Tannis Island

Tannis Island by Gavin L. Lowe is a science fiction story that has been made available as a free audiobook.

Debra Karin Hillgrave is faced with a dilemma; she has first hand experienced an epic discovery, and one greater than any other in mans history, but something has gone very wrong. The world of man is now in grave danger. Debra is not a skilled writer, and she knows it, but she must tell her story to the world. Her tale is hap-hazard, and confusing at first, but she knows this story may save the world from destruction, or possibly it will guarantee it.

Debra must reveal everything in her own words, as she remembers the events, her own mistakes, and those of her father. The tale leads them to many parts of the world, and many long lost places. The Discovery of a place and a people man has not seen in over ten thousand years is only the beginning of the disaster that awaits mankind. Debra's plight becomes a race against time, and a fight against not only this lost civilization, but also against man himself.

In the end, a choice must be madeā€¦ live together in peace with them, or choose which race will die in war?