The Story of Jesus

The Story of Jesus is an audio dramatization of the Gospel of Luke, from the New Testament of the Christian Bible. It has been translated into, and is available to listen to, more than 400 languages.

Welcome to “The Story of Jesus.” This true story took place nearly 2000 years ago. It is about a Man whose life and teachings have made a dramatic impact on people throughout history.

His story is recorded in four books called the Gospels. A medical doctor named Luke, who lived at the time of Jesus, wrote one of those books. He carefully recorded the events from eyewitness reports. Luke's account is presented here so that you can understand what it might have been like to hear Jesus speak and to experience the things He did.

Over the last 2000 years, His life and teachings have fascinated people throughout the world. Millions have dedicated themselves to following Jesus, and have seen their lives transformed by Him.

As you listen to this story on the life of Jesus you will hear about His miraculous birth, announced by angels, and foretold by ancient prophets. You'll listen to Jesus teach with authority about the kingdom of God, correcting some people, angering others, but having an effect on the lives of all that listened to Him.

You will hear of the authority Jesus had over evil spirits, and His power over nature, as He performs many miracles. His compassion for people is evident as He heals many of sickness and physical suffering, and brings peace to their lives.

Finally, you will be caught up in the drama surrounding His arrest and His death.

Listen now as we begin “The Story of Jesus.”