The Third Eye Initiative

The Third Eye Initiative is a fantasy story by J.J. Newman, who has made the first chapter available as a narrated audio version with sound effects. It is available as a streaming YouTube video.

“There is no Gravelock…”

In the dark streets and labyrinthine alleys of the endless city, Tsaeris, an orphan boy, struggles to survive. Relying on his wits and the involuntary generosity of others, he is forced to contend with criminals and the horrors that infest the streets at night.

When a run-in with a thieves guild leaves Tsaeris mutilated and partially blinded, he finds himself recruited into a mysterious organization known as The Third Eye Initiative. Trained as one of their agents, Tsaeris finds himself no longer the helpless boy he once was.

But orphan boys grow into desperate men and even those who trained him become concerned at the ease with which he takes a life. When those close to him begin to turn up dead, a new sense of self emerges; a self born of the orphan boy and the corruption that has brought him to manhood. 

To survive, will he have to abandon the last shreds of his humanity and embrace the corruption within?