This page will help to explain any of the processes or functionality of this wiki, and help to answer any questions. If you have any questions, contact the administrator.

The best way to understand which articles are appropriate to create on is to read the Style Guide for the set of standards for creating and writing articles.

In short, every article should be about a website that would be of interest to an audio drama enthusiast. Articles should be neutral in tone and encyclopedic in style.

When creating or editing an article, a toolbar with most formatting options will appear above the edit window. You can view more advanced options on the Formatting Syntax page, although do try to keep pages as simple as possible.

Before you edit your first page in the wiki, you should try out the possibilities in the PlayGround. The playground is provided so that users can test things and play around to their heart's content without affecting the articles.

While this website is capable of having them, does not offer any type of discussion pages, user pages, or forums. The aim for this website is to be a comprehensive directory of links to audio drama websites.

A great place to discuss audio drama is the Audio Drama Talk forum. Other audio drama websites that offer discussions are listed under the community tag. does not review individual products or websites. For a listing of websites that do offer reviews, browse the reviews tag. does accept articles for websites that offer voice actor resources, such as large directories of voice actors or message forums where voice acting is discussed. does not accept articles for individual voices actors, unless the referenced website also hosts unique audio drama content or resources. runs on the DokuWiki wiki engine, utilizing a number of plug-ins and customizations.

Please feel free to post links to this website! The more people that know about it, the better a resource it can be. Just to make things clear, the official name of this website is and links should be to