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Adventures In Time and Gender Adventures In Time and Gender Full Cast Historical Fiction Series Adventures in Time and Gender, the time travelling trans history drama podcast series. Performed by a trans and non-binary cast, developed with a group of trans and non-binary young people, written by Jason Barker and directed by Krishna Istha. , , , ,
Age of Confusion Age of Confusion Narrated Historical Fiction Series This is a story podcast documenting the alternate history of the U.S. and the world from 1963 to 1985, in a world where John F. Kennedy survives and the great upheavals of the time take a different path than they did in real life. , , ,
An Oral History of the Emu War An Oral History of the Emu War Full Cast Historical Fiction Series A politician looking for glory starts a war against an enemy hiding in plain sight. A commander out for blood jumps at the chance to annihilate the scourge of the bush. A soldier loses their innocence and is confronted with the brutality of war. Who will rise? Who will fall? And will they be able to live with what they've done? , , ,
Bletchley Girls Bletchley Girls Full Cast Historical Fiction Series Inside Bletchley Park, England's TOP SECRET codebreaking center, Dilly Knox enlists a small team of girls to crack some of the enemy's toughest codes. Whilst Margaret Rock is a trained statistician, the newest recruit is Mavis Lever, 19 years old and a student of German romantic poetry. A friendship develops between this unlikely pair as pressure mounts on them to decipher intercepts which could change the course of the war. But it's not all… , , ,
Blood of the Summoned Blood of the Summoned Narrated Historical Fiction Horror Series A paranormal historical thriller that puts the “evil” in medieval. With the Anglo-Saxon King on his deathbed, rebellion brewing in the north, and the Normans preparing to invade from the south, an ancient evil has awakened that rules the night and plots a conquest of its own. A dark twist on traditional gothic tales woven into actual historical events makes this exquisitely produced audio drama seem horrifyingly real. , , , , ,
Citizen Paine Citizen Paine Full Cast Historical Fiction Musical Series Revolutionary, author, pirate, drinker and sometime maker of ladies corsets, Tom Paine was a 37 year old bankrupt when he sailed the ocean and lit the fuse of the American Revolution. From the alehouses of England to the battlefields of America and the blood soaked streets of Paris, Paine tells his own amazing story with the help of an original score and a cast of thousands. , , , ,
CRAIGLOCKHART CRAIGLOCKHART Full Cast Historical Fiction Series WW1 - 1917. When David Allister, a facially disfigured war hero, writes a biting condemnation of the war, he is placed in the care of Dr. Ethan Drury at Craiglockhart mental hospital until he agrees to publish a retraction. While there, he meets Arthur Bridgland, a shell-shocked soldier obsessed with returning to battle after having been labeled a coward. David delights in tormenting Arthur until he meets and falls in love with Arthur's suf… , , ,
Dark Romance Novels & Stories by AudioIron Dark Romance Novels & Stories by AudioIron Narrated Historical Fiction Drama Anthology Wild and wicked romance novels for those who love serious historical romance. Whole books read chapter by chapter.This podcast is narrated by a text-to-speech program. , , , , , ,
David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast Full Cast Children's Historical Fiction Series Join David Walliams as he goes on a marvellous musical journey of discovery and meets some of the most famous names from the history of music – from Ludwig 'Grumpy' van Beethoven to 19th-century rock star Franz Liszt. (Please note no composers were harmed in the making of this podcast). , , , , ,
Destination Freedom Black Radio Days Destination Freedom Black Radio Days Full Cast Historical Fiction Anthology A live audio drama that picks up where the first nationwide African-American radio drama, produced in Chicago by Richard Durham more than sixty years ago, left off. The show walked a daring line between reform and revolution, and was shut down by its network in 1950, as McCarthyism and anti-communism tightened its grip on American broadcasting. , , ,
DUADS' The Three Musketeers DUADS' The Three Musketeers Full Cast Historical Fiction Series All for one, one for all! D'Artagnan has always wanted to be a Musketeer. When he travels to Paris on his quest, he befriends three of the most formidable swordsmen of the age, meets the love of his life, and is caught up in a web of intrigue that may bring France to its knees. , , , ,
Dueling Pistols Dueling Pistols Full Cast Historical Fiction Series Both men raised a pistol for the chance to start again. One would pull the trigger to protect a friend. One to eliminate an enemy. Of the seven witnesses, one man had just struck gold, one spoke a psalm to clear away the sins of his son, and two men present were no men at all. The town Madame was there, her pockets lined with treasure. The Mayor was there, believing himself a king. The Sheriff arrived as they were counting out their paces; b… , , , ,
