John W. Warnock

John W. Warnock is a writer who has made his collection of short stories, titled Collected Shorts, available as a free audiobook.

Nineteen short stories cover the gamut from humor to horror. Meet ghosts, ghouls and goofballs in this expansive collection of tales ranging from religious to ridiculous.

  • An event from Colonial history haunts contemporary citizens of a small American town.
  • The family cat reports on life and death with humans.
  • A man comes to terms with his wife's death with the help of his guardian angel.
  • There is more going on in the town of Snow than many people realize.
  • A family's annual ritual of grave decoration takes an unexpected twist.
  • A ghost's life is not all haunting and howling. Sometimes, it's just boring.
  • Two boys, looking for treats, get tricked.
  • A little girl worries her nanny will be sold.
  • The family dog uncovers what the family cat saw.
  • An unusual patient tests the head of a small sanitarium.
  • Nothing will stop one man's wife from cleaning their house. Nothing!
  • A “simple” card game puts the head of the house into an uproar.
  • Can a Sam Spade wannabe find his wife's car keys?
  • A spoiled teen visits a “fat camp” where eating is encouraged.
  • Maintaining a house is harder than it looks and gravity is no help.
  • The caretaker of a New England cemetery discovers “rest in peace” is only a suggestion.
  • Dracula's nemesis runs afoul of some contemporary issues.
  • It was supposed to be an easy breaking-and-entering, but the house had other ideas.
  • Time travel might be simple, but it can get repetitious.