Too Sharp

Too Sharp is an audio drama series about a young man who find a magic sword that comes to life and begins causing trouble. Episodes are available as streaming YouTube videos.

Sam is your average teenage boy, he likes cars, loves computers, and a has a magical talking sword called Asmithdras. Follow him on his journey to find out Asmithdras' past and uncover an ancient secret that could spell disaster for the World as we know it.

Too Sharp is about a 16-year-old boy who messes around with technology and small scale engines in his garage. One day, he goes into town and finds that a new Antiques Shop has opened up. He goes in and a long rusty sword catches his eye. He then purchases it, takes it home with him and begins to fix it up. He removes all the rust, reupholsters the handle leather and starts sharpening the sword. 23 days later, after extensive work and continual sharpening and precision, he finishes the sword. But when he goes to sleep that night, he hears rumbling and clattering from inside his garage. He goes to investigate and finds his sword, standing upright by itself and… Hopping.

And so begins the adventure no one saw coming. Follow Sam and his best friend Sarah on a mission to find out Asmithdras' heartbreaking past.

This is the action-packed story of deception, comedic characters, failed romance and a misunderstanding that could spell disaster for the world.1)