Edith! Edith! Full Cast Historical Fiction Comedy Series Rosamund Pike stars as Edith Wilson in “Edith!” a scripted comedy podcast exploring the untold true-ish story of America's secret First Female President. After President Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive, paralyzing stroke in the White House, Edith Wilson did the unthinkable: she told no one. And for almost a year following the end of World War I, Edith Wilson acted as the de facto unelected President. She would sign issue orders as him. Sh… , , , , ,
Elizabeth R Elizabeth R Full Cast Drama Series 2022 is the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth Windsor being the monarch of the four nations of the United Kingdom. 'Elizabeth R' is a series of drama podcasts that follow a normal family through each decade of her reign, from 1952 right up to 2022. , , , ,
From Sad Shires From Sad Shires Full Cast Historical Fiction Series A Podcast Audio Drama to mark the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey. Harry Harmes and Maisie Merman fall in love in the East End of London in 1914 and marry. Then Harry takes the King's shilling to go off to war. , , ,
Greyhounds Greyhounds Full Cast Historical Fiction Series The year is 1941. Preparations have begun for a production of Shakespeare's Henry V. The objective? To fund a Spitfire... Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor SoundCloud Listen to a SampleGreyhounds and Spitfires - A Flying Start. , , ,
History is about to misbehave History is about to misbehave Full Cast Historical Fiction Anthology A series of audio dramas, artistic creations and interviews inspired by the archive and local history collections relating to York. The city's civic archive is one of the most significant outside London, covering over 800 years of York's history as a self-governing authority. The collection is remarkable both for its continuity and its comprehensiveness, detailing all aspects of life in the city. Local organisations and indi… , , ,
I am magpie I am magpie Narrated Historical Fiction Series A fictional character, set in history. A woman, fascinated by the language of this land, yet caught in her dreams. We meet Eliza Collins in the fledgling colony of Sydney in the Spring of 1789. I am Bronwyn Eather, a writer, musician and linguist. I want to share this imagined journey with you through lyrical verse and music. In an age of new ideas, what does enlightenment look like here on the land of the Yura, on the other side of time? , , ,
Icons/Idols: Irene Icons/Idols: Irene Full Cast Historical Fiction Musical Series The unlikely story of a child bride who ascends to the heart of Byzantine power. Harboring a treasonous secret that marks her as the enemy of her husband and son, Irene must finally choose her side in the iconoclastic wars. With a haunting score inspired by Byzantine Chant, and featuring the voices of ten women and non-binary performers, ICONS/IDOLS: IRENE is a sweeping story of ambition, sacrifice, and the struggle to make someth… , , , ,
Irish Stories Irish Stories Narrated Historical Fiction Anthology Irish Stories is a weekly podcast which consists of original stories set in Ireland. Each story is a serialized work of historical, literary fiction imbued with a touch of folklore. Each story will consist of several episodes. All stories are written by and performed by the author, M. Maureen O'Callaghan. , , , , ,
Lady Lucy Lady Lucy Full Cast Historical Fiction Series Lady Lucy is an audio drama inspired by Shakespeare's “Dark Lady” Sonnets, 127-154. Between running her brothel, fighting the Church, murdering her friends' abusive husbands, and pretending to be a poet, the last thing Lucy needed back in 1586 was a surprise visit from her former flame , , , ,
Last Jew in Prague Last Jew in Prague Narrated Historical Fiction Mystery Series While struggling to survive a freezing rainy night in the desert, a homeless man recalls what his grandfather Hermann struggled to survive many years earlier and how his connection to this so upended his own life. , , , ,
Let's Break History Let's Break History Role-Playing Historical Fiction Anthology Let's Break History is an actual play podcast where the cast members take on the roles of real historical figures and do their best to change the course of history. Game Master Peter Quinn-Jacobs corrals a creative cast into an improvisational story based on important, but often poorly understood, periods of history. , , , , ,
Little Boots Little Boots Full Cast Historical Fiction Series The Roman Empire is falling apart. As the tyrannical reign of Tiberius Caesar comes to an end, his adopted nephew, Gaius, steps into the breach. Guided by his beloved sister, Drusilla, Gaius seems poised to get Rome back on track , , , ,
