Under The Red Moon

Under The Red Moon is an amateur fan-fiction audio drama set in the Harry Potter world. it is presented as a series of streaming YouTube videos.

Dumbledore and McGonagall have kept a secret hidden, for many years, from many people; except those that they knew needed to know. Now, a kidnapping has brought that secret to the surface and a new enemy besides Voldemort has made his presence known. Albus and Minerva must make a choice! In it all Igor Karkaroff, headmaster of Durmstrang, has begun to show interest on the young woman who now assists Severus Snape in the potions class. And as for Severus, emotions thought lost begin to stir once again, yet the memory of Lily (Evans) Potter will not let him be. But what happens, when Harry, Ron and Hermione find out about Dumbledore's and McGonagall's secret? Will the Triwizardry Tournament go as it should or is there an underlying puzzle to be solved before it is too late?