Ken Wohlrob

Ken Wohlrob is a writer who has made is collection of dark humor stories titled The Love Book available as a free audiobook.

Five gritty, absurd and darkly comic tales. Five characters at a crossroads in their lives. Each must question their individual perceptions of love.

  • While recovering in a New Jersey motel room, an obese female pro-wrestler is confronted by the demons of her past, as old memories she long ago wanted to bury keep surfacing.
  • An Italian man who has a fetish for Asian women suddenly meets his match when he starts dating an Asian woman with a fetish for Italian men.
  • A woman who loses her right arm in a car accident struggles to return to normal life and subjects herself to the horrors of online dating.
  • A man obsessed with time has recurring dreams that he is always late for odd events, lives in a house full of clocks, and struggles with his psychiatrist to figure out the source of his fixation.
  • An epidemic of suicide hits a retirement community in Ohio and one couple begins to question the value of their final days together as their neighbors giddily meet their end.

These are very modern fables, with a great heart, a very biting sense of humor, and fully-fleshed out characters that you can sink your teeth into.