sydweinstein is a Vimeo channel that presents, among other content, streaming video versions of fan fiction audio dramas being performed by The Post-Meridian Radio Players at various Arisia science fiction and fantasy conventions.

An adaptation of the classic science fiction film – originally released in 1951 – performed at the 2013 Arisia science fiction and fantasy convention.

This adaptation of Edmund H. North's original film script was written by Milton Geiger. The film script itself was based on the Harry Bates short story “Farewell to the Master”.

From the long-running Lux Radio Theater comes this adaptation of the classic 1951 science-fiction film. Originally airing on January 4th, 1954, this production featured Michael Rennie reprising his performance of Klaatu. Lux Radio Theater was famous for producing radio adaptations of major motion pictures, often with the original lead actors.

A live audio drama, performed at the 2011 Arisia science fiction and fantasy convention, that combines Doctor Who and the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft.

Suffering Shoggoths, it's Boston in the Roaring Twenties! Flappers! Gin joints! Deep Ones? A newly-regenerated Doctor and a nightmare-plagued writer by the name of Lovecraft investigate the eccentric Professor Whiteman's amazing invention that can cure the insane. What's really going on inside the Miskatonic Gentlemen's Club? What will happen to the human race when C'thulhu rises? And can the Doctor prevent it?

A comedic science fiction audio drama performed live at the 2012 Arisia science fiction and fantasy convention.

In today's thrilling adventure, written especially for Arisia 2012 by Rob Noyes and the Red Shift Writing Team, the crew of the Recalcitrant journey to the edge of the galaxy to visit an old friend. But can they overcome a danger from beyond the edge of beyond? A danger that reaches from the inner mind to . . . someplace further away, way over there.

A comedic science fiction audio drama performed live at the 2010 Arisia science fiction and fantasy convention.

[…]the crew of the Recalcitrant travel to Lumpy's home planet of Gadani VI to have the ship's new computer assembled and installed by his hid sister, Ada.

But nothing goes as planned for Our Heros and the Personality Chip turns out to be defective, but highly sought-after by none other hant Red's arch-nemesis, Violet Spektra! Then when the artificial personality goes rogue and threatens to unleash a plague of rust-eating insects on the Gadani Scrap Trade, only our Do-Gooding Heros can save the day!

A gender-reversed audio drama adaptation of the classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode, performed at the 2014 Arisia science fiction and fantasy convention.