Love Letters from the Front Love Letters from the Front Narrated Historical Fiction Anthology Drama series exploring World War I and the tragedies of war through the love letters of two young lovers. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 BBC battersea_poltergeistThe Battersea Poltergeistbody_horrorBody Horrorcase_of_charles_dexter_ward_the_lovecraft_investigationsThe Case of Charles Dexter Ward (The Lovecraft Investigations)children_of_the_stonesChildren of the Stonesciphe… , , ,
MARCH MARCH Full Cast Historical Fiction Drama Series Berlin, 1921. Democracy teeters. Zealots battle in the streets as the Bechsteins, Europe's famed piano makers, host an elegant soiree. A surprise guest arrives – a combat veteran – unknown and seemingly unremarkable. He unveils powers of seduction, manipulation and demagogy that will soon change the course of history. , , , , ,
Miriam and Youssef Miriam and Youssef Full Cast Historical Fiction Series A 10-part drama about the founding of Israel. Miriam is a Jewish immigrant to Palestine, and Youssef is an Arab inhabitant driven into exile. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleIntroducing Miriam and Youssef , , ,
New Women New Women Narrated Historical Fiction Drama Series New Women is a fictionalised podcast series which interweaves the stories of disabled first-wave feminists Rosa May Billinghurst, Helen Keller and Mabel Normand. Throughout each 10-minute episode, the women narrate their lives in the early twentieth century. , , , , ,
NO FLASH NO FLASH Narrated Historical Fiction Series You've seen the signs, but what backstory haunts those words? What stories do galleries hide, behind brushstrokes and between sight lines? The official unofficial podcast of National Gallery Singapore gives you a glimpse. Each episode is an audio snapshot of art and culture via an unexpected lens. Be a fly on the walls of history, unravel sculpture culture, or witness the secret life of still life. These are impossible interviews, tall tales and the… , , ,
Nuremberg: The Trial of the Nazi War Criminals Nuremberg: The Trial of the Nazi War Criminals Full Cast Historical Fiction Series The story of the trial of the most notorious Nazi war criminals through dramatic reconstruction, telling it from ground-level up, through the eyes of a Russian interpreter, the American prison psychologist, a French reporter, the British Court Liaison Officer and others from the thousands of individuals tasked with fighting 'the last battle of WWII'. , , ,
Once Upon A Time In Trieste Once Upon A Time In Trieste Full Cast Historical Fiction Fantasy Series A 19th Century princess and a 20th Century revolutionary are trapped in a fairy tale castle, both struggling to come to terms with momentous events they have helped to shape. Over a night of prayer, cards and violence, they confront each other – and their own inner demons. By morning, only one of them is left. , , , , ,
Otzi The Iceman Must Die Otzi The Iceman Must Die Full Cast Historical Fiction Series A what-if scripted audio drama based on the oldest unsolved cold case in human history: the murder of “Otzi The Iceman”, found perfectly preserved in ice after 5,300 years... with an arrowhead mysteriously lodged in his shoulder. , , ,
Outliers (Rusty Quill) Outliers (Rusty Quill) Narrated Historical Fiction Anthology Outliers is an historic fiction podcast that explores how big events filter down and are viewed and shaped by the people in the shadows. Themes of otherness, change, gender and the meaning of power are explored through the eyes of characters who have not traditionally held the historic limelight. Enjoy this anthology of stories from award-winning contemporary writers as they reveal the people hiding in the shadows of real events, at… , , ,
Passion And The Plague Passion And The Plague Narrated Historical Fiction Anthology Tales from a lockdown long ago. In 1348 a group of ten friends leave plague-struck Florence for the countryside and, to keep their spirits up, they tell each other stories. The idea for the Decameron, one of Europe's great literary works, is born. , , ,
Periphery People Periphery People Full Cast Historical Fiction Anthology What must it be like to be on the periphery of the most wonderful and most horrifying events in our past? In Periphery People, we explore the fictionalized perspectives of forgotten people in moments that have earned their place in human history. , , , ,
Piercing Time Piercing Time Full Cast Historical Fiction Thriller Series Piercing Time is a 10-part historical drama based on the story of the Bassett family in England almost 1,000 years ago. A political thriller and love story, Piercing Time follows the life of Cynewyn of Drayton, a Saxon/Mercian heiress from a long line of powerful landowners who falls on hard times after the Normans take away her land and very nearly, her life. Winding through the story are falconers, priests, jongleurs, seamstresses, … , , , , ,
