The Worlds Of Michael J Parry

The Worlds Of Michael J Parry is the website of fantasy and science fiction writer Michael J Parry. It offers links to audio short stories as well as a podcast audiobooks of his Elanore and Gurt fantasy series.

An Elanore and Gurt tale: Book One

When you're six inches tall and can fly, life can be tough in a big persons world. What better then than to be partnered with a seven foot troll. She's the brawn and I'm the brains, and if you believe that I have a castle to sell you. She joined the guard to gain respectability, I joined the guard to escape. I'm Gurt and she's Elanore Fursk. Don't forget it.

In the darkened alleys of Delvenport the discovery of a naked corpse sets off a surprising chain of events. Leads will unravel at every turn, although Elanore appears to know what’s going on. I just tag along for the ride. With the rising tide of drugs, magic and ambition that threatens to engulf our city, trouble will lurk in our every shadow. But as long as no-one puts a knife in Elanore, or calls me a girly voiced fairy then the bodies won't be piled too high.

Otherwise all bets are off!

An Elanore and Gurt tale: Book Two

It was going to be a quiet weekend in the country. Elanore was going to spend it chatting with courtly gents about matters of higher importance or something. I was going to make sure she didn't embarrass herself too much at the table.

Yeah, those plans never work do they? Instead there's a body in the library and we are up to our necks in murder and soup spoons.