The Sting of the Dark Tower

The Sting of the Dark Tower is a full cast audio drama based on an incomplete manuscript allegedly written by C. S. Lewis. It is written, directed, and produced by Peter Gruenbaum, and voiced by professional actors and with an original score for classical saxophone quartet.

Here's the official story: when writer C.S. Lewis died, his family began to burn all of the writing he left behind. Several boxes were rescued, and in them was an unfinished novel about a dystopian society in a parallel universe. Because he never finished it, no one will ever know what happened in the strange world he described. Until now…

The writer C.S. Lewis is invited to visit a lab in 1940's Cambridge England where he is shown a device called a “chronoscope” that does to time what a telescope does to space. The chronoscope shows strange images of a dark tower ruled by men with stingers on their foreheads. An accident with the machine results in minds being switched between Cambridge and the dark tower. In the present, a precocious teenager and her mysterious nanny explore and ultimately complete this work of fiction that was discovered after C.S. Lewis's death.