The Tom Worley Podcast

The Tom Worley Podcast is an audio drama series about a detective who works in a city inhabited by supernatural creatures.

Midimaville. A quaint little town on the East Coast. Home to all manner of dark secrets and desires. Detective Thomas Dean Worley shares his cases.

Hello to all of my PIs out there – this is Tom Worley, consulting detective for the Midimaville Police Department. I appreciate your diligence in following along with my case files, and lending a hand in bringing these vile villains to justice.

Just a word of caution to the newcomers, before you make the choice to descend down this rabbit hole and find yourself in unsavory circumstances. By listening to this podcast, you're allowing yourself to become a part of this world. You never know who, or what may be watching. They will find you. It's only a matter of time.

Remember – Remain Vigilant.

Until next time, this has been Tom Worley…. signing off.