An Underdog Manifesto

An Underdog Manifesto is a podcast by the band The Shuggah Pies that presents a mix of storytelling and music.

Some people think there is a place you have to get to before you can share your story. A magical equation or a certain amount of life you have to chase and absorb and live before you have something to say. When you're in the music world especially, there are all these steps you have to climb and milestones to achieve before you get there so to speak. We now realize that no matter where you are at on your journey, you have a story. You have something to say. You have experiences that you have accumulated. It's all of the thing's you go through every day that tell your story. Your ups, your downs, all of those moments make you who you are. This is our musical journey. This is how we got to where we are and how we're getting to where we're going. These are the stories. These are the songs. The blessings and the hardships. The fight to get noticed in a sea of noise and rejection.