Project DF: The Mystery Project DF: The Mystery Narrated Historical Fiction Mystery Series I'd like to introduce you to a new audio drama podcast called Project DF: The Mystery.. it's a true story. It's about a family in Indiana, in the 1940s where strange things occurred, the stories are based on first hand experiences of one person - therefore it's founded on fact, which intern became legend. Each week, we will bring you one episode. Project DF Podcast is a collection of voice over artists from around the globe, s… , , , ,
Put Out into the Deep Put Out into the Deep Full Cast Historical Fiction Series In the midst of WWII, in mid-1942, Supreme Commander of the South West Pacific Area (SWPA) Gen. Douglas MacArthur moved his critical intelligence organisation, Central Bureau, from Melbourne to Brisbane - to a large Queenslander on Henry Street, Ascot. There, an inter-allied, ultra-secret interception and decryption team worked around the clock, deciphering and decoding, and understanding, the signals of enemy combatants throughout the… , , ,
Seeds Seeds Full Cast Historical Fiction Series Seeds, by No Stone Theatre, is a bold new podcast series inspired by the incredible true story of the world's first seed bank and how the men and women who worked there protected the future of biodiversity through the worst siege of World War II. , , ,
SNAFU SNAFU Narrated Historical Fiction Series It's March 1944 and the world is still at war. The United States is in a vicious battle to win air superiority in the skies over Europe. For the last year and a half, the Eighth Air Force has been flying bombing missions to mainly coastal cities, but now, they are beginning to move more deep into Nazi fortified Europe. The death toll among the 8th Air Force is only growing and most of the 10-men bomber crews are failing to make it through half of the 2… , , , ,
Temujin Temujin Full Cast Historical Fiction Series Fallen aristocrat Jamukha is surrendered to the camp of his sworn brother and rival, Genghis Khan. Told from Jamukha's perspective on what might be the last night of his life, TEMUJIN: AN AUDIO DRAMA tells the story of two young warlords caught between empire-building and tender brotherhood. TEMUJIN: AN AUDIO DRAMA is an audio-only historical drama, and an adaptation of the Central Asian epic The Secret History of the Mongols. , , , ,
The Agitators The Agitators Full Cast Historical Fiction Series The Agitators tells of the enduring but tempestuous friendship of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Great allies? Yes. And at times, great adversaries. Young abolitionists when they met in Rochester, New York in the 1840s, they were full of hope and a common purpose. As they grew to become the cultural icons we know today, their movements collided and their friendship was severely tested. Follow these brilliant, flawed, and rebellious a… , , ,
The Christie Pits Riot The Christie Pits Riot Full Cast Historical Fiction Series August 16, 1933. Six years before the start of the Second World War, Toronto the Good is suddenly ground zero for a series of brazen anti-Semitic acts... with devastating consequences. This is the story of one Jewish boy's personal journey through the old neighborhood, from storefronts and back alleys to the scene of the crime: the notorious Christie Pits ballpark itself. It is an engaging and dynamic story of innocence and experience… , , ,
The Ernie Pyle Experiment! The Ernie Pyle Experiment! Full Cast Historical Fiction Series The Ernie Pyle Experiment! was created from the archives of the Ernie Pyle collection at the Lilly Library of Indiana University. It is a thirteen-episode podcast chronicling Ernie Pyle's pre-war work as a travelling columnist for the Scripps-Howard Newspaper syndicate. , , ,
The Et Omnia Trilogy: Adahy The Et Omnia Trilogy: Adahy Narrated Historical Fiction Thriller Series Join author Justin Eggen as he reads “The Et Omnia Trilogy: Adahy”. Each episode will contain a chapter from the book. This is effectively an audio book. In the summer of 1773, Adahy embarked in search of his father's blood brother Major Thomas Young of Boston, per his mother's dying wish. Equipped with a beautiful black mare named Raven and an arsenal of weapons with the skill set to wield them, he quickly finds the a… , , , , ,
The Magic Sash The Magic Sash Full Cast Children's Historical Fiction Series The Magic Sash is a journey back in time hosted by gold-medal gymnast and advocate Aly Raisman. Join Lotty and Isaiah, two very modern fifth graders as they meet iconic heroes of the movement for women's right to vote and experience big moments in women's suffrage first-hand. They'll learn that what women (and men) fought for — women's full political equality — isn't dusty history at all. , , , , ,
The Surgical Fiction Podcast The Surgical Fiction Podcast Narrated Historical Fiction Anthology THE SURGICAL FICTION PODCAST is inspired by my life as a brain surgeon. All the stories are read by me. Some I have written, others I have selected from the public domain as outstanding fiction. Much, but by no means all, of what is showcased on the podcast falls within the realm of speculative fiction. However, there is also nonfiction here, and military history, as well as the occasional classic or work of literary fiction. , , , ,
