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Welcome to my Bedroom Closet

Welcome to my Bedroom Closet is a podcast by writer Laurel Anne Hill, who reads her short stories from a variety of genres. She also presents a complete reading of her fantasy novel Heroes Arise.

In a world where justice is achieved through careful customs of vengeance, Gundack pursues love and the preservation of his honor. But can he break the cycle of vengeance? Can he reach into his personal darkness and find the light of reason?

Desert kren are a nomadic people who believe their customs and mythology show them how to be honorable and thrive. Gundack, a trader and leader of the tribe, seeks revenge for the murder of his wife Talla in the prescribed manner of his people. According to kren custom, he must fulfill a vow of decreed vengeance against Tarr, the ruthless mountain kren responsible for Talla's murder, and complete a pilgrimage to gain the right to marry the fair Eutoebi.

Gundack forms an unlikely alliance with the human Rheemar, who searches for a beloved sister stolen by Tarr. Rheemar's mysterious past holds many secrets, including knowledge that could lead to the end of Tarr's attacks on travelers and villagers and allow Gundack to return to his tribe in time for the Day of Marriages. But Rheemar is blinded by loyalties that he won't reveal and ambitions that reflect a naive understanding of heroism.

As time grows short and some vows are satisfied, circumstances thrust Gundack into escalating tribal tensions. Only then does he realize that he must confront the oldest of kren beliefs: If vengeance swallows the land, Tharda shall bring a white light to give strength to the least of us, and unbelievers will make heroes arise. But can the least worthy prove themselves to be heroes, and the most worthy at least heroic?