D.C. Wood

D.C. Wood is a writer who has made his adventure stories available as free podcast audiobooks.

Bear Spirit: Book 1

Arti Ursella is a troubled, bed-tempered teenager from Congleton, Cheshire. One of millions of UK residents living on the dole, Arti's only friends are cousin Jessica Forsyth and next-door neighbour, Aaron Fox.

As the trio contemplate their future in the summer holiday, the directionless Arti's destiny is chosen FOR her; by the long-dormant amulet she's worn ever since her eighth birthday. Now this seemingly mundane accessory will finally display its true prestige & power, and Arti will discover things she may not want to; about herself, her family and her hometown.

Join Arti, her family, friends and enemies in this quest for…Bear Spirit.

Modern society is plagued by crime and despair. And the solution to the problem… is even worse.

A mysterious man, clad in grey and virtually unstoppable, is dispensing his own brand of justice to those who mock the law. No matter the age, gender or reason… no criminal is exempt from the sentence of “That grey man… that grey man…”

Enter Harry Roberts, one of the finest detectives who ever lived. He's been brought out of retirement to stop the vigilante. His unique mind makes him the only one who POSSIBLY can, but Harry's investigation unearths so many challenges. And very soon, the lives of Harry and his family will come under threat from the paranormal, Harry himself and his mortal enemy, gangster Frank Bryce.

A fan fiction continuation of the television adventure series Queen of Swords.

“These hills…in late afternoon, they turn a hundred different shades of gold. When I was a little girl, papa would take me riding here. We used to race toward the sun, trying to catch it before it set.”

“And did you?”

“Next time, my pepita. Next time.”