The Taking The Taking Full Cast Historical Fiction Thriller Series John R. Jewitt's story of being captured and enslaved by Maquinna, the great chief of the Mowachaht people, is both an adventure tale of survival and an unusual perspective on the First Nations of the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. , , , , ,
The Triangle Factory Fire Project The Triangle Factory Fire Project Full Cast Historical Fiction Series On Saturday, March 25, 1911, just at the close of day, a fire breaks out at the Triangle Waist Company in New York City. Housed on the upper floors of the Ashe Building off Washington Square, it is one of the city's largest garment factories. In a matter of minutes the lives of 146 workers, mostly young immigrant women, are lost as the fire rips through the building. Based on the acclaimed Off-Broadway play, THE TRIANGLE FA… , , ,
The Vale of Cedars The Vale of Cedars Narrated Historical Fiction Series Zev Hurwich reads The Vale of Cedars or The Martyr by Grace Aguilar for the first time ever. This production bridges the divide between audiobook and podcast. The content will be as new to the reader as it is for most of the audience, where both can experience the beautiful prose of this often forgotten romance published in 1850. , , ,
The Visitation: Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year The Visitation: Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year Narrated Historical Fiction Series This podcast is a reading of Daniel Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year, an account of the plague that afflicted London in 1665. Published in 1722, the work represents itself as the testimony of an eyewitness living in London at the time of the plague, but it is actually a work of fiction, based on exhaustive historical research. , , ,
Threads of The War Threads of The War Narrated Historical Fiction Anthology Personal Truth-Inspired Flash-Fiction of The 20th Century's War Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThreads of The War: An Introduction anthology historical_fiction mature narrated podcast thriller , , , , ,
Vicarious Films Vicarious Films Full Cast Historical Fiction Anthology Where Women Move the Action RSS Feed Listen to a SampleGallus Mag & Sadie the Goat anthology full_cast historical_fiction podcast , , ,
Voyage of the August Voyage of the August Full Cast Historical Fiction Series A tale of queer love and mutiny on the high seas! The Voyage of the August chronicles the final voyage of a merchant ship bound for England in 1717, whose crew takes their fate into their own hands. This work of historical fiction is presented as a serial radio drama, to be released in nine weekly installments. , , , ,
With Love, Victoria With Love, Victoria Full Cast Historical Fiction Musical Series With Love, Victoria is a musical podcast that brings to life the diaries of Queen Victoria and explores what was erased by her daughter, Princess Beatrice. Of 141 volumes the Queen wrote in her lifetime, Princess Beatrice left only 111 after she had edited her late mother's diaries. This serialized podcast dramatizes what once was and what may have been erased from history. , , , ,
Young Ben Franklin Young Ben Franklin Full Cast Historical Fiction Series Before he was Benjamin Franklin, inventor and statesman, he was just Ben, a boy in Colonial Boston with an adventurous spirit, a curious mind...and a penchant for getting into trouble. Meet our most endearing founding father at fourteen; a charming rebel years away from discovering the ageless sayings and brilliant inventions that made him famous. When Ben and his friends stumble upon a mysterious letter leading to a legendary treasure, h… , , ,
ZION ZION Narrated Historical Fiction Series ZION tells the story of the Joseph Smith and the early, foundational story that lead to the publication of the Book of Mormon, and eventually the creation of the Mormon religion. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
1865 1865 Full Cast Historical Fiction Series April 15, 1865. President Lincoln is dead and the country in turmoil. Secretary of War Edwin Stanton takes control, determined to bring the assassin to justice—but the hunt for John Wilkes Booth isn't all that grips Stanton. , , ,
1972 1972 Full Cast Historical Fiction Series Upon the 50th anniversary of the trial of legendary civil rights activist Angela Davis, and Shirley Chisholm's historical presidential campaign, comes 1972. A seven-part historical audio drama series detailing the powerful story of Shirley Chisholm and Angela Davis, two highly respected Black women who dared to hold a mirror to the systemic racism and sexism within the United States. The show portrays the true story of two women refusing to be ignored … , , , ,