black hole. The game is available for purchase for Apple iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad). , , , ,
The Podject The Podject Homepage * Website: <> Description The Podject is a comedic podcast that presents a pair of hosts pitching podcast ideas to each other, some of which will be produced. Listeners are invited to vote on which ideas they'd like to see produced. , , , ,
The Walk The Walk Homepage * Website: See below Description The Walk is a smart phone app that plays a serialized adventure audio drama while you walk. In the drama, a terrorist attack has rendered all motorized transport unusable and “you're given a package that could save the world , , , , ,
This Fable of Ours This Fable of Ours Homepage * Website: <> Description This Fable of Ours produces Cataclysm Titan, a science fiction audio drama series about a world where giants suddenly appear all over the globe. After each chapter of the story is released, listeners are offered a chance to contribute their ideas to influence the next chapter. , , , , ,
V-erdacht V-erdacht Homepage * Website: <> Description V-erdacht (Suspicion) is a German-language interactive audio drama, recorded in 3D binaural sound. It is available to play online on the project's website, or as a downloadable Android app. “” ... , , , , , ,
Verba APPIA Verba APPIA Homepage * Website: See below Description Verba APPIA is a free app for mobile devices that presents audio stories about the Appian Way, an ancient Roman road. Visitors to the road can listen to stories based on their location, and can record messages of their own. , , ,
VoiceMap VoiceMap Homepage * Website: <> About VoiceMap VoiceMap is a mobile app –available on iOS and Android devices– that allows users to create and listen to stories based on location. Links * iTunes App Store link * Google Play link for_sale free interactive nonfiction , , ,
Wonderland: A Solvitur Ambulando Mystery Wonderland: A Solvitur Ambulando Mystery Homepage * Website: <> Description Wonderland: A Solvitur Ambulando Mystery is an interactive audio drama that is available for purchase as an app on iOS devices. At the end of each chapter, the listener must solve a riddle to continue, but can also choose to walk around to reveal the answer. It is developed by No Media Kings. , , ,
You Are Here You Are Here Homepage * Website: <> Description You Are Here is a science fiction audio drama series about the crew of a spaceship that crashes into an unknown planet. The podcast is interactive, in that every few episodes readers are asked to decide on which direction the story will go. , , , ,
Zombies, Run! Zombies, Run! Homepage * Website: <> Description Zombies, Run! is a smart phone app that plays a serialized audio drama while you run. In the drama, you are being pursued by zombies and must run away from them. The apps uses the GPS built into your device to track how far and how fast you are moving, then drops in a series of progressively menacing audio messages about a zombie attack developing all around you. You can also gather (in game terms) virtual reso… , , , ,
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