Scott Wittenburg

Scott Wittenburg is a writer who has made his mystery stories available as free audiobooks.

The autumnal tranquility of Smithtown, Ohio is shattered when Dr. David Bradley arrives home to find that his wife has been raped and murdered by an intruder who has left no clues behind except the words “May Day” painted in lipstick on his victim's body. When the police later learn that another Smithtown resident has been raped and strangled in her New York City apartment, it becomes frighteningly clear that a cunning serial killer targeting Smithtown women is on the prowl.

Newspaper reporter Sam Middleton is determined to help Detective Roger Hagstrom track down the assailant of his ex-wife's best friend. Sam can only hope that his estranged wife and teenage daughter are out of harm's way living hours away in the Columbus suburb of Woodcrest. One terrifying question continues to gnaw at Sam as the mystery unfolds: Who will the killer's next victim be?

Tom Grayson returns home from a quick errand to discover that his family and guests have all mysteriously disappeared. Prior to this chilling discovery, he has been tormented with guilt by a secret that only he and a former lover share: the two have witnessed a brutal crime that Tom has refused to report. He knows that alerting the authorities would jeopardize all that he holds dear in life: his family and career. In a desperate search to find his missing family, Tom embarks on a journey that can only be described as nightmarish and surreal. When it becomes increasingly clear that Tom may lose something even more precious than his comfortable existence, his priorities in life shift dramatically as he becomes an unwitting detective with a mission. But will it be too late for him to set the